Sunday, May 20, 2018

Favorite Movies-Day 1

CJ over at CJ and Ink is running a challenge. She's asking that you post your 10 most favorite films for 10 Saturdays.  OK, so I started off a day late, but wanted to play along. They can be a favorite for any reason.
 It sounds like fun. I chose this film for day 1 since this is the first film that popped in my head and is a classic that I have seen about 30 times and really enjoy. I bet once you see the poster photo a certain musical refrain might start running through your head.

I was just a freshman in high school the summer this film came out and I remember going to see it with a couple of friends and my mom. My mother has never been a big movie lady but someone had to drive us since we were only 14. 
My mom also was never really a swimmer and I don't think she actually likes water, so I guess this film didn't impact her too much. I can't say it ever deterred me too much from going in because I love the water, but being more of a freshwater swimmer I guess it doesn't matter too much. I will say that since they have started having a lot of great white sighting off of Cape Cod (which isn't all that far away), it does make me wonder what is off the coast where we like to go boating.
But it's a great classic film and such a good story, even for someone who isn't much into blood and gore movies. I'll be be back next Saturday with my next film.
And speaking of movies, last night the hubby and I went to see the latest Avengers movie. I think it was definitely a film that required having seen many of the older Marvel comic films, but since the hubby and I do that together, I have to say I really enjoyed it.
Waiting for the sun to come out later today, but it should give me some studio time this morning. :) Sunshine makes the flowers bloom, so here's another page for Moo Mania and their more flowers theme.
This page isn't one of the most complicated ones I've ever done, but I went last week with a blank page in my calendar journal and decided I needed something. So this is what I created.
And flowers definitely fit Jo's challenge of Flora and Fauna over at Art Journal Journey too!
 I definitely need more art time lately.  Augh!!!! I've had tons of appointments, plus wanting to do some gardening, and work. And I have more appointments this week plus my nephew's wedding on Saturday night that I need to travel for. Oh I need to retire. so I can have more fun time. Ha-ha.
Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Monkey Island

In Nichinan, Japan, there is an island where Japanese Macaque live. In the 1950's it was discovered these monkeys wash their food before they eat it. They became very studied and Kyoto University built  research station across from the island.
We got to visit the research station and listen to a little talk by one of the biologists there. And then we got to go out onto the island with him.

We landed, climbed out of the boat and watched as about 50 monkeys came running out of the forest. They had been trained for the food obviously, but how cool for us to see them running out.

And we could walk around on the beach, with monkeys at our feet. We just couldn't touch them or look them right in the eye.

I didn't bring my camera with me here, just my phone. So this is how close I really was to the monkeys. No zoom lens for this adventure. But I didn't really need it. It was pretty amazing to me.
Here's a view of my leg and a monkey.

It was one of the highlights of the trip for me.
So in my Japan travel journal I wanted to include not only paper pieces I brought home but some art, and some sketching. So I drew a few things that remind me of this part of the trip.
My favorite sketch on this page is the monkey face I made. Now a drawing I actually like. :)
 I am linking up to Jo's flora and fauna theme at Art Journal Journey. I thik this page is just perfect for that.
So totally on a different topic, I've been watching the royal wedding this morning.  Did anyone else?
I am ready to go back out (I did walk early today) and do some gardening before it starts to rain, which they say it is going to do later today.
Happy weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Golden Pavillion

 Today I will take you to the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan.  It was  gorgeous setting and the Emperor's palace was beautiful. However, all the serenity was disturbed by the HUGE crowds-I think the absolute worse of anyplace we visited. Luckily I had a zoom lense on my camera so I could get some decent photos, that and the fact that you had to keep to a path and could not go near the Pavillion.

And for something not from Japan, here's some sketches in my drawing journal which I will link up to Jo's Flora and Fauna challenge at Art Journal Journey
 One of these days I will figure out how to draw a bird that I really like. Birds are just one of those animals I can't draw quite right. :) But practice makes perfect, or so they say.
And we're still dealing with spring bugs-these tiny flies  are so bad on some days (if there's no breeze) you can't even step outside. Luckily there are only really bad for a couple of weeks and we are on the down side of them now.
Have a fantastic Friday. And thanks for visiting. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Destination Japan

Happy Thursday everyone.
 I didn't bring any art supplies with me to Japan as I knew there wouldn't be much art time. I did bring some pens and a little notebook, but other than jotting down some observations, I never did do any doodling.
At home I keep a  daily drawing journal which is actually a calendar with full pages for each day.  Nothing got filled in while I was gone so that left a lot of blank pages when I got home.  Rather than doing a lot of drawing, I made a couple of collage pages to fill them in, as leaving blank pages just bugged me.

Try It On Tuesday has a new theme which is Destinations. Perfect for my pages!
And because I have a bunny and some flowers on these pages, I am also linking up to Jo's challenge at Art Journal Journey  Her fun theme is Flora and Fauna. And finally, Moo Mania has a "new" theme which is more flowers, and both pages have flowers so they fit for that challenge too.
Hope everyone is having a great week. I will be back with more photos another day. I'm running a little late this morning now that I've gotten this far into the post. :)
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Good Morning T Day Ladies

Hello everyone. Tuesday has arrived and so it is T Day once again. Head over to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog  to join in with our drink related posts.
I am (once again) heading back to Japan and today we are having one of my Japanese breakfasts. This was morning number one in Japan, and we were up early as we started our trip with a day at our sister city high school. We were in Nichinan in Southern Japan and going to  Nichinan Gakuen, a private school in this small city.
Our hotel had a buffet breakfast with some unusual choices for us western breakfast people. I had some pineapple chunks, a glass of oj and a bowl of miso soup with tofu, as well as a salad. On my plate I had some sticky rice, some potato salad and some other type of fried potato. It seemed more like a potato pancake, but it wasn't that, nor was it just fried potato. I also a couple of little bites of salmon. Fish for breakfast doesn't bother me, but salad just didn't seem quite right, although I can't say I minded it at all.
Notice we had no silverware. I stuck to chopsticks all week, even when silverware was available. Just because we were in Japan.
The sticky rice in Japan was particularly good also.
And then we were off to school. It was Saturday, so school was only a half day long.

 Here's our teacher group at school.

 And the big welcome ceremony we attended.

 These are our school's students learning a little bit of Japanese calligraphy.
 Here's the group I taught along with another traveling teacher.

 There we are,

 The cafeteria is named Portsmouth after our school. We are naming a theater in our school Nichinan after them.
 And in the afternoon we went to visit the 2 teams that this school is highly competitive in, in fact, to attend this school for these 2 sports you must be recruited.
First of all is ping pong.
 I was surprised a lot of these players came from other places in Japan, as  well as China and Korea. They would have a long 8 hour practice on a no school day.
 And the second big sport, in fact the biggest of all, is baseball. These players (for both teams) come and live at the school and practice year round, not just seasonally like at our local high schools. The baseball players have their own campus with a dorm, cafeteria and all the practice fields.

It was  pretty impressive.
It was a fun day visiting this school and learning about the similarities and differences. Hope you enjoyed a little visit via some photos.
I hope all you ladies have a great T Day, and I appreciate you stopping by today.

Meiji Shrine, Part 2-Plus a Bit More

Hi everyone. Monday has arrived. I must be ready for my summer break because I can't say I am very excited about having some work days ahead of me. I did have a great Sunday though. It was just gorgeous here. Sunny, not too hot or too cold, not too many black flies and a little breeze to blow the ones buzzing about away. I spent a happy day working out in my garden. And the hubby brought his boat home from his mother's house where he stores it for the winter. This is always a very exciting day for him too.
I did squeeze in a little art time later in the day, but for some reason nothing was drying very quickly, which surprised me since it seemed like it would be a good drying day. So my art time didn't last too long since everything I was working  needed drying before I could move forward.
But I do have this simple page from my Nature Journal for you today. 
Another little flora piece for Jo's Flora and Fauna challenge at Art Journal Journey.

And lastly, as promised, some more photos from the  Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. If you want to see the photos from the first post, I put it up yesterday here Favorite Tokyo Spot.
These 2 trees in the next photo are called the marriage trees. I guess that's why they have the rope connecting them. But what is really cool about them is how their branches are intertwined and grown among each other. I thought it was nice symbolism. This is a common place for people to marry and I like the idea of 2 people becoming more intertwined as years go by and as they grow..
And this next photo was a really  eye catching wall. 
Meiji Shrine is a Shinto shrine. Now I don't really know anything about Shintoism, but we were told that the shrines each have their own "themes" and that you go there to have good luck with whatever the theme is. Since Meiji shrine is about the Emperor and his wife that opened up Japan, you go there to pray to their spirits for  luck from them.  
This wall is made of empty sake barrels, and there is a connection between sake and connecting to the gods. I believe that drinking sake is suppose to make people be closer and connected to the gods. (But don't quote me on this, as I might be wrong). These barrels were very beautiful and I spent quite awhile looking at them.

You can also pay for a wooden board where you write  what you wish for. Then they hang theses at the shrine. 

They are written in all kinds of languages.

 It is a very popular thing to do from the number of these. I admit I didn't buy or write one, but I did buy a small good health token. It was only a couple of dollars and I thought it was just a cool little souvenir. I don't carry it on me, although it's meant to be in your wallet or pocket, but I do have it along with some other little memory pieces in my studio to inspire me. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit to this shrine, and at some point I will bring you to a few more that are very different.
Have a great start to the new week.