Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Holidays

Here's a couple of cards I recently made. Cards are not really my forte, but even more so my photographing of them leaves a lot to be desired.
One of these days I learn a few tricks to make my photos better.
And maybe one day I'll start to like my cards a little bit better.
Funny, this bottom card looks really good in real life and the top card doesn't look as good. But in photographs, I think the top card looks better than this one below.
They talk on Project Runway about dresses being editorial, and I guess that is true about cards too.

Both of these cards use some embossing folders, some die cuts and a little bit of stamping.
I made a bunch of cards the other day...making cards is fun because each card is like a mini-canvas.
Whether they photograph well or not!

Long day for me today. I have an event at school tonight-am tired of these frequent long days!
I'm looking for the magic spell that would make a lot more art time in my life. If you know one, please send it my way.
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