Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Looking for Inspiration and Analyzing

 Heads up- this a long post today! Me just feeling gabby.
 Sometimes I look back at my own older pieces for inspiration. Been feeling like my journaling has been a little paint heavy lately. Don't get me wrong, paint is good! I love using paint. I am happy with my work lately. Yet sometimes I think "How can I expand my skills?" Or "I am doing the same thing over and over." I tend to be someone who can sometimes use a good kick in the pants to get me rolling into something a little different.
I also love looking at other people's work and that is probably the most inspiring thing to do. Ever-for inspiration. That and taking a class. But I don't have any classes on my agenda until late summer and I certainly don't want to be a copy cat, at least not consciously.
So I have looked back, and thought I would do a little share today. These are from 2012.
(Really, 2012?  I just remember making these.)
Here's what I have gathered for inspiration.
top page- I forgot how fun it is to play a stencil and watercolor markers. And then use a wet paint brush. I've used so much acrylic lately. The lightness of the page and the mixing of colors is so refreshing to me.
Bird page: Here's what I've been refreshed with-using a photo on a page (kind of but not exactly a scrapbook) and I love these 2 die cuts. I haven't used these in forever! Why not? Time to make an effort and dig out some items that are stuck in the stash.
Stenciling and then cutting out those images like these clouds. Using a little sparkle. And adding some detail items like these little flowers.
OK, I like all the little pieces on this page. The stamped squirrels. The little tape pieces. A ring. An owl...and the ink sprayed background and then the bright dashes of color like the big tape.
Adding tape.  Time to get back into my washi and paper tapes again. This page is a plain background enhanced by tape. Why do I feel my pages have to be such colored backgrounds? Because I love layering paints and colors. But I love this too.
Great die cut too. Another rescue from the stash I think.
 And nature.  One of my favorite themes.

 I haven't used stitches or cloth forever. I have been wanting too also. Now that we cleaned out a spot so I can set up my sewing machine again, I think it is time to dig the machine out of the closet and get back to it. Maybe even do some other sewing too.
Are you like me? If things get put away- I mean really away, I just kind of forget about them
I really need to find some "lost" items and bring them out.
Make this a high priority!
 These moose are a paper punch that is stuffed in the back of a drawer.
I am like a horder. I hate getting rid of supplies but I think it is time for a major clean out.
Not the moose though. Love that moose.
 Mixing up materials too. Stickers, die cuts, writing, tags, stamping, collage.
 Stamping time too. I haven't been stamping enough lately, and stamping is the thing that got me into all of this paper arts. It the thing that took this craft crazy girl and made her an extreme craft crazy girl.
OK, this has been therapeutic for me. Not sure it did much for anyone else, but I am ready. Time to dig out supplies, clean and try something new.
(Hopefully you'll see signs of that on my blog too. But if not, don't judge me too harshly, ok?)
Thanks for stopping by today.


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Always good to look back at artwork -great stuff and I love the gorgeous landscape in your post below as well!

kat said...

I love all of these so much! Keep up with the fun this way, it's fabulous!