Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fantastic Read

Waited forever for this book to arrive as Amazon was sold out, but man, the wait was it worth it.
It arrived on Friday and I have had my nose in its pages all weekend.
This is Susan Branch's journal of a trip she and her husband made to England in 2012. I like Susan Branch, but I am not a fanatic- I don't own any of her cookbooks as they seemed a little too un-utilitarian for me.
But this book has inspired me to travel the English Countryside. It also made me want to read a few other books by various authors she writes about in it.
I discovered this book  from some blog I was reading back in August (sorry I can't remember what blog it was), and then I checked it out on Amazon, and it had like all 5 stars, and now I see why.
So if you're looking for some light reading that takes you through the English countryside with a little bit of history and a little bit of tourism and some cozy curl up with a cup of tea good feelings,
check out this book.

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