Sunday, December 28, 2014

Road Tripping

I hope everyone who celebrated a holiday recently had a great one. Now we're moving towards the new year. Wow! Can you believe it is almost 2015? Not me.
So yesterday was a really gorgeous day here in the northeast. Sunny, around 50 degrees. The hubby and I took a road trip to do some gift returns over in Maine and did a bit of sight seeing and fun along with it.
It was a great day to walk the beach. Looks like we were the only ones with that idea, but in reality the beaches were pretty crowded-relatively speaking that is.
Maddie was all into romping in the water.
And doing the body shake too.
The selfie.
Portland Headlight was all decked out for the holidays. My husband grew up just a few miles from here. We drove by his old house and his high school. He quite enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

It was really crowded here.
I have always been fascinated by this rock and the shipwreck message. Even then they did graffiti so we wouldn't forget.
L. L. Bean had a beautifully lighted Christmas tree outside their store. 
And even decorated their giant Bean Boot.  You know you can't get these boots right now?  I heard they were back ordered into something like May. Glad I already have a couple of pairs in assorted styles.
And Cabela's was counting down the days left in 2014.
The only bummer of my day out was that the coat I needed to exchange at LL Beans was totally sold out in the size size I needed. Well they had other colors, but not the lapis blue I wanted and got originally. So I went with navy blue; still works just not as bright.
Hope you've been enjoying your weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Gloria said...

Thank you for the photos that kind of took me away from the hectic holiday. My family is taking alternate trips out of town to other relatives, so we will celebrate Christmas at my house on january 11th. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.