Thursday, October 2, 2014

Look At My New Baby

Meet Maddie. She arrived in a box truck from Georgia last Sunday night. We met the truck at a rest area off of route 95 in Maine and brought this petite little fireball home. We've been having a couple of days of adjustments, and we need a little bit of dog training, but we are making great strides. Still working on the cat, who's been relegated to the upstairs since their chance meeting the other morning didn't go so well. I'm juts hoping in the long run they can live with each other,
Its been a long time (14 years) since I've had to break in and get used to a new dog, and its very exciting and very exhausting!
Everyone told me to expect that its going to take some time adjust-for all of us including Maddie.
When we met it was full of wet kisses and laughing. I think she's going to be a big snuggler.
She's definitely a love bug!
Maddie promises to be a great dog.
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