Monday, May 4, 2015

Vacation is Now a Memory

But a good memory!
And school winds down in about 6-7 weeks and then I shall be on a longer summer break, which is QUITE exciting to say the least. Plus to me, this time of year makes everything easier.
(Especially today when it is going to be summer couldn't come a few days earlier when I was still on break! Ha-ha!)
So some assorted random vacation photos today.
Hope they're not too boring!
A fountain I saw at the Garden store that I crave and yearn to have in my garden. 
Katie, remember Mother's Day is coming up. Ha- Ha-Big Smile!
A little more baking.
 A freshly mulched rose garden.  It will be fun to see how different this looks once all the leaves are out and the roses are blooming,
And some delicious eating. An Irish coffee cake.
And my mom enjoyed meeting my dog. My mom has dementia/Alzheimer's, Still in a fairly early stage, but not really early. She is still caring for herself but has no short term memory. Plus when she gets frustrated (always at night it seems) she really goes emotionally wild. Mostly it is over control of her checkbook. My brother has taken that over since she was having problems paying her bills, and she keeps thinking he's stolen all her money.
Poor Mom. It is very very sad. But we had a nice visit so I can't let the tough moments overshadow that.
 Some exercise unloading and spreading this bark mulch. I still need another load. One of these days.
 I think this is a  child's shelf but it works perfect in my studio. I haven't yet put my little travel souvenirs on it in this photo, but what a fun way to decorate and display my travel inspirations.
 And there should always be a light in your window to welcome the good things. View from one of my walks.
And dogs playing in the lake, which is now (trumpets blowing) ice free!
 And then the public boat docks went in, so that means summer is really coming.
 My husband made himself a couple of eggs to eat and they both had double yolks. What's the chances of that happening?
 My friend and I on our walk Saturday.
You got to have a little ice cream on a nice day!
And yahoo-it is finally boating season!

And I love it!
Hope you have a great start to your week!

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Valerie-Jael said...

Love seeing all your photos. I can understand you craving that blue glass creation! Sorry about your Mom, it is a hard sickness to handle. All the best to you all, 2 & 4 footed! Hugs, Valerie