Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Season

OK, Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. Its that time of year when Christmas and other holiday projects start showing up. On Sunday I packed up all the Halloween arty things and put them away and then took out the Christmas arty things...I have way too many Christmas stamps! Kind of ridiculous since they only get used for a short period of time but I've been buying holiday images for over 15 years so I have a nice collection that I love. I hate to part with any of them. 
And most importantly 
they're so much fun to use!
So you can see I made a couple of Christmas cards, and I will admit I put on some holiday tunes while I was working. A little Bing Crosby and  some Ella Fitzgerald and I was rolling. 
Joy to the World and White Christmas and some other oldies.

No school today for Veteran's Day.
LOVE it!
This week is very vacation like for me. I must admit I  really need that right now. As I've mentioned, between a tough school schedule, the new dog, my mom and now my daughter's car issue...its so busy that it has been overwhelming at times.
Tomorrow and Thursday I am working but I am having some gum surgery later in the day on Thursday and I decided I really needed a me  day on Friday. So I am taking it off. Sending the dog to doggie day care and just having an art day for myself.
Having a great day to look forward to makes my insides soar and become very light and smiley.
Mental health is as important as physical health-
as you all know
and so I am realigning my 2 sides before something bad happens to either one of them.
OK, enough said.

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