Monday, March 23, 2015

The Monday Morning Nymph

This blue skinned water lady is waving goodbye to the weekend. Already Monday?  That's what I keep thinking. She looks a little spooky but Monday sometimes feels that way, especially today when I wish I had a day off to stay home. It was a busy weekend. Kind of too busy, but I was out and about which isn't a bad thing to do when the ground is still mostly white and muddy and the sky is about the same color. Plus I got to spend some quality time with the hubby on Saturday and with my daughter on Sunday.
Tonight the hubby has dialysis and so I can come home and have several hours of play time...seeing I didn't get any and I really wanted some over the weekend, along with some time to finish organizing my studio area.
We shall see what I end up doing tonight. I still wish I could stay home and play all day.
Sometimes a gal just wants to do what she wants to do.
Hope your week starts bright and sunny.

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