Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to Reality

Now that we are past the holidays, it is back to work for me today! It is always hard to get up after this vacation. It  is still so dark and cold in the mornings as we are really in winter's grip. 
BUT the good news is that in 2 weeks there is a long weekend and in 2 weeks my classes wrap up. I'll miss some of those classes, but it is time to wrap up and move onto some new kids. 
I must be tough and plod on through until then I guess.
Oh life can be so tough...ha-ha-ha she says with a smirk on her face.
I'm also trying to decide if I should go away over my next vacation at the end of February. 
Hmmm. Wish the hubby would be all about going along.

Anyhow, let me show you what I got for a Christmas gift.
A little table easel. Yahoo. 
I finally got the studio cleaned up so I could set it up.  I started painting a new little series of heart paintings. They have a long long way to go, since all I have done is put down my first coat of color. But I'll show you that.

More about those later!

And my first 2 books for 2015.
 I liked this book. The ending could have been a little more of  a big bang than it was, but it wasn't a bad ending.  It had plenty of suspense-was Tilda really crazy or was she telling the truth? You couldn't quite tell through most of the book. The ending more or less wrapped that up...All I will say (so not to spoil the read) is that the story mostly takes place at a farm in rural Sweden. Love that international connection.
I just started this book but so far I am loving it. It is all about being an archaeologist, written by a woman who is not an archaeologist. One of my good friends is an archaeologist, which  is what made me gravitate towards this volume.  I am learning all kinds of things! Right now we are in dig boot camp. Looking for trash and nails and other things in a Caribbean dig site. More explorations for my travel bucket list too! I tell you more once I wrap this up.

That's all for me today. Thanks for stopping by.

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