Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Birds Dreaming of Spring

I've been home watching birds at the bird feeder, among other things, this week.
I always feel so bad for them, what with all the snow and the cold temperatures.
The feeder is only about 3 inches above the snow line (and yes the pole is pushed over). The ground feeders like all the seeds that fall out.
Sometimes, as you can see, there is quite a crowd.
They must be hating this long winter too.
Of course with all the snow and cold, I am wishing to be far away.
I usually travel this week, but life this year didn't put it on my agenda.
But next year, I will go back to Northern New Mexico.
I am missing it a lot right now.
This place really grows on you.

And yesterday we went to Boston to see the kidney specialist for my husband.
In the building where the office is I discovered this lovely tropical  painted wall.
The trees at the bottom are real, as is the fountains there, but everything at the top is painted.  I think they look amazing.
I looked it up on the internet and it was done by an interior mural artist named Richard Haas.
 I think one exciting thing about cities is that the outside of a building can look like regular brick or stone but inside are these hidden treasures. Who would even guess it was there?
Life is so full of unexpected turns sometimes, and here I am, in one those mazes right now.
But I can keep dreaming.
A year isn't so very long, is it?

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