Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fashionable Ladies

Sometimes when my creative muse is still flying around and hasn't landed yet, I take pre-made backgrounds and an old Italian fashion magazine that I've got and do some cutting and pasting. For some reason cutting and then laying a photo on the page inspires my muse to get her focus.
I sometimes wonder what the models would look like if they had  different color lips or if they had dirt smeared on their faces. Or something on that line. Sometimes they just come out being a plain old mess,  but that doesn't matter because its all play and experimentation. To make the muse happy.
I had an intern a few years ago who was a male model. I always wondered what he would look like with a black eye or something that made him less photogenic like a pot belly. But he was a really nice man and all the potential to be a really good teacher so I didn't focus on that.
And I didn't realize until just now that Moo-Mania USE YOUR SCRAPS theme is still up and running so since I am using scraps from an old magazine, I think I will ink on up.

So anything exciting going on for you this Sunday? We have the Superbowl tonight, but its not as exciting when your favorite team lost in the last round  of play off games. The weather people are telling us we have some more snow coming in the next day but are also telling us it is way too early to give amount, though most likely plowable. Hmmm.
But it has been a sunny and not too codl weekend, and today I am hoping the muse is around for a little art time which is always very exciting.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


froebelsternchen Susi said...

This is such a fab way to bring out your muse! I love the bold colors on the superb collages Erika! Very stylish and artsy - both pages! The weekend is almost over - yes it flew by again...
Sorry that you can't see your favourite team at the super bowl! That's hard !!

Thank you for playing with us at Moo Mania & More - I am happy to see you there!

Wishing a good start for the new week!

Gibby Frogett said...

Two very cool pages!
When I was reading I wondered what on earth you meant by 'I sometimes wonder what the MOLES would look like if they had different color lips or if they had dirt smeared on their faces' until I re-read again and saw that the moles were actually models...ooops.. I have now cleaned my glasses :)
I smiled at the bit about the male model, black eye and pot belly too - but read that correctly ha ha!
Hope you had a good weekend... Gill x

Valerie-Jael said...

What fun you have had here, great idea! Thanks for linking to MM&M! Have big fun with the Super Bowl this evening! Hugs, Valerie

Mona Pendleton said...

Fantastic projects!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I sometimes wonder what would happen if the models didn't look quite so anorexic. I used to think you could never be too skinny or rich, but since I've added a few pounds (not enough to be called fat, but not wonderfully thin like I was a few years ago) I wonder what would happen if women actually had role models that looked more like the "rest" of us.

Got home not long ago, and, although I'm really ready for bed, I had to stop by and say hi. I was glad to see you also watched the Puppy Bowl, but I was more impressed with the Kitty Bowl. Even though the puppies kept getting changed, there were lots of "fillers" and commercials that I didn't see on the Kitten Bowl. I kept saying I want to get a new kitten and get rid of my two, but just laughed and said I was joking, as of course, everyone knew.

I should mention I was very impressed with your pages, and I love the fact you use fashion magazines. When I taught my altered book class, some of the people resisted using magazine images. They were the stampers in the group who didn't want to add paint or recycle magazine art. It's funny what baggage we all bring to the table with our art. I assure you, you would fit right in with my kind of art, although YOU are the drawer/sketcher, not me, since I can't draw anything it seems. Hope you have a great week.