Saturday, November 27, 2021

Walking at the Channel Islands National Park

 Happy weekend everyone. I know some people here in the US have a long weekend because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I hope, no matter where you are, you are enjoying your weekend.

I thought today for Art Every Day Month over at Leah's blog I would share some photos from the walk my husband and I took while visiting Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park.

I'll start off with these morning glories which were blooming all over the island. At least I think they are morning glories.

We walked with a small group of people and with the park's volunteer naturalist. He was, like me, a somewhat recently retired science teacher with 36 years of teaching. As he taught  environmental science for many years, he had a lot of information about the islands to share with us. Since he taught high school, he also had a great style explaining. Of course I am partial to that way of explaining things since I'd taught high school science for a long time too. (smile)

We started off at "base camp" which was one of the original ranch stations when the island was not a national park. At that time it was privately owned, and the whole island was one giant ranch with lots of sheep and pigs. When the Park Service took over the islands they worked on restoring them back to their natural, pre-ranch state. That took many years to accomplish, but they are more or less restored there now, except for all the eucalyptus trees that the ranch family planted.

The base where we started off was near where the boat docked and was fairly flat. There was no place to go but up however, as most of the island is flat, but flat on top of some steep sided hills.

This was the start of the climbing. Not terrible, but it surprised me how steep it was as we walked. 

Our group arrived at this first plateau where we could have a view of the ocean. We had one small hill left to climb up on our trail after that. You can see that hill going to the right.

You can see our guide on the top of the hill behind  him my husband. The hubby and I were the first of the visitors to reach him up at the top, which made me feel good. Everyone in our group did make it up the climb; some of them just took a while.

It was worth it because the view at the top was spectacular.

There was a nice set of rock benches on top where, once our official tour wrapped up, we could sit and each our lunch, enjoy the sun and the view.

Then we walked back.  Here I am, with a view of Anacapa Island (one of the other islands in the park)  in the distance.

Here (below) you can see the beach area. We are still up on the hill top and it was quite a ways down.

Another thing you could do on the island was take a day kayaking trip. That would have been fun, but 1) we didn't come dressed for that and 2) it was $150 a person, so with 2 of us that would have been  expensive.

Here is the satellite ranch house we reached at the end of the hike (back where we started).

It was a beautiful day. Not too hot nor not too cold with a nice breeze. 

That's all for me. I hope you enjoyed the views today. 
Thanks for visiting! And enjoy the weekend!

Friday, November 26, 2021

A Tag and Some Photos

 Hi everyone. 

Today I have a  very brown tag to share with you. I made this one for Valerie's Anything Goes challenge over at Tag Tuesday. I like to make tags as warm ups when I sit down to work on my table.

The background is made with paint, scraps of printed tissue paper and some painted pieces of wax paper pieces that I glued down with some matte medium. 

Then I added some assorted die cuts, a bit of bronze colored metallic paper trim, some yellow plastic pearls, and also some TH quote stickers. I wonder why these 2 people look like they have made fists out of their hands. (The women is suppose to be Mary Poppins holding her umbrella, which I left off, and Burt, holding a kite or bug net, which I also left off.) Yet they are good friends so I can't image they are going to hit the other. I think the lady is saying woman power and maybe the man is hand talker. Smile.

I also want to share some beach photos from when we were on Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park in California a week and a half ago. The beach and harbor area were relatively flat and small compared the area that was steep cliffs.

My husband posed with one of the park signs.

I found lots of "treasures" on the beach.

And some of the stones on the beach were quite interesting also. 

And this rock looks like it is frosted in snow, but we know it is not-smile.

This is the dock that the park service boat comes in and out of. There are 2 docking places on Santa Cruz.  We booked the first stop (Scorpion) because the hiking was supposed to be a little bit easier. 

The boat is not back yet in the afternoon for us, since it stayed at the further out stop (Prisoners). That is stating the obvious since you can't see it here.

The islands also have their own unique species of fox.  As there are no predators of them, (except for Golden Eagles and a few Bald Eagles which we didn't see any), they come out during the day also. They definitely know they can find food in the areas where the boat lands and where the camping is located.

And they are tiny too, the size of a small house cat.

Here's some facts about these foxes from the park website that I pasted for you in case you are interested.

Quick and Cool Facts about the Channel Island Fox

  • It is the only carnivore unique to California.
  • Although the island fox is one of the smallest canids in the world, it is the largest native terrestrial mammal on the Channel Islands.
  • The island fox is one-third smaller than its mainland ancestor, the gray fox. At 12 to 13 inches in height and 4 to 5 pounds, the island fox is about the size of a housecat.
  • Some individuals have been known to live up to 15 years.
  • Unlike nocturnal gray foxes, which hunt exclusively at night to avoid predators, island foxes have no natural predators, allowing them to be active duringdaylight hours with peaks in activity occurring at dusk and dawn.
  • Visually, island foxes show signs of dominance or submission through facial expressions and body posture.
  • They communicate by barking and sometimes growling.
  • Their keen sense of smell plays an important role in the marking of territories. Island foxes are known to scent-mark their territories with a few drops of urine and tend to concentrate scats in particular areas, often conspicuously positioned on well-traveled paths.
That's it for today. Tomorrow I will do a post with more photos from Santa Cruz Island.

I am also linking up my post to Leah's Art Every Day Challenge day 26. 

Hope you have a great start to your weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to Those who Celebrate Today

 Hi everyone.

To those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving. I really love this holiday because other than food, (and food is always a good thing), it is a low pressure celebration.

There is so much to be thankful for also,  including all of you, my blog friends. Even though I haven't actually met most of you, I feel like I know you, and thank you for stopping by and visiting as well as being part of my life.

Today I have a festive fall page to share .

I sprayed the background with a few colors of spray inks. Then I used some yellow mesh paper pieces that I glued down, overlaying them in a collage style. 

The 2 large paper leaves were also glued down and then outlined with a black Stabilo pencil.  I added the vintage turkey image and stamped the autumn tree. Finally I added a piece of washi tape and the quote block, which is stamped on some white paper and then cut into the square.

I am linking up this beautiful fall day piece to Chris' All Kinds of Weather challenge at Art Journal Journey
and also to day 25 of Leah's Art Every Day Month challenge.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are off to my sister-in-laws over in Maine. Her husband is a professional chef and baker, so I might just come home weighing about 10 extra pounds. Smile.

Here's my pre-dinner contribution and yesterday's edible art project.

The body is a bacon and cheese dip. The head could be eaten, but it is just cream cheese and chopped pecans. I'm not sure I would ever win any sculpture projects.

Have a wonderful holiday if you celebrate, and if not, have a wonderful day also.

And thank you for visiting my blog too!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Wishing on a Star

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, and like many people, I have a few things to do today to get ready. Unlike last year when we stayed home, this year we are going over to my sister-in-law's in Maine for the day. I'm excited for some socializing and good food. It is great that we can do that this year since everyone in my husband's family who is coming will be vaccinated, unlike last year when we were invited but decided to stay home because of course no one was vaccinated and we wanted to be safe. I hope by next Thanksgiving we won't have to even think about covid, but I am thankful that all my friends and loved ones are covid-free. And that includes  all my on-line friends too. 

My art journal page today is about cold clear nights like the last few have felt at my house. 

I just noticed how streaky my grey background paint is. Augh! (But too late now to change that.)

I stenciled the numbers with some black paint. The little gold stars were stamped and then painted with a metallic paint pen.

I have a package of pre-cut cloth stars in my stash. I picked out 3 and glued them down. Then I used a silver paint pen to outline them

The moon with the quote in it came from a 6x6 sheet of printed paper. This adorable girl found a seat on a star, and she is pointing to the moon. I think she has a good life philosophy for someone so young.

Finally I added some tiny reflective plastic stars. You can see their pops of color if you look carefully on the background. 

I am also linking to Art Every Day Month, day 24.

I'm keeping this post short today. Thanks for visiting.  I hope your week is going well.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Winter Wonderland at Try It On Tuesday

 Hi everyone. 

The last 2 weeks have flown by and our Magical challenge at  Try It On Tuesday is now over.  Thanks to all of you who joined us. And also thanks to Repolainen for being our guest designer.

For the next two weeks our challenge is Winter Wonderland.

The first snow of the year is always a bit exciting, and for this girl, perhaps a big magical too.

My journal page is made using this piece of starry night paper.  The stars  look like falling snow.  I also added a very watered down light wash of white paint to the top of my page. I like how it created more of a feeling of cold and falling snow. I would say looking at my page  that this snow has been accumulating for awhile. I used some white mesh paper as a base to show that.  I also spread some silver glitter glue over the white mesh paper to create a bit of sparkle.  

This adorable little girl is a  Sizzix die.  I didn't want a lot of colors on my page so I kept her white.

The felt snowflake was something I found in the $1 bin at Target a few weeks back after I had completed the rest of my page.  There were four felt snowflakes  in the package, 2 white and 2 red. I thought the red one really popped off of the page.  Not that I have ever seen a red snowflake. Smile. I just liked the surprise of it being red and how it worked on my page. I even dressed it up a bit too.  

Finally I stamped the quote which is from old Technique Tuesday set.

Don't forget to check out the art from the other design team members also. There is a lot of wonderful inspiration that might might help you jump start a winter wonderland piece.

All kinds of art is accepted at Try It on Tuesday, and you have 2 weeks to join this challenge.

I am also linking up my art journal page to Chris' All Kinds of Weather challenge at Art Journal Journey. This winter wonderland scene also definitely works for an art journaling weather challenge.

Lastly,  I am also linking up to day 23 over at Art Every Day Month, hosted by the talented Leah. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.