Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Little Splash

Happy Friday everyone! (Or Thursday evening if you are checking in before Friday.)
This week has been a tough one to get through for me. What a LONG week. Nothing major-just more lingering winter  weather-and REALLY COLD temperatures-GRRR-and not enough snow melt. It might be spring on the calendar but can someone please tell that to Mother Nature. :) Work's been a bit overwhelming-too many demands which has made everyone pretty cranky. Oh my, thankfully it is just about the weekend.
I'm hoping to maybe get to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie this weekend.
This past week I managed to find Highlander 2 (an older film from the early 1990's) to watch which was also a good sci-fi film. I had seen the first Highlander movie by accident this past weekend and wanted to seethe sequels. One down, 3 more to go.

My journal page today has been in the works for awhile. I started by adding the black and white background image which I found in a vintage photography magazine. Then I was stenciling some red flowers on some other pages and decided to add them here. Another day I was stenciling stars, and also decided to add some here. 
I picked up a new set of Dina Wakely stamps recently, and so I used one to stamped this cool lady and then painted her. 
 I think she is Dina's take on Freda Kahlo, and Frida  was really about color. Funny, lots of kids have been talking about her at school lately. Interesting to see what the hot topics of conversation are. Add her to the March Madness basketball chatter from my crazy second block boys. Its quite the range of topics I get to talk about all day. 
That's all for me.
Hope everyone is having more spring weather than our cold arctic wind here in New Hampshire. Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Little Southwest Today

Hi everyone. I have a little more southwestern inspired art today.  This page is in my regular journal and it celebrates some of the artistic motifs from the Southwest.
I played around with some stenciling, rubber stamped images and paint on this page. 
When you are Out and About it is fun to see what images represent the place that you are. This month Yvonne is hosting over at Art Journal Journey and Out and About is her great theme.
A few more photos from New Mexico for you also.
Because I was out and about when I went on a visit there too.
This Native American dance group was performing at the Taos Plaza. I love their feathers and even more so the shells on their legs that made the most wonderful sounds a they danced.

A nice surprise photo. I snapped these daffodils from outside the window and also caught the clouds and the mountains in the reflection.
And how about these fun shadows in a store display? They were from these small ceramic bears and they look like are dancing.
And isn't this a fun ceramic and adobe bench outside of a school.
Cool leaves too.

And I love the look of this dilapidated old house. Its got some cool texture.
So many different things to discover.
When you go exploring,
Happy hump day.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tuesday is Meatloaf Day

It is another Tuesday and another T day.
This week for T I am sharing my Saturday evening supper.
This past weekend my husband and I were out all day Saturday running errands. We ended up traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire for one of those errands. Its about an hour drive from our house. Manchester is the biggest city in our state and there are lots of places to eat there. One of my favorite places is called the Airport Diner. They serve lots of old fashion home style foods that taste great and also, they have pretty fast service. Since it was later in the afternoon and since we still had the drive home, we decided to stop and have dinner first. 
The Airport Diner is open 24 hours a day and is over near the Boston-Manchester Airport.  They are part of the Common Man family of restaurants which is locally owned and so far can only be found here in New Hampshire. 
I had a favorite meal.
Home-style meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots and a dinner roll. And a glass of water. This meal was only $8.99.
And yummy!
And even better than the meatloaf was the dessert the hubby and I split.
This "little" hot fudge sundae. The only bad part was the hubby got to the cherry before I did. But that's OK because I let him pay. :)
Also this past weekend I watched an old movie. I actually watched it by accident, as when I got up Saturday morning the hubby was watching it on TV. I got sucked into it, and luckily we can record it from the TV, so Sunday afternoon I managed to watch the whole movie.
Any of you remember Highlander?
The hubby had seen it already (along with the sequels), but for some reason I had never seen this 1986 sci-fi cult classic.  Yes, parts of it were a bit hokey, and it is so 1980's-which might be why it seemed pretty hokey in parts, but I must say I did enjoy it. 
Now I want to see the sequels.:)

Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's Blog  and join in the T Day fun. You can share your drink/food posts and join the T Gang for a little blogging fun.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Season

Happy spring everyone! I may be a day early but this year with the late winter weather, I am very IMPATIENT.
My calendar page for this week is ready. I hope the weather will cooperate too and today will be more like spring than winter. Right now it is cloudy and there was some weather talk about snow flurries.
Hopefully NOT and it will go out to sea south of us.
I found this quote in a magazine while looking for something else and decided that I needed to remind myself that I can make it through this extended winter weather.

Last week I more or less finished up my New Mexico travel journal. Moving from winter into spring means I have mentally moved far enough away from this trip and that I am ready to be done making this journal. Trip journals tend to be like that. You get home, all excited to work, and then after a bit the excitement fades.

So let me share a few arty pages with you. I will probably have one more post with my journal views.

 I've since filled in this card with some  travel notes.
Now I did enjoy making this journal. Because this is the 4th one I made, I did make more arty pages than I often do in my travel journals. That's something I want to do more of, next time I go off on a wander.
This is my favorite spread. I like everything about how it came out.  I will say although I have had enough of snow (and if you stop be frequently you know that with all my moaning) but being away in a different place in the snow was quite the adventure. Maybe because I had fresh eyes on the scenery.
I am linking up to Yvonne's fun challenge-Out and About-over at Art Journal Journey.

Its been a busy weekend here running errands which have been put off for a few weeks. I was hoping for a more relaxing day today, but there's still a couple of things we need to do. We're going to try to get these chores done early today so maybe there can be some free time this afternoon. We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What You Can See When Out and About

 Hi everyone. Happy Saturday.

I can't  believe its been 2 weeks since I've come home from my little journey. I've gotten so busy I have yet to do much with my photos, but thought I would share some today.
In Taos, New Mexico I visited the Fechin House, which is the former home of Russian artist Nicolai Fechin. Fechin was a fantastic portrait painter, but he was also a skilled carver, a skill he learned from his father. 

He carved furniture, posts, doors and other pieces for his home.

If you can't tell, I was totally amazed by all this carving. The house was filled with it. This is a small selection.
He even carved this  bed.
I love this room. It would make a wonderful place to read or have an art studio.

His home is now own by the Taos Art Museum. Its a really handsome house. Inside there are some of his works of art, along with a few other artists also.
 This is the view into the living area which is sunken by a couple of steps. And that is a baby grand piano down in front of those windows.  I try to imagine what it would be like to live there back in the 1930's when the family was in residence there.
 This is my favorite piece of his that was on display. It is a portrait of his daughter Aya dressed as a peasant.

Here are a few other pieces of his. I was just snapping photos with my phone so excuse their unbalanced centering in some cases.

And the eyes in this sketch below still amaze me.

His studio was in an outer building behind the house. Look at these fantastic windows he put in. 
This was a space I really drooled over. It was big and bright, unlike my small and dark space in our extra bedroom. (But don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy with the extra bedroom. I am glad to have the room for myself.)
You can discover more about Nicolai Fechin here Wikipedia:N. Fechin.
One thing they had in his studio were these printed paper postcards where you could write him a letter and then post it on the wall. 

I was naughty and took one for my journal.

I also made this spread in my travel journal for my visits to both the Fechin House museum and the Millicent Rogers Museum, which I showed you  in these posts, Think Spring and Tea Time. (just in case you want to revisit them)
The little rug on the left lifts up.

I'm linking these pages to Yvonne's fun challenge-Out and About- over at Art Journal Journey.
Hope you enjoyed your museum visit today. 
And I hope you enjoy your Saturday too.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The week is winding down. I can't say its been a long week because this week has been so chopped up with a blizzard day, me getting a good old head cold and staying home to rest  day, and now today is a teacher's work day so we have no kids at school .  It sure makes this month seem like it is going fast (when usually with winter hanging on like it is this month seems to go no place).
So today is St. Patrick's Day for those who celebrate.  In this part of the US we have lots of people of Irish descent so its a big day-whether you are Irish or not. I know with my DNA testing I don't have any Irish in me, but I still had to make this week's spread in my calendar journal have a little St. Patrick's Day feel.
Then I also added the bunny and spring ducks-but my duckies got winter hats and boots to reflect our still wintery weather. :)
I must say, the greens on this spread really make me happy. It is time for some leaves and plants shooting out of the ground in my mind.

So speaking of my DNA(and therefore family tree searching), I had a big surprise the other night when I was putzing around on When I put in my grandfather's name I got a leaf (like a flag) that told me this info was in someone else's family tree. So I clicked on it and low and behold it was my cousin's husband's Ancestry page. He had done my cousin's family tree and I was able to get all this info on my paternal grandfather all the way back to the mid-1700's. Wow. Opening it up all laid out like that was quite the rush. All of a sudden instead of this vague idea in my head-because obviously we all have people who are our ancestors, there were actual names and dates of real people.
So I sent my cousin's husband a message through Ancestry and even more surprising was that when he passed that message onto my cousin, I found out she had recently been trying to get in touch with me. In fact, the day after I found his page, I received a birthday card from her in the mail. We hadn't been in touch in a long time and now we were both connecting with the other. Sounds like there was some kind of big force in the universe that wanted us to reconnect.
 My cousin was able to check with her mother (my only living blood aunt who is 94 and still sharp as a tack mentally) and help me answer a couple of questions about one person Ancestry had my DNA related to. Turns out this person's great-grandfather was my grandfather's uncle and his sponsor who helped him immigrate to the US back in the 1910's.  It is another amazing thing to me that there are people out there who you don't even know exist but that you share enough DNA with where some computer can inform you that you are distant relatives.
Not being paid by to say this, but it is really one cool website.

OK. Enough said.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Woman in Red

Hi everyone. 
Today I have a journal spread for Try It on Tuesday and their new challenge called Woman in Red. My lady is a Dina Wakely stamped image on red paper which I then added to this painted collage background .I actually cut my page down to get rid of all the white edges and then I mounted it onto this inked background. I thought my piece really needed the frame-and it made the perfect area to stamp my phrase.
So yesterday's blizzard went out to sea, and as far as I can tell you got somewhere around 18 inches or 46 centimeters of new snow.  We did have bare ground most places before this storm, but now we are white again.
Oh joy-not.
How about a little distraction from snow chatter?
Here are some photos I took when I went to New Mexico a couple of weeks ago.
 If I had a fence made of adobe I would want a yellow gate like this.

 I love how there are older neighborhoods in Santa Fe that have  gravel roads still. I think it would be interesting to live in a beautiful neighborhood like this one.
 And how a pretty garden set and a formal western style garden like this one.
 And here's a little rust for Elizabeth. :)
 It was a bit chilly to sit outside, but this place is ready for a nice day.
This is a water gate along a little canal that runs through an older residential neighborhood. I think its from back in the day when people got their water from  this canal.

Hope you enjoyed the views.