Friday, July 14, 2017

This and That

Happy Friday everyone. Home from my walk, picked up the kitchen and now taking a few minutes to check in. Had a nice visit to my Mom's yesterday and was happy to hear she is in fantastic health for an 87 year old woman. I hope I get her body and my dad's brain when and if I get to that age. My mom has some pretty sever short term memory loss. But she remembers older stuff so well. In fact, when we got to my car, which I bought new last winter and she hasn't seen, she said "Oh, you bought yourself a new car." Go figure.  She can't remember what she did 5 minutes before, but she can remember my old car which I had for 11 years. 
Then went to see my sister-in-law who lives near my mom. She's going through some heavy duty chemo for breast cancer right now, but she is doing well. She is a fighter. The first round of this breast cancer appeared 24 years ago, and now it has spread into her and sternum (breast bone). She seems to be doing well right now, or as well as can be expected, and has a good attitude.  We had a nice visit for the afternoon.
BUT, I tell you, I give kudos  to those people who drive in that Massachusetts traffic every day. It wore me out. I learned to drive in Massachusetts, so I can be a real Mass driver when need be (Massachusett drivers are known as some of the most aggressive and least patient in the US). I know these roads mean nothing to most of you but I was in stop and go traffic (both ways) on route 3, route 495 and route i290, the 3 major highways I needed to travel to get to my Moms.  Eeks. I'm sure some of it was work traffic, just the fact there is more traffic in heavier populated areas, but then add in the early weekend traffic and the vacationers, it was insane. I don't know how people do it every day.
But on to lighter and brighter things. I have another page for the Summer Love Challenge, hosted by the lovely Elizabeth over at Art Journal Journey. This is a page from this past Monday in my drawing journal. It was a hot day so I went up and spent the afternoon at my mother-in-laws, who lives in the town next to where I live. One of my sister-in-laws and her husband were there too.

I'm having fun drawing my little doodle people and dog shapes. They are pretty silly, but hopefully at some point I'll get more confidence to try drawing more than black silhouettes.
I also had fun stamping with a few sets of stamps I had.
And another tag for Try It On Tuesday. tags is the current challenge there too.
Guess that's all for me today. Time to go pick up all the paint drop clothes in my daughter's room and put it all back together. She's coming home for the weekend to get some more things (good that she is coming home AND taking more of her things) so I need to get that done.
Happy start to your weekend!
And I always appreciate you stopping by my blog too.


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art journal page and tag. Thanks so much for joining us again at TIOT. Glad you had a good visit with your Mom and Sister in law, and that they are both doing as well as can be expected. Driving through heavy traffic is no fun, and I'm happy I don't have to fight my way to work any more these days. Hugs,

chrissie said...

Sounds like you are keeping things goong for your family. Well done

Love you arty page and your great tag

Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

Love Chrossie xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Was thrilled to read about your mother's health, although her dementia will worsen with time. There are new drugs out now that will slow the progression, though. From what I've read, these new drugs can't reverse the effects, but can slow them. This is particularly true of memory loss. Sorry to read about your SIL, too. I can understand her pain, since I just recently dealt with a friend who died of breast cancer.

LOVED the journal page. I actually like the silhouettes. I think they make a statement. And I really adore the row of flip flops. Nothing says summer better than flip flops in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this adorable journal page with us for Art Journal Journey today, dear. I agree that these really ARE beautiful memories!

nanskidrewski said...

Busy day for you. Good that you were able to have time to decompress after with some art. Love your journal page, whimsical people, stamped sentiments and flip flops and sunglasses. Your tag is beautiful too, love the varying shades of red. Enjoy the time with your daughter this weekend.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad your family is doing well and hope that continues. Traffic can be frustrating, can't it!

chrissie said...

Terrific page and wonderful tag

Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

Love Chrissie xx

Meggymay said...

It sounds like you had a good visit with your mom and your MIL these past days,
Your page looked great and i loved your little people figures you added.
Thank you for another fantastic tag for out current TioT's theme,
Have a happy weekend.
Yvonne xx

Little Artbee said...

Very nice summer page, funny the Flip Flops. The Tag looks also good.
Have a nice summertime.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

That's a terrific page - great that you have so much ideas for the lovely summer theme at AJJ Erika ♥- I love your cartoon sketching - it's unique! You should try to sketch more for sure - you have a great free style !
The tag is super layered with textures !Looks very good!
Nice to hear that your mom is well, even though she has this short term memory loss. Sorry to hear from your Sister i.L.'s health problems!
Happy weekend - I will return home on Sunday .

oxo Susi

Let's Art Journal said...

Wonderful page filled with summer fun! It's sounds as if you enjoyed your visits with your family, all except the traffic. I feel the same when we go on the motorway/freeway down South in particular the M25 ... lol 😁. Your tag is amazing, I love the old vintage look! Have a great weekend! J 😊

Gibby Frogett said...

Its sounds like despite some sad things happening in your family Erika that everyone's giving their all and fighting back and you had a nice visit too.
Fab journal page - cool stamps! and love your tag too.
Thanks for sharing at 'Try It On Tuesday'.
Have a great weekend.......
Gill xx

Marjut said...

Lovely tag! Thank you for joining us at TioT.

Jeanie said...

Oh Erika, you are so very lucky to have your mom. I know you are savoring every moment with her. That is such a gift.

I love your art today -- both the pages and especially that star tag! Loads of fun and so very happy.

Sandy said...

And I love your summer love page!
sandy xx

Mrs.B said...

A lovely summer page Erika and a great tat for TioT
Sounds like you're having a busy week - my Best Wishes to your SIL for a good outcome.
Avril xx