Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blasts fro the Past

I've been sad these past few days about my mom. She's been very forgetful lately but only recently has it gotten really bad. I think its really dawned on me that this might be the first step in the end. I know that's the wrong word choice, but I am starting to lose my mom and I don't know what other word to use right now. As much as we fought, and we did fight a lot, (we're so different) she's still my mom.
I also heard that my sister-in-law, my brother's wife, who has breast cancer, is starting to slide also.
The tough part with her is that she's angry about it all. Understandable, she's only 51, but  she's rather abrasive and pushy and she and I are very different. She's trying to keep herself feeling useful by handling things with my mom, but too much so. I need to step in because my mother is MY mother and I have to live with her final time for rest of MY life.
Oh my.
How can I say everything I need to say in so few words?
I can't.
OK, enough said for me today. 
It feels good to write this but its also bringing me down too far.
Can't have that, when she's still there with me.
So on to things that make me smile.
And hopefully you too.
Some favorite holiday art from the past.

Its fun to look back and get some inspiration. Not that I want to repeat any piece, but I see some things I did that makes me really like these pieces, and I have lots of ideas rolling around in my brain of ways to use those genera ideas to make some more new art.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Carol Porter said...

I think it's very normal to feel the way that you feel. Time like this it's only natural to feel at a loss, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do.if I may just offer a piece of advice, just be in the moment.don't expect anything, go at your own pace be there for your mom in the way that you know how.if you're sad and you need to cry, cry.if you're angry, don't take it out on anyone, go outside and yell. do whatever you need to do so that you're comfortable and in that way you can be there for your mom.wishing you all the best and sending virtual hugs, Carol.