Saturday, December 6, 2014


This post is about as random with no focus as it gets. I will start off with a little piece from my holiday journal I am making. 
I did a bunch of journaling on the backside. I used leaves to make the wings on this heart. 
That's about as clever as it gets.

The little girl is turning into quite the snuggler. Especially since its gotten really cold suddenly.

I was worried her being so short furred and being a southern belle she might not like the cold.
But not her. It just gets her all wound up.
Man, it isn't quite winter yet even. Look how cold it got yesterday morning here. Our first really cold morning.
Oh boy.
Last night I had a wonderful quiet Friday night to myself. It was exactly what I needed at the end of my week. I tried one of these beers from a set I'd picked up at Trader Joe's. The set even comes with these nice pint glasses.
Oh man, a new delicious favorite brew.
And I've wanted to see this film so I Red-boxed it last night and did some knitting. And enjoyed my pint. Enjoyed the movie too. I'm having a blast knitting this Christmas stocking. I will have a finished product for you next week I think.
After the movie finished I watched another episode of Season 2- last Tango in Halifax.
Enjoying that too.
And this is my daughter's first own Christmas tree.
Her boyfriend built her a fake mantel to put up against the wall so she could hang their stockings and decorate it.
And I decorated my dining room light. I made the snowflakes hanging, though you can't see them very well here.
So any big plans for this weekend?  Tonight we have a hockey game. Our team will most likely lose; they are not having a good season so far.
But it will be fun to go out and then I get to be low key for the rest of the weekend.
Enjoy yours.

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