Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Blooms

Sunday morning my hubby was outside. When he came in he told me how pretty some of my flowers were looking in the crisp morning light. 
Wow-he actually noticed. I headed out with the camera.
We had had some heavy rain the night before, and I love how you can see the drops still on the petals of this tall phlox plant.

And this coleus blooms is still attracting hummingbirds.
I was standing on my deck-where this plant is- and a hummingbird flew right up next to me.  Wish I had my camera on me then.
Here's a bloom on my ready to be yanked parsley plant.
And even that wild goldenrod which gives so many people allergies and grows along my driveway is really pretty in a close up photo.
We may be getting close to colored leaves and colder temperatures (never mind the shorter days- wow-already you can really notice the difference), but things still gotta grow!

Hope you stop by again soon!

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