Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Colors of Autumn-Life in New Hampshire Photos

Hi everyone. Happy weekend.  I have no big plans this weekend, but I have lots of chores I can do. Notice I said can, not would. Smile.

Also thanks to everyone who wished me a happy anniversary yesterday.

Thought I would share a bit of autumn color with you. These photos are from my recent morning walks. Still not a lot of red colors this year, but the foliage, which has definitely been behind, seems to be really starting to turn. The yellow is still beautiful though.

And my bees are doing well.  For those of you who like the bees, here's a few recent photos.

If you look carefully in this next photo (towards the bottom  left) you can see some larva hatching. They look like little ghosts with big eyes. Their heads aren't quite out of their honeycomb holes.

This block (below)  is a pollen patty I have been adding to the hive to help provide pollen, which is a protein source for bees. I will put more of these in the hive over the winter when it gets closed up. They definitely have been munching away. 

The bees are still out getting pollen from flowers also, but the amount of blooms has dropped off a lot. It's suppose to cool off quite a bit next week with chances of frost, so the blooming may just about over.

My heirloom chrysanthemums are looking amazing right now. I've mentioned before these were originally from my grandmother's garden, then my mom's and now mine.

And the colors of flowers on the one hydrangea that bloomed are so varied.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of New Hampshire color today.
And enjoy the weekend also!


Friday, October 15, 2021

Autumn Beauties

Hi everyone. Happy Friday. 

Today's my 33rd wedding anniversary. I'm not sure if my husband and I will do anything special to celebrate this weekend. He has a deck to work on, and that must get done. I actually think a finished deck is a celebration in itself. Especially since last weekend between the wedding and rain nothing got done on that project. Smile. If we don't do anything to celebrate, we have planned to go away for a few days next month, and that little trip will be our celebration. 

I'm back today with a piece for Tracey's My Favorite Colour is October challenge over at Art Journal Journey. Thanks for this challenge Tracey. It's  such a joy making  journal pages this month.

I'll first show you this crooked view  so you can see the buttons and any other detail at the bottom better. Of course the buttons pop off the page more in real life as they aren't flat, which they look in a photo. 
When I straightened it out my photo I lost some of those details.

My page began with this Gelli print made with some autumn colored paints and some leaves I picked up in the yard. 

I added a couple of vintage women images, as well as some die cut and fussy cut leaves. The black looking leaves are actually gold.  For some reason I could not get them to photograph gold or even adjust them to gold. 
I finished with a few buttons, and this quote.

Keeping today's post short. I want to get a morning walk in as the weather is still wonderful, but changes come this weekend.

Have a wonderful start to your weekend, and thanks for visiting my blog.


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Art

 Hi everyone.

Hope everyone's week is going well. My hives have been out of control all week ever since getting my shingles and flu shot last week. I'm surprised I have any skin left I am so itchy-smile. It's going to be another beautiful day today though. The weather this week has been great, but they say that will change this weekend.

Today I am sharing several pieces of art for a few different challenges. 

Let me start off my post with-EEKS!- this playful Halloween tag. There's lots of orange and purple for the latest challenge  here which is Pinky's theme at Tag Tuesday. I think last week I messed up and said it was Sandie's challenge. Sorry Pinky. I do want to apologize for that mistake.

I inked and stamped the background. The 2 monsters are old stamps from my collection that are colored and fussy cut. The cat is a paper image and I enhanced its face. I doodled on the border, punched the moon and the quote on it out of a piece of printed paper, stamped the crow and added a few orange sequins to make it a sparkling night for these 2 monsters to go walking. 

And I also have another owl book page that I am linking up to More Mixed Media. Their challenge this month is Anything Goes with Optional Orange. I have lots of orange here.

To make this page I arranged lots of bits laying on my work table. I hate to throw out scraps if they still have any use.  Sometimes it is fun just to arrange items on a background and see what you get. This is how this page worked out.

I sprayed the chipboard with orange paint, and then once dry I added some scraps of woven paper and some trim scraps also from my work table. I stamped and fussy cut the owl. I also colored it, but purposefully kept it lighter for contrast. I used a scrap of paper with the end of season flower on it, and then I cut from my sacrificed bird book the description of the barn owl and also its range map. I'm not sure how accurate that map is any longer since this is from my college book, way back when. Smile.

The sparkle circle is the protective lid off a little jar of glitter glue. I thought it made a cool piece of material to use. I'd used up the glitter glue in the jar and thought the lid looked a bit like a dark moon.

And finally for today, I have a page out of a Halloween book I have recently started. I am sharing this page for Tracey's October is my Favorite Colour challenge at Art Journal Journey.

I used the backing from a package of TH Halloween items as my background. (I found a package in my stash that was open but still in the original packaging.) I liked the cobwebs on it. Then I cut out some transparent mushrooms off a sheet of acetate from an old classroom transparency. The crow is stamped. 

Finally I stamped the quote, which I had to lighten quite a bit to see in the photo. It says "Something Wicked Comes This Way", in case you aren't familiar with it or can't read the word wicked.

Hope you liked my art today. I hope you are enjoying your day also. And as always, thanks for visiting. It is much appreciated!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

So Much Fungi

Hi everyone.  Is your week going by as quickly as mine is? We're already at Wednesday!

This fall the mushrooms have been insane. There are so many different ones everywhere I look. I know it was because of all the rain we've had, starting back in July. 

My page today for  Art Journal Journey has to do with all those mushrooms, but  also a few crows that seem to be out and about in a big way lately.

This month the talented Tracey is hosting, and her theme is My Favorite Colour is October. 

My background is made from several old fashioned identification book pages. Well they aren't actually pages, but stickers. I thought they were great. I covered the background with them, and then I stamped the crows flying across the page. I also stamped the quote, a few little plastic orange dots, and added some orange paper foil trim.

And here's some examples of those mushroom I've across. The variety is astonishing, and these are only the ones I snapped photos of.

I can't tell you what any of these are, since I'm not a forager. In fact, I don't really like a lot of mushrooms in my food as I don't like their texture when I eat them. A few are OK. Just not a lot.

Yet they are really fascinating to find and see. And they do a great job decomposing all the dead/dying material out there in nature.

Hope you are having/had a great day.

Thanks for visiting. It is always appreciated.