Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Little More Book Chatting

Can you believe it is November today? Wasn't it just October 1? Never mind we only have 2 months left in this year.  Holy smokes. I'm not ready to think about Thanksgiving never mind Christmas and New years yet. Alright, take a big deep breathe. November is usually a pretty mellow month and I must say I like that about it. Slow down after the October craziness. Get all homebody-ish and domestic.
Big smile!

So a Saturday in November  is a good day to chat about books.  With the weekend here and lots of people having a little more leisurely reading time, books come to my mind. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get a lot of reading in this weekend, I'm heading out on a little mini one night road trip, but I've been trying to read a lot more during the week.
Give myself an A+ for trying and a B in the reading department. That's up from a D a few weeks ago.
(We've been wrapping up quarter grades at school this past week so I am all about letter grades right now.)
This week I've read some fun little adult story books- or maybe I should call them books that tell the a story using drawings along with words.
I love visual books like this.
My favorite Things tells a good story. I really like how a good adult story book doesn't need to verbally say a lot to really tell a rich story.
This book isn't quite as much a picture book as little snippets with artist illustrations to make it pretty. It was an interesting little read, a 4 out of 5 stars.  

I really like Sara Midda's books. She is a wonderful artist. I've read a few others of hers, including the South of France- a Sketchbook.
The word that comes to mind with these books is charming.
And my baking obsession continues.
A few more cookbooks I really like:

Maybe when I retire I can actually get to do a lot more baking. That would be a lot of fun!
Have a great one!

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