Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catch up

So the new computer arrives next week. Then I can have a picture filled blog again!
So up date...saw Harry Potter last night, can't believe it is all over. Was good, but need to watch the first part and would love to go back and see this again.
Been scrapping Grand Canyon photos which I found...all printed. I haven't even looked at my photos from NC which I can't wait to see. Yesterday was rainy and a good nap day and today was gorgeous...spent some time up at my mother in laws on the lake.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful day

So today I went to visit may friend Vicky who is at her summer cabin on Merrymeeting Lake. We were sitting outside chatting by the lake when Vicky hits me and points down to the water. There's a big bald eagle pulling a fish out of the lake and then flies off. So cool. It happened so cast but still seemed to stop in time. We could see his/her yellow talons and hear the slap of the water and see the wings flapping. Way way cool. Too bad no photos, but it happened so fast.
But it was gorgeous today, cool, sunny. Yesterday we had wicked rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon, after my morning in the dentist and my trip to my craft store and my stop at Staples. But not a bad day to be in the dentist since it never really cleared up for any amount of time. And today, when it was gorgeous, it was home, gardening, puttering about, making a happy birthday banner, making more ice cream and also meatloaf for dinner since I've been craving it ever since last weeks heat broke. And Of course, a great afternoon at the lake with good company and the eagle. Love it.
Tomorrow am off to visit mom and tomorrow night, a new season of Project Runway starts. LOVE it too!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday stress now rain

Ok, this morning held a lot of potential for being a great ME morning, only as usual, there were bills to pay online that turned into hassles and phone calls and errands and so it ended up being more of a stressful morning. Finally got a bit of studio time, but now it's clouded in and is raining (which we need as it's SOOOO dry) and not very productive. But cool...sweatshirt weather. What a change.
Anyhow, still, it's a day off and the fact I've been in yoga pants and a t shirt all day and I did get some chores done and took a nap...can't really complain. Can I?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally cooler

The extra super hot heat wave is over for now. Today was beautiful, summer hot but comfortable hot. We wen fishing out in the hubby's boat but neither Katie, Dave or I caught anything. Oh well, still a great day. Yesterday was HOT still but also a water day-Dave and I went jet skiing and then we all went to the lake for the afternoon, the hubby's whole family was there. Still was fun...but this weekend was a busy one overall. And now another week of vacation ahead...hmmm.not sure what's on the docket except the start of my other crown on my teeth...yukky way to spend a morning but what must be done must be done. And I start computer shopping this week, whether I find what I want at the price I want may not happen rig away but we'll see.
So long for now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

Still VERY hot today. It was 87 degrees at 8 a.m. Spent most of my day inside with the ac...working on a new art project, making a summer color book using scrap paper and desk is kind of messy and the scrap paper bin is full so I'm cleaning up a bit. Finished raiding my postcard killers book and started reading The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff. I also got a bunch of flowers for 50 cents when I went to fill up the gas tank for the grill and this evening I planted them in my deck containers. Hot! Took Katie breakfast at the lake at 8:30 and it was HOT. What a day.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're home!

Back from another GREAT vacation. The Outer Banks are beautiful and we enjoyed the beaches...had one long morning walk, some afternoon sun and lots of evenings on the beach too. We ate too much food, but it was all so YUMMY! Lots of seafood for this girl.
We went to the where the Wright Brothers flew, climbed the Hatteras lighthouse and took the ferry to Ocracoke.
So now I'm home to the HEAT, it was hotter here than NC for a few days and it is STILL hot. Been inside most of the day with the AC running, unpacking, doing laundry, finished up my travel journal.Not exciting, but did go grocery reading a great book too. James Patterson's Postcard Killers. An easy but good murder mystery.
Anyhow, next week I am going computer shopping for I can get back to having photos...then I can show you all my great trip snaps...or at least some of them.
Stay cool!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Greeting from Buxton, NC

Have wi-fi at our b and b in Buxton, NC out on the outer banks so thought I would post.
Having a great trip...we leave the outer banks tomorrow and head back to Raleigh. Today we went out to Ocracoke, was great. Been beaching it BIG time, morning walks, daytime beach time and evening sunsets and reading. Been eating LOTS of seafood too. YUMMY. Was hoping I could show a photo but still can't figure that out.
Anyhow, will be back in a few days.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're Traveling

This is the first uncomfortable day all summer. Getting me ready for the South since it'll be HOT down there. We leave tomorrow! Still getting ready but mostly packed. Always so many little things needed to do when you go away.
So tomorrow we're off for Duck, NC, then down to Cape Hatteras and finally back to Raleigh. Will be great to see my friend Ina and have some down time and adventure! Weird leaving Katie home but she is almost 20. EE-Gads!
Anyhow, no posts till I get pack, and hopefully soon some photos too...
See you soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Two days until we leave for North Carolina. I'm so excited. We're in the heat right now...but it's not gonna last too long...even though we'll be today I made my nana's pineapple-rhubarb jam/sauce...looks yummy but haven't tasted it yet...and I lounged at the lake raiding, took a swim...
Anyhow...made a bunch of cards today but boo-hoo...I can't show you.
Will do soon I hope.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Was a great weekend weather wise and enjoyed some outside time. After my lake shift yesterday I chilled up on the lake-it was pretty windy and rough but I read a bunch of my book and dozed in the sun. Today we took my mother-in-law and Katie out in the boat...lots of sun and salt air. I have some great photos but no way to show you any of them. At least for now. Had a YUMMY lobster roll and home made chips at a local restaurant afterwards. Also this weekend I started packing and I finished my trip journal, it's a partially completed book that I will fill in on my trip and then give it the finishing touches when we get home. And my dental hygienist sent me this pineapple-rhubarb recipe that I am going to try out tomorrow morning...see if it's like the one my Nana used to make that was sooooo yummy.
So hope your weekend was as good as mine...I am such a spoiled girl.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another picture less day

Miss the photos. It's no fun to read a photo less blog. But...think when we got home from NC I'll go computer shopping. See I have 2 things to weigh in my buying decision-I want a Mac but I don't want to spend a lot of cash and I can get a pc cheaper which fits my budget better. Anyhow, we leave next Wednesday for the Outer Banks and Raleigh and we'll be gone a week. Can't wait!
Had a great visit with mom yesterday and today I slept in...was a kind of sunny kind of overcast cast day...but I did a bunch of clothing fixing and I worked on my travel journal and cleaned a bit more of my studio...along with some other things...feel like it was a productive day! Tomorrow mooring I work at the lake for a couple of hours and then who knows what else we'll be up to.
Anyhow, notice Tim Holtz had some cool new items on his blog...always FUN to see what new things will be coming out. All those holiday items...wonder what other cool things will be coming out.
Have a great weekend...I maybe stop by with some more photo less babble but if not, enjoy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have NO working laptops

My laptop died a couple of months ago and now Dave's is acting up. Good thing I have an iPad from school to use. But I have no photos to show you-boo-hoo! Anyhow today I am off to visit my mom for the day...was suppose to go jet skiing last night but when I got home the dentist a big storm arrived so that was my night. Oh well, right up there with the computer issues! I really need to go buy a computer but I don't really want to spend the cash...but I need the Photoshop applications and my photos...maybe when we get back after our trip...we leave next week-can't wait!
Well, it's small complaints in the big scheme of things so I will stop complaining...
Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So hope everyone had a great July 4. Mine was a great day at the lake. Yesterday I spent the morning at my fav craft store, Absolutely Everything as they had dies on sale 40 percent off. Talked to my friend in NC we are going to see next week too. And I read this book I am enjoying. So anyone know how to copy and paste images on an iPad? I need some help!
Anyhow,here's a book list without photos as I have not figured out this copy paste thing yet.

1-I just read Bonobo's Handshake. Was Fantastic!

2-now reading The Eight by Katherine Neville-LOVE it too! it is a fictional adventure story girl style

3-and yesterday I broke the bank and bought 2 new craft books at my craft store. One is called artistic journal workshop by Cathy Johnson and the other one is called Mixed and Stitched by Jen Osborn. Wish I could shown you photos'!!!!!!! Still reading them through but so far, they're fun.

Anyhow, time to go do some gardening. Have a house to pick up and want some studio time before we go to the dentist today to get our teeth cleaned. Don't usually mind the dentist but it's way too nice to have to go sit inside for a chunk of the afternoon.

Thanks for visiting

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Sunday. Can't believe it's July 3 already. Cloud, a few showers, just a wash-out day but feels good to be lazy and putter...catch up a bit from yesterday.
This card was a bit hard to photograph as this fun girl is a bit tall compared to the rest of the card. She is a great stamp from Her Majesty's Ink. I attached her to a small card made on white cardstock where I stamped the men (B-Line Designs) but left them uncolored as I wanted this lady to stand out. She's got an impish look in her eyes, eh? The words are Postmodern Design and Stamper's Anonymous. I also punched out some red hearts and colored the key holes in them and added a gold key to this lovely lady's hand. Finally I added some Viva Pearl dots.
So yesterday was a busy day with a bit of studio time, working a short shift at the lake and then going up to my Mother-In-Laws and hanging out with all my husband's sister's and their families. Wasn't a bad's always an adventure-tomorrow I think we'll end up back there again since my mother-in-law lives on a small lake not very far north of my home and it should be better outside-I hope. All of my hubby's family is there too-quite a crowd. I am very spoiled with her being so close, I admit. I know I'm lucky...and lately I feel pretty blessed. Not for any one thing in particular...but life is ok. I almost hate to say this too-I'm suspcious things will change somehow when I do say that and something bad will happen. Bu there's no reason they should change...I don't think at least.
OK this is getting too deep for my brain right now.
Thanks for visiting. Have a great day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to Some Art

Here's a card to show's a white background but for some reason it's got a lot of reflection and doesn't really look white.
I started with a white card that I stamped these little x's around the edges. Then I punched out the polka dot circle and die cut the pink circle. I stamped the image on white, colored it and cut it out and attached it to the circle tag made from the die cut and the punched circle. Then I stamped the other images and the word at the bottom. I also colored them all in.
All images are Paper Smooches. Check out the set that made these called Folkal Point but also check out the new sets. I love. They're silly and I love the cute sayings.Plus, I love how you can color the images and they're pretty easy to cut out.
Anyhow, lots of my holiday weekend docket today...hope you're Saturday is great and if you're in the US and enjoying the Holiday Weekend, enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Beautiful America

I know the 4th of July holiday weekend really starts tomorrow, but Dave took today off so in my mind, the weekend has started. It's America's birthday, and to celebrate, let me show you some beautiful shots of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a beautiful place in the USA-and since New Hampshire was also one of the original 13 colonies and one of the original states. We were in fact the 9th of the present 50 states, and we were first settled in 1623, one of the earliest places settled-at a place called Strawberry Bank which is now Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
So after that mini-history lesson, here's some cool photos I took today on the boat...
I'd love to make this bigger, but its at Fort Constitution -a Revolutionary War fort. It's called Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, and if you're a Ghost Hunters fan like me, it's supposedly haunted by a former lighthouse keeper. I keep looking for him, but haven't seen him yet.
Whaleback Light. Right off of Fort Constitution in the middle of the mouth of the Piscataqua River. Is it in Maine or New Hampshire?
In the background is the Wentworth, one of the grand old hotels of the late 1800's in New Castle, New Hampshire. It's pretty spiffy...I got a gift certificate for lunch there once and it's quite the place.
View of Whaleback Light and the mouth of the river.
Views of Portsmouth on the water.
Tugboat Alley, the commercial downtown district of Portsmouth.
Hope you enjoyed your tour.
Went to see Transformers 3 last night-enjoyed it a lot...(it could have been about 10 minutes shorter, my only complaint)-just good entertainment. Who'd have thought films about aliens who can turn into cars would be so fun?
And today went had a pedicure and then went fishing out on the boat-talk about 2 polar activites. had a lobster (lobstah) role for dinner-TALK ABOUT YUMMY and my big night out was to visit Katie at Target. It was a great day, relaxing pedicure and a relaxing afternoon on the water...just the right temperature and not a lot of boat traffic-LOVE IT!