Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Look Back- Part 1

Before we go forward into 2015 I want to look back. Take  a look at my past year in review. 
I think of it as the places I've been and the journeys I've made.
North to Orono, Maine

South for some snowy owl viewing.
Beach walking with my baby-boy. This was Harley's 14th birthday.  We lost him in late May. I still miss him terribly.
Travels to Taos, New Mexico.

And trips into Boston.

And Providence.

Then spring arrived.

Ice out.
And ice cream again.

Spring fog. Waiting for the color and the summer. Mid season passing.
Roses.  My new rose garden.
My daughter's college graduation. Her internship that turned into a full time job. Smile! She moved out and started her adult life. It is sad and happy and really the best word for all that is bittersweet.
Summer. Summer fun. Summer traditions.
Boating, fishing, the beach, no school, gardening, traveling, spending some days with my mom and suspecting something was starting to fail.
Life in New Hampshire, USA.
This is a really long post, so thanks for stopping by, and I'll have more next time.

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