Monday, November 10, 2014

Art Day

This weekend I spent an art day taking a lettering class with Joanne Sharpe. 
She's a great teacher. I learned a lot and had some relaxing play time.
Just what I needed!
We were playing with some of her lettering techniques from her book.
There were so many techniques I didn't get through them all, but that was OK. This was not a class to rush and finish everything on the list. This was a class to work on what you were feeling.
The assignment was to work on some more at home over a couple of months.
I think this would be a great thing to do while watching TV!
We worked in a student type composition book. We collaged the covers with some scrap paper.  I wanted to use some washi tape too. So I did.
We also used washi tape on the edges our glued book pages. Makes a real pretty view.
Here's a few more views of my accomplishments.

Very happy with my watercolor cover page.  I picked up a pack of Joanne Sharpe's Peerless watercolor sheets-her color picks. Love these bright colors!
I highly recommend taking a class with Joanne is you ever get the chance. 

So the weekend flew by as usual and today I am off from work, taking my mom to the infectious disease specialist. Hoping for a good day-Mom is not remembering a lot of details lately. We've discovered she has Lyme disease, and she doesn't even remember she has it. Not sure how she'll be...or she is very difficult at times. 
All I want to do is play with more paints and markers and tape...but daughterly duty calls.
Tomorrow- I am off for the Veteran's Day Holiday!
Have a great day.

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