Sunday, January 4, 2015

Holiday Journal

Last week when I was on vacation I spent a little time finishing up my holiday scrap journal. Using these plastic pockets made it go quickly, but I did put in a few other pages where I didn't use the pockets. But everything being small-rather than 8 x 11, made it go fast.
There was a method in my madness. What I didn't want was to be finishing up this album late in January-and totally sick of it at that point!
My winter page at the top is just a piece of paper with a stamped poem (I added that). And these little 2x2 inch pockets with words- this is the back of a page! On this particular set I fill each pocket with the same paper.
Here's the front. I printed off lots of mini photos from my holiday to put on each little card.
It took some thinking from me how to set up this book and not make it page after page of the same things, and since I usually (actually never have) worked in this format, I had to do some mental  engineering how to actually put it all together. But I will admit, it it did go fast, and I accomplished my goal to getting it done!
Maybe not the most creative, but definitely fast.
I'll leave you with a couple more pages.

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