Friday, July 21, 2017

Out on the Savanna

Wow, this week flew right by for me. I can't believe its Friday already and another week is in wind down mode already. Its been hot and humid here. That's a good reason to stay in and finish some art. Here's a page I finished the other morning for the latest challenge at Moo Mania, Africa.

The background on my page is made from me cleaning my paint brushes over a couple of weeks of art making. The paper ended up with all these warm colors and they reminded me of the colors you'd find in an African savanna.  So I painted the giraffe  and the tree. Then I stamped the tribal looking image and used a white pen to highlight parts of them. And I guess I spelled savanna wrong since it doesn't have an H at the end.
Oh well. Spelling has never been strong suit.
And yesterday I took the dogs up to my mother-in-laws house. She lives on this pond, and it was a quiet summer afternoon. Good for a little swim and lots of dog play.

After my swim, I  settled down for some reading time when the sky started to darken.
 And then it started to rain. First sprinkles and then it got heavy.
I think the universe was telling me it was time to go home and take a nap. :)
So I did.
Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Days

Its been a beautiful summer so far. I am lost in summer vacation mode-morning walks, hanging out with friends, swimming in the lake, boating, reading in the afternoon in my hammock. 
I just finished reading .
Its my latest book club book (took me away from reading my cozy mysteries) and was a thought provoking true story about a man who disappeared and lived alone in the Maine woods for over 20 years. He had no human contact and got what he needed by breaking into weekend cabins. Then he got arrested breaking into the kitchen of a kids summer camp, and that ended his years as a hermit in the woods. ( He ended up in jail and all that goes with that.) The book explores why he wanted to live alone in the forest and how he did that in the harsh Maine wilderness. It also deals a little bit with the people who lived in those cabins he broke into. I wish it dealt with them a little more.  I've still got a bunch of questions after reading this, and it should be a great discussion at book club.

And I've started reading this book. This is the second book about Julia Child by Alex Prud'homme, her great nephew. The first book (My Life in France) was excellent so I am excited to read this. The first book was co-authored by both Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme.  So far I am enjoying this, and then maybe I'll get back to some more cozy mystery books.
And I bought 2  new teas to make ice tea. They taste less like tea and more like flavored water. One pouch makes a lot of tea, a whole big pitcher not once but three time. I can drink tea all day for 2 days per bag. :)

I'm enjoying them while I read. And while I make art.
And yesterday I made some strawberry rhubarb jam.
I had some left over strawberry puree from my July 4th cake and decided before it went bad to use it as a base for some jam. I added some strawberries and some rhubarb I had in the freezer.
Just having fun and keeping busy.
Here's another page in my night journal I am making. I did this spread last week and then I found out that the latest Try It on Tuesday challenge is let it shine.
The right hand page is from an old calendar page. I'm not sure if I will leave it as is or do something to it. Here's a closer view of the quote.

And I have another page in my ocean journal too.

I'm going to link this page up to Elizabeth's great challenge, Summer Love, over at Art Journal Journey.
Summer is good. Life is good.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shining Their Lights

I made this page for Elizabeth's Summer Love challenge at Art Journal Journey after sitting outside one evening watching some fireflies flashing. Fireflies are one of those little things that make summer special for me
Did you know that each type of firefly has its own light flashing pattern?
So I doodled my jar and I think it looks more like a drinking glass with aluminum foil over the top than a lidded jar, so use a little imagination when you look at it. I stamped the insects and turned them into fireflies with a dab of yellow paint. 
I also scribbled this poem by Robert Frost on the page. Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, and he was  a native of New Hampshire where I live. This was a new poem for me, but it was perfect for my page.

Fireflies in the Garden

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, 
And here on earth come emulating flies, 
That though they never equal stars in size, 
(And they were never really stars at heart) 
Achieve at times a very star-like start. 
Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.

When I was a kid I had a book called Sam  and the Firefly. Sam is an owl who has Gus the firefly write words in the sky for him. Of course writing words in the sky at night isn't always a smart thing.
Anyone else remember this book? I need to see if I can find mine, though it may be long gone. There is a box of kids books in the attic and it might be in there.
So the newest challenge at Try It On Tuesday just happens to be Let It Shine, and I think my page works, so I am linking up. 
I'm finally home today after a couple of days out playing with friends. I should clean  my house a little bit, but there's lots of other things I can think of doing other than that. I am really in summer mode. Oh boy.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Celebrate with Cake

Hi everyone. I've got another post for today because I've wanted to join in on the Tag Tuesday for a few days right now and just haven't had an extra moment to write this post.
Right now the theme over at Tag Tuesday is CAKE!  This fun challenge is hosted by Wilma.  I think its a good one:)
So I made a tag using some fun colorful paper as my background. Then I painted the cake and the candle, because every celebration cake needs a candle. And finally I added the die cut word celebrate. 
And I'm celebrating all the beautiful flowers in the gardens right now. Must be the warm days, cool nights and all the rain showers making them so happy.

Monday, July 17, 2017

T Stands for Hanging Out at the Beach

 Happy T Day ladies. Summer is in full swing so today's T Day post is all about enjoying it.
The last couple of Sundays we have gone out in our boat and anchored by the beach, had a little picnic lunch, and then enjoyed several hours of relaxing in the sun.
Not the best of my photos. I have a bunch of them on my camera, which still need to be downloaded onto the computer. I promise one of these days I will do that and then I can show them to you.
In the meantime, phone photos will have to do.
 Lunch consisted of one of these cold beers from the Shed Brewery in Vermont and then a sandwich.
 This is one we bought a week ago, and yesterday we had similar ones that we put together ourselves on the boat. It really depends if I managed to get to the grocery store whether we make the sandwiches  or whether we stop on our way to the beach and buy one.
 Afterwards we just put up our feet and relax.

Unless you are our dog Maddie who comes along every now and again. She finds the coming and goings of beach folk and fishing people very interesting. especially if there are dogs involved. This beach  is on the edge of a state park and is a place only  boaters anchor at so you do see dogs on the beach and in boats. 
And of course if a duck or sea gull decides to land near the boat that is an even more exciting treat for her. So far she's been good and not jumped off the boat to swim after them, but I think if she did the duck and sea gull have the advantage of flying off before she'd get to them.

Pete prefers to nap with my husband (you cans see his knees) rather than watch the world go by.
 When they wake up they need to have a little male post-nap bonding time. :)

Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to join in the T gang fun or to see what other people have been up to. Its always a good visit! And today is a real party as we are all celebrating 4 years of fun!
And to those of you who stop by my blog, thanks for visiting.
And of course, Happy T day.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Happy Sunday everyone. This is a pre-post I wrote last night since we are planning on going boating. That means I don't know if we are leaving at noon or leaving at 8.
And since we were having a Grace and Frankie marathon last night I took a few minutes between episodes to write this post.
So awhile back I showed you the start of my cover to my night book.
Along with working on my ocean journal I have started working on my night journal too.

Thought you'd enjoy this inner first/title page.

And thought I'd show you a few more photos of the formal garden I visited last month in New Brunswick, Canada.

 There was also some cool garden art.

 And the bee hotel. 

Happy Sunday. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rainy Saturday

Its a dark Saturday morning here in my world. I am ready for some more sun. Its been too cloudy the last few days. they say tomorrow. I sure hope so.
So today I have another spread in my ocean journal for you.  I showed you a couple of other pages the other day. You can check them out here if you are interested High Tide and Other Things.
If it looks a little confusing on the right page, its because that page is narrower than the page underneath it.

To make my spread I used paint, some art stamps (ArtChix), some die cuts, some back of a sheet of paper, some left over screening from when we redid our screen door, stamps, some blue gemstone stickers, some other metal art pieces and a goldish charm.
And a few more doodle pages from my drawing journal.

I am linking up with Art Journal Journey. This month is the fun challenge of Summer Love hosted by Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover.
Both the 4th of July (here in the US) and getting my toenails painted are fun things that happen during the summer. 
And Valerie has been showing us  botanical garden photos, which reminded me I never showed you my photos from Kingsbrae Garden which we visited in New Brunwick when we were away last month.
Here's a few views.

I would love to go back and see what it is like in other seasons since this is all the spring/June flowers.
So no big plans for me this weekend. A lot depends on the weather I guess.  How about you?  Anything exciting going on?
Thanks for visiting.