Monday, April 6, 2015

Just Me Chatting About The Past Weekend (and a Tag)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. If you celebrated either Easter or Passover I hope you enjoyed your holiday. My Easter was quiet. My husband, daughter and myself had a nice meal at home and spent a good chunk of the afternoon watching Finding Nemo on Blu-Ray. It was that kind of day, and I really enjoyed it.
Also this past weekend Outlander started up again and I was very excited.  I enjoy that series. Next week Games of Thrones begins and it'll be nice to have some tv shows to be invested in for a little while. 
Yesterday there was an article in our local paper about my husband's kidney issue. You can check it out here if you'd like: newspaper story. We're trying to take a proactive stand and also make people aware of organ transplants.  There are so many people out there waiting for a new kidney (or other organ) than there are donors. I was never really aware of that until my husband got sick, but what a life giving thing organ transplant can be,
And I started reading a new book which I am really enjoying it so far.
It is all about a woman's journey into training hawks. Helen Macdonald was a falconer, but when her dad passed, and she decided she needed to try something challenging to bring her out of her sadness.So far I highly recommend it. She is an excellent writer. This is a subject that I really don't know anything about either, which makes it an adventurous and unusual read. 
Nice thing while you're watching the snow melt day by day. And waiting for the spring flowers to appear. 
Dreaming of that!
(Our snow is down to about 6 inches right now. Last week we lost huge amounts, so I am hopeful that by the end of this week most of my yard will be bare...I m hoping at least. Not going to be a very warm week-so far April is still feeling a lot like late March but at least we are making progress into spring. Its about time!)
And here's a tag I recently made. Now that's its up online I think I might go back and add a few sequins to the upper left. Give it a little more finishing touches.
Hope your Monday is a great start to your week.

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