Sunday, November 23, 2014

Water Stories

Friday I took some of my students on a field trip to the Boston Museum of Science.
Was surprised to find an art exhibit about water by artist  Anne Neely.
The blue on this piece caught my eye. 
I particularly liked this painting.I still haven't decided whether the background in a dry western scene or maybe lots of adobe homes.  I like the dotty texture along the bottom too.
More great colors.  And I really like the arty realism of this painting below. Definitely all about an aquifer. But in an artistic not diagram kind of way.

I enjoyed the little exhibit. Actually, I enjoyed the whole day. The kids were good and we had some fun. Even if I did doze off for 5 minutes during the IMAX movie. Oh my. It was a good film but there were schools of fish swimming left and swimming right and swimming left again and it was so mesmerizing.
Hope you're all having a great weekend and enjoy the rest!

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