Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday Night

Writing this post Friday night while I have a cup of tea and watch one of the old X Files movies on DVD. I've seen this film before but this old series was one of my favorites. Plus I like Muldur and Sculley, the 2 main characters.  
I heard rumors they may be making another movie. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes its good to revisit a series with great characters and their connections but if it doesn't quite measure up to snuff, then it can just be a disaster. You know, the series should stayed back in the time it was made.
I had cherry pie for supper tonight too.
Guess since it is Friday night I can be naughty.
My latest baking project.
I used frozen sweet cherries (from Trader Joe's) and dried tart cherries for the filling.
The recipe said to eat warm but I like it better cold.
Love Friday night since the whole weekend is before me.
Do you have any plans?
I'm hoping for a little fun, lots of low key down time and a little outside sun before we get all the rain we are suppose to get next week.
I love the idea of the weekend kind of making itself without me molding it or shaping it into something too busy.
I love the idea of a weekend with lots of color.
Here's a couple of views from the tag journal I am working on.

Enough said here.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.