Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Art

Sunday was very grey here in New Hampshire, although it never rained.  I did manage to get out for a nice morning walk with the hubby and my dog, Decided that even though I should have done some yard work the dark skies didn't make me very motivated to go out, so instead, I watched a rock climbing movie I recorded on TV (Valley Uprising)  which was quite interesting and made some gelli prints. 
Oh yes, playing with paints and stencils and trying some new techniques made it a really enjoyable Sunday.
And hanging low too.
A SLOW kind of day.
Especially when it didn't feel like very late April spring-like outside.
All my prints.
I tried a few new techniques from this book;
One included using this intaglio technique.
I used a pencil and ruler to lay out this intaglio design on some foam board. Then I painted a thick coat of black paint over the design, pulled a print directly off the foam board, and then flipped the board over and used a roller to press the line image onto my gelli plate.  Here's  the prints I pulled off the gelli plate.

Now I just need to fill in the sections. 
Maybe tonight! 
This girl has some lunch and movie plans today.
Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting.

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