Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More Cardology

Is cardology even a word? Ha ha! If not, I am now making it a word.  Can I do that?
So the other day  I made a bunch of watercolor backgrounds and then made a bunch of cards from those backgrounds. 
I showed you one of those other cards yesterday.
Today I am showing you a wintery card.
Not a whole lot on stamping on this piece. This graph like background is an oldie but a goodie from Hero Arts. I like how it works on the background!
My snow kind of looks like rain, but that's because I painted some snow blobs first. and then decided to shake a bunch of glitter and make them have a little more texture. Paint works great as a glue.
Plus sometimes when you watch snow fall it does look like big white blobs coming down.
I also used a little silver Distress Spray on the background, to give it more of a snowy look.
Makes me happy.
So last night I had big plans to make a little art or do a little studio cleaning. I have decided to do some reorganization so I can't find anything for awhile- ha-ha.
This all goes back to the fact that my daughter's room has been sitting basically untouched since she moved out last June. I really didn't expect her home for good, but thought she might be by some nights when her boyfriend (with whom she is living) had to work overnight. (He's an EMT and does some 24 hour shifts.) I also kept asking her to clean through some of her stuff- and that never happened-of course.
So now I am starting to clean up her room myself, and then I am going to move my books into her old room, which give me a whole new studio wall!!! Right now my books are in my studio too. I can't wait to start being able to make some use of my daughter's old room, and being able to get a little bit of new space in the play space.
I just hate having a room sitting unused in my little house.
Anyhow, now that I am way off topic...I had plans last night to be a little productive, but that didn't happen.  Reading by the fire was so much more recharging after a dark and long Monday back at work and after coming home and having to shovel 2 of snow inches off my deck. So I didn't play or clean, but maybe today.
If reading by the fire isn't more inviting that is.
Make something today that makes you happy.

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Kristin said...

YES, I think it must be! Anyway, if cardology is not a word, perhaps it should be! Lovely card and congrats on your newfound extra space ;) xo