Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stitching and Reading

I've only been back to school for 2 days and I am so excited it is Saturday!
What a working wimp I am!
 A while back I did some painting on canvas with a friend. I decided to turn my whole piece into an art quilt, and I've started some machine stitching to add some background texture. So here's a few snippets of my work so far. Keep in mind I have a lot more work I want to do on this.

And I haven't talked about books at all lately.
Here's my latest 2 fiction reads. I've been off to colonial 1920's Kenya lately.
This book is a historical fictional account about Beryl Markham who was the first person/woman to fly from Europe to North America. I enjoyed it. Many years ago I read the book that supposedly Beryl Markham wrote about her life called West with the Night. I find this place and period of history fascinating for some reason.
 And it inspired me to reread this book which is set during the exact same time, in fact, a lot of the people are in both books. This book is the true account by the Danish writer Isak Dinesen-Baroness Blixen.
I haven't read it in years but what a lovely story she weaves.
This book inspired the movie by the same name in 1985 with Robert Redford and Meryl Strep, which I of course had to re-watch. My daughter had never seen it and she watched it with me, and she actually liked it. Yeah!
And I purchased a couple of new fabric art books. I haven't actually made it all the way  through them  (they are next on my list) yet, but they look fantastic!

And I also bought a couple of cookbooks too. 
 I haven't baked any of these cakes yet, but there are a few I can't wait to try.
And I made a BIG batch of danish pastry dough before I went back to school. The batch recipes in this book are huge, so I cut it into 4 pieces and froze them.  I'm hoping maybe this weekend to thaw one out and make one of the danish rings this weekend. I like the idea of making big batches of dough so you can have it on hand for when you want to have some on hand. Wish this cookbook had photos, but otherwise I am really impressed with the recipes. 
So we are off on the boat today. Going to enjoy some more summer while I can.
Thanks for visiting today.


craftytrog said...

Your art quilt is looking amazing Erika, lots of circles & gorgeous colour! :-)
Alison xx

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, my! The color and movement in your piece is so great. What a project. Loved the book reviews as well. Who doesn't love a good book????

Valerie-Jael said...

Your art quilting is fantastic, what a wonderful idea. Looks like it will keep you busy for a long time. Enjoy the weekend, get your strength up for the new week at school! Love the look of your books, I have out of Africa , too, and also a lot of delicious cook books - temptation pure! Danish pastries....yummy! Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a wonderful art quilt! So many details! The books look tempting too.

Corrine at said...

So glad you are stitching on this piece. I can't wait to see it finishes, You know I loved it when you made it. Nice book list. The first two are on my list, that Jewish bakery book looks amazing, might have to check that one out. That will challenge your baking skills I bet. xox

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Amazing art quilt, love the bold bright colours and the stitching that gives a fantastic texture, very expressive. I also love Out of Africa :) Oh, and Danish pastries, yum!!

Love and hugs