Saturday, May 25, 2019

Happy Weekend.

Hi everyone. It's the long Memorial Day holiday weekend here in the US. It's not exactly the beach type weather we often get for the holiday, but it is still nice. I've been at the garden center spending a little cash (hoping later this weekend I will get some planting time). Plus my daughter and her beau are here for a bit of a visit. It's good to see them.
In today's' post, I have another page for Art Journal Journey and the In the Air/In the Sky theme. 
I think of this man as a weatherman on the TV giving a  report about what is going on in the sky. But maybe he is a man in the future trying to sell tickets for a vacation journey to the moon.
I started with a piece of black cardstock. I traced a stencil of the "globe" with a white pen. Then I added the moon images, the man and some letter stickers. Then I stamped the white stars.
Hoping everyone is having a great weekend AND I hope to see your art over at Art Journal Journey.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Little of a Lot

Hi everyone. Hope your week is going well. It is already Thursday. Time seems to go especially fast when the weather gets nice, doesn't it? ( Or maybe it's just me being in the land where spring has taken forever to really get here.)
Today I have a little of a lot of things to share. I'll start with a journal page for Art Journal Journey and the In the Air/In the Sky challenge.  It's hard to believe that in just about another week the month will be over. So if you want to join in, you still have another week to do that but don't wait too long or June will arrive and this challenge will be over.
Of course I bet there will be a fantastic June challenge too.
Here's my page.
I decided  I wanted to try painting some spring trees. They came out ok, but I thought the view was kind of boring, so I decided to add this little dog running and then leaping to catch the red ball in the air. 
This stamped puppy is a riot.
And the other night we had the coolest colored sky. I didn't even touch this photo with photoshop.

And I have been reading up a storm lately, and since I haven't done a book post in a long time, thought I would share some of my favorites  ( not science though)  from the last 2 months.
(This helps me remember what I read and what I  liked when I look back, and I know some of you enjoy book reviews as much as me.)
You'll see my taste has been all over the place.
 I buzzed through the first 3 of these murder mysteries and have the 4th in the series ready to go. I like the main character, Dr. Ruth Galloway, who is a forensic archaeologist in Norfolk, England. I also like that these books have enough details to keep your brain happy but are not too much to plod through. The stories are good and I've learned some archeology too.
The school library has had the free book cart out a lot lately, and I've picked up some books, (Ok quite a few) including some Amy Tan books, all of which I read many years ago. I know I read this but I didn't remember much about it. Tan  is really good at mother -daughter relationships with Mom holding on to the Chinese traditions and the daughter being a modern American woman. I liked it the second time around, and now I remember what it was about too.

 An Easy Death is an alternative history thriller, and I believe it is the first in a trilogy. I wasn't sure I would like it as I hadn't read any alternative history stories, and the reviews said there was a bit of violence, but I did really enjoy it, even with the violence. I think it was just that the characters were that good.

My goal is to reread (well relisten) to all seven books in the Harry Potter series, and I just finished book 4. I love having the stories read to me! 
And here's another mystery series I really enjoy. Anne Hillerman picked up with  the Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelito characters that her Dad (Tony Hillerman) wrote about for many years. This is her 5th installment, and a really good continuation. These mysteries are set in the Southwest US and are fascinating how they get into Navajo culture.

Sofia Segovia is a Mexican author who has been translated into English. I liked this story set back in the early years of the 20th century Mexico. Her writing is really poetic. I listened to the book and enjoyed the poetry of her words and the way she used a lot of sounds in the story, as well as her great characters.

And this is my current read. Somehow I missed reading the Little House on the Prairie stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder as a kid, but I do remember the old TV show with Michael Landon. This book though is excellent and certainly does not make pioneer life seem romantic in any form. 

We have a long holiday weekend coming up and my daughter is coming home tonight for a couple of days. So have a great start to your weekend and I hope to be by again soon.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Colorful Skies

Here's a quickie page that's full of color and fun and what sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon to me.
I had a little too much blue paint on a page so I pressed this page to that page and that made my blue background, and I didn't waste any paint. Once dry, I drew the clouds and used various paints to color them. And those Studio Light punch outs have sure been a good deal since they were under $5 a book and I have barely used any compared to all of them in the book. They work out perfect for when time is limited like it is right now for me.  Plus they have some fun images. Smile.
The quote is part of a bigger quote stamp that I have had for probably 15 years, but I cut off the first part as the ending seemed to work perfect for the page.
I am linking up to the In the Air/In the Sky challenge at Art Journal Journey. I am so thrilled to see all the gorgeous art linked up so this month. Thank you to all you supportive ladies.
And I also want to remind everyone there is still almost a week to join in at Try It on Tuesday for our 10th year birthday.
Just make it colorful and fun and full of birthday joy. 
Happy middle of the week!

Monday, May 20, 2019

T Stands for Friday Date Night

Hi there. Tuesday has rolled around once again and it time to share our drink related posts over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.

So this week I am going to share with you some views from last Friday night.  OK, it wasn't wildly exciting, but after work  the hubby and I went out to do  a bit of local sightseeing., Mostly we wanted to see how far along the spring blooming was and how summer looking the scenery was becoming.
It was a beautiful spring evening, actually warm enough to eat outside. Of course I must mention that after our cold May,  65 degree F, 18 degree C temperatures, felt blamy to us.
First stop was the lake near our home, Merrymeeting. 
Then we went up to Lake Winnipesaukee, also known around here as the Big Lake. (Mainly because it is the largest lake in the state, second largest in the New England area.) 

If the lake doesn't look all that large here it is because Alton Bay is just one long finger on the whole lake.
We were way down in the bottom right corner on this map. 

Alton Bay is not the richest area of the lake, but it has its homey charms. (However property here on the lake is still outrageously expensive.) Here's the old railroad station. The train used to run through here and bring people from down south, meaning Boston and the southern New England states,  here during the summers. The train is now gone, but along the route there are still some of the old train stations.
Alton has fixed theirs up and it used for tourist information.
And all this viewing left us hungry, especially me, since it was one of those days at work that I didn't get more than a protein bar snack for lunch.
And guess what is right across the street from the railroad station.
If you don't recognize that you might recognize this.
Pure heaven!
That's my husband's drink in the back but I also had a Diet Coke with my sandwich.
Happy Tuesday.

Birds for Monday

Hi everyone. Happy new week.
I finally unloaded my camera photos onto my computer yesterday.
I had it out because I heard the song and then saw this visiter trying to feed off the hummingbird feeder. 

 I haven't seen a Baltimore Oriole at my feeder in several years.
 So I tempted him to stay awhile by putting out an orange.
He really enjoyed it! I had to put a new one out this morning.
And the other day I had another visiter that I haven't had for a few years either.
 This is the rose breasted grosbeak.
And the hummingbirds are back too.

It's all very exciting.
And all these birds in the air inspired me to share this page for Art Journal Journey and the latest In the Air/In the Sky challenge.
I started with some feather printed tissue paper that I recycled from a package. I gave this a light wash of watered down baby blue acrylic. And a splash of watered down light pink too. Then I added this old check register ripped into some pieces. I stapled some bakers twine, and attached this Studio Light punch out.  I gave her a little bit of pink sparkle glue. Then I stamped the quote and added a few letter stickers, and there you go.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Spring and Yard Work

Hi everyone.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day with blue skies and comfortable temperatures. Things are really greening up.

As you most likely know, there always seems to be a long list of things to do come spring. Yesterday I got almost all of the bark mulching done, and if I had just 2 more wheelbarrows full I would have finished. Oh well, by that point I was exhausted anyhow and I suppose I can find a couple of bags of bark mulch to complete the job. But even without those last 2 needed wheelbarrows, I am really happy to get the job done.
 This is what I mulched  a couple of Saturdays ago. The plants have really filled in.
 And yesterday I mulched my rose garden. Then I put out my birdbath and my favorite owls. The roses are really greening up too.

The hubby worked on cleaning his boat all day.
And the boat gave the dogs a nice place to get out of the sun.
But even so, we were all wiped out by the end of the day.
Next on the garden list is the fun part. Time to get  what plants I need and put them into the ground!. But those of you who garden know this.
Next weekend is the long Memorial Day holiday weekend here, and in  New Hampshire gardening tradition,  it will be safe from frost to plant then. If I get ambitious, (because I have very little right now), I might run down to a couple of garden centers and so some plant shopping. Or maybe I will just wait until after work one day for that. We have grey skies and rain is suppose to be coming so it might be a better day to relax.
Hmm. I wish life could be full of only decisions like this one.
Happy rest of your weekend and start to the new week.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Tonight There Will Be A Full Moon In the Sky

Hi there. It's the weekend, which for us working ladies is always a good thing to reach. I'm hoping the black flies, our annoying spring bugs, won't be too bad today so I can spread some more bark mulch. Right now it looks pretty good as there is a nice breeze. But seeing I first need to go down to the garden center and buy some mulch, I am not sure I'll be able to get outside quick enough to beat the bugs. I will be able to spread it as long as this breeze keeps it up.
Tonight we have a full moon so my Art Journal Journey page celebrates it.  The latest challenge is In the Air/ In the Sky, and so as long as you aren't clouded in or are blocked by some kind of obstacle, you should see the moon in the sky. I added a few clouds for a little more dramatic effect.
I have to big full moon stamp in my stash that I just love. (I bought it about 15 years ago for a couple of dollars on a markdown table, and it is one of my most loved stamps.) 
And the night sky is made with some infusions and some black spray ink.

Here's the moon around 8:30 last night when the sky was starting to get dark and the moon was coming up.

It's pretty bright, that's for sure.
Hopefully there's no creepy werewolves or other weird full moon events in your life. Hee-hee!
Wishing you a great Saturday.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Aliens and Tall Buildings

I've been doing some doodling, painting and having a little fun. I live in the country but thought the way skyscrapers reach into the sky would make a good Art Journal Journey page for the In The Air/In the Sky challenge. 
And I wanted to make the page a little interesting so I added a little something different.
Thought this went along with yesterday's journal page I showed. Hee-hee.
The art this month at Art Journal Journey has been fantastic! I am having so much not only making pages but seeing all the clever and beautiful pages people are linking up.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Fun Take on a Challenge

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday. 
Today I have a new page for the In The Air/In the Sky challenge at Art Journal Journey  And this one is a little crazy!
I found this image and words on  a magazine cover at school. The magazine was in the ready to go into the trash pile so I snagged it. I took it last year, long before I knew I would be hosting Art Journal Journey, but then I recently found it at home. And even though you wouldn't see this  alien creature in the sky (or t least I hope you wouldn't), you always hear about strange potential alien sightings in the sky, so I decided it was OK to push the envelope and include it. 
This is a spread from my Night Sky journal that I have been working on for over a year now. I started this page by stenciling with some black paint and adding a couple of pieces of printed tissue paper. Then I cut out the image and words and attached those. Finally I added a few little metal stars that I had.
Thanks so far to all of you who are linking up to Art Journal Journey. The art so far this month is fantastic. And if you haven't yet joined us for some In The Air/In The Sky fun, you still have time to do so as we're only half way through May.
Hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ten Year Celebration

It is party time today
 Try It On Tuesday is turning 10 years old.

Time to share you colorful and party themed art!
Parties are meant to be fun!
And what is a celebration without some balloons.
I made my page by first glueing down some book pages and then coloring half my page pink and half my page blue. Then I used a Sharpie and drew some balloons. I painted then, doodled some designs, and added some extras. On the dark pink balloon I added some red metallic circles, some die cut flowers, some white paint dots as well as a a few clear gems. On the orange balloon I doodled some swirls, added some butterfly stickers and some more of those gemstones. And finally on the light pik balloon I doodled  and added the big letter as well as some TH quotes.
Join us ....have fun........... be colourful...... share your ART and the things you like to create 
 with us.

And as my page has some balloons and butterflies which you find in the air, and sometimes in the sky, I am also linking up to the latest challenge at Art Journal Journey.

Thanks for visiting!