Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Scenes from the Journey, Part 2

I took a peak out my hotel room window in Orono, Maine Sunday morning, and when I saw this, I decided to go back to bed.
It didn't get any better as the morning  progressed.

Come on, it was only November 2!
Boy that driving was bad.  It took us a lot longer than normal to get home.
I'm glad someone had a sense of humor about all the snow and the bad driving.
We probably should have been smart and stayed an extra day and come home on Monday when the weather was better.
But we aren't always very smart.
But even at home the wind had picked up.
we don't have this snow at home-
but even so it felt like winter out there!
Way to early for that!

When we got to southern Maine we made a stop at Cabela's.
Can you see the ground? No snow  here.
But our buddy the snow man was there.
Notice now Mr. Snowy's face has washed off-
I hope fall comes back while it still can.
Especially now that sunset is like 4:30 (in the afternoon) with the time change.

Hope you have a great warm and sunny day!

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