Monday, November 3, 2014

Scenes from My Weekend Journey

Saturday was cold, dark and rainy as we headed north into Maine for a mini-overnight weekend road trip. Not ideal weather, but it could have been worse.
We tried out a new brewery. Sea Dog in Bangor, Maine.
The Old Gollywobbler was awful good.
And Maddie took her first road trip.  She was a really good girl.
A few more views in Bangor.
Not one to really take train photos, but why not? They ran down the street where the Brewery was.
And Saturday night we went to a hockey game. It started off not so good for our team but in the third period they came  back with a vengeance to score 3 goals and win! It was a lot of fun when the crowd got into it.
The tickets and this little trip was my birthday gift to my husband.
A little after the game victory celebration. And a late dinner too.
Pat's Pizza. The little pepperoni's crisp up around the edges and curl and all the grease puddles in the middle. Sounds gross but it's really yummy.
And a little more beer. Not the Gollywobbler this time.
We traveled with my sister-in-law and her husband.
That explains the 4 glasses.
And here's a snap of my phone weather Saturday night while I enjoyed my pizza and beer. Harbinger of things to come.
Have a great day!
And as usual, thanks for visiting.

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