Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Travel List-for the Fun of It

Where you go depends on where you've been. I've seen  people on  travel blogs do up a list of where they've been.
This is a for me post. If you don't like to read other people's list, this is not a post for you!

Where they want to go next!
Thought I'd do my own list. Where I have been.
For the fun of it.

Childhood- with 2 very unadvenurous parents
we never went anywhere!
NYC, Lake George and Adirondacks, NY
drove through Vermont-though we never did anything but go to Santa's Land
summer vacations in New Hampshire & Maine (wild adventures at my aunt and uncle's ocean side cabin with the 2 seater outhouse),
also a big school trip to Acadia National Park
going to the beaches in Rhode Island as a teenager
Nana taking me to Washington DC, riding the bus through Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware
Grew up in Massachusetts
visited the Cape with the girls and Martha's Vineyard
taking visiting relatives to Western Mass.
going to Expo 67 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

College and my twenties-
young, broke, starting out
hanging out with friends and having a blast
college and then living for a three more years in Maine,
A trip to visit my friend who was in college in Knoxville, Tennessee
Going back to Washington DC twice
Driving through Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland (we stayed in Maryland one of those DC trips)
Also took train though Ohio and then 
visited Indiana, Illinois
St. Louis
and stayed with my aunt
Hanging out with my friend Lorrie in Rhode Island
having drinks in Newport while the America's Cup Race was going on
St Thomas and St. John Virgin Islands, US-my honeymoon
Nana and I went to Sweden (Stockholm, Ornskaldvik, Upsalla) for 3 weeks and stayed with extended family
Copenhagen, Denmark
College spring break road trip to Florida (Daytona, Orlando)
stopped in Georgia (Savannah), DC and Philadelphia on the way home
also drove through Virginia and North and South Carolina
the honey and I took a vacation to San Francisco, Yosemite-California and
Lake Tahoe and into Nevada
took a school vacation road trip with a teacher friend to Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania
Live in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
took the ferry and went to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket
did some more New Hampshire traveling
also did a lot of traveling around Maine while going to college there

Thirties-new home owner, husband out of work, a baby, responsibility
NYC with my friends for a girls weekend
Washington DC (x2) with the hubby and daughter staying in
northern Virginia
New York-Niagara Falls and Ontario, Canada around the falls
Binghamton, NY when Dave had a job interview there
Cape Cod, Masachusetts-out to the tip of the cape with our bikes
several Maine adventures like camping in Acadia and white water rafting
Drove through Vermont and visited the Burlington area (x2) on our summer vacation/Dave's work trips
Lived in New Hampshire and did some traveling around the state
a weekend on some friend's sailboat in Mystic, Connecticut
Family Disney vacation to Florida

Forties-time to start going -my daughter's older, money is a little better, decided if I didn't make the time and effort to go, I would never go 

 winter family vacation in the San Diego, CA area with a walk into Tijuana, Mexico,
NYC with my family
and NYC with my friend for a girl's weekend
summer family vacation to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada with  a few little side adventures
National Parks and our first cowboy western adventure to Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado
First European trip to Rome, Florence, Naples, Italy &
Vatican City
Another family vacation to Florida-Orlando
Adult party food weekend to New Orleans, Louisiana
Science teacher convention in Dallas, Texas, and
Philadelphia, PA  and
Atlanta, Georgia.
Family weekend adventure to Philadelphia and New Jerrsey
more Maine trips
Live in New Hampshire
Family trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and then off to
Utah (Zion and Bryce)
Northern Arizona (Grand Canyon, Lake Meade) to do National Parks
London (x2) for family vacations
a Paris family vacation
Dublin, eastern Ireland & 
Northern Ireland family vacation
The I wam turning 50 and Katie is going graduate vacation to Barcelona,
Southern France
Northeast Coastal Spain
a teacher convention in Chicago and adding in in a a couple day girls trip before that begins
another National park adventure to Northerrn California (San Francisco to Oregon) &
visiting my friend in Raleigh, North Carolina

Fifties to now (since I'm still in my fifties)-realizing I need to go!:
a cultural immersion program 10 days in Costa Rica (Osa Peninsula, San Jose)
Dave and I travel to Glacier National Park and Idaho, Montana, Washington State and then
off to the Canadian Rockies in
Alberta and British Columbia, Canada
Dave and I spend a winter week in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona
We also spent a winter week in Death Valley, CA and then into 
Las Vegas, NV
a week with my friend Vicky and her husband in Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New Mexico (x2)
another family National Park trip to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah
and another family vacation to coastal Pacific Northwest-Washington and Oregon
more Maine adventures
 New Hampshire (live) and travel and also lots of boating adventures too,
explore more of Massachuetts,
 Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
a week at the outer banks of North Carolina and then a few other little side trips

There's still so many places I want to go!
I want to start doing some more international adventures too.
I look at this list and think I've hardly gone anywhere compared to some people.
Makes me wish I had more time and more cash so I could just GO!

What a great way to approach life.
(and add a little love in their too)

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