Sunday, July 22, 2018

Rainy Sunday

It's a dark and wet morning here in New Hampshire. Glad we just had a couple of beautiful days because today's rain is the start of a whole week of iffy weather.
Today I have another page for Chris' Art for Art Sake challenge over at Art Journal Journey
Here's a page from from my Japan Travel journal. In Japan we saw lots of koi so I made this page to remember that. I started by painting my page the colors of koi and then added some tissue paper stamped koi images. They look  a little more Chinese to me over Japanese, but it's the stamp I had so it's what I used.
Then I stenciled some dots, added a bit of clear plastic Japanese printed letter and an Asian metal fish charm on the right page.
And now for some photos from the opposite side of the world. I've shown you rocky coasts in Newfoundland, but how about a sandy beach. It was a little too cold to actually sunbath, but it was just my husband and myself and 2 other people walking this big beautiful beach.
And there were even sand dunes.

This beach was in an area where a river ran into the ocean.
It was great to walk the beach even if it shoes did fill up with sand. :)
Have a great rest of your weekend and star to the new week everyone.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Where Did This Week Go?

Wow- it is Friday. Talk about a fast week-at least for me. 
Today I have a little bit of this and that to share with you.
First of all, a few wild horse photos from Japan as I mentioned in yesterday's post.
 While we were in the southern part of the island we visited Cape Toi that is known for its wild horses.  These animals are descendents of farm horses in the area, and when they weren't needed for that anymore, they were released into this area which is now one of Japan's National Parks.  I think they are interesting because they have some traits different from horses we see here in the US.

 Although you can't touch them, you can walk up near to them. This gives you a scale that they are a fairly small horse- at least height wise.

And look at this beautiful view (similar to many views) from this park.
I made this tag for my travel journal using some craft supplies and a photo that I cut out the horses.

I also want to show you the fabulous surprise I received in the mail the other day.
Look at this fabulous quiltlet I received from Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover. I think it is gorgeous. I love the Japanese theme.
And it is 2 sided, so there is more to enjoy.
I also think this rust dyed fabric is pretty cool.
Thank you my friend for this wonderful gift.
Yesterday I was out most of the day and when I got home  I decided to work on my drawing journal out on my screen porch as it was such a gorgeous day.
I love my crazy cartoon car drawing, even if the tires sit a little weird. 
OK, I chattered on enough. Wishing you all a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

All Over the Planet

Hi everyone. Today I have some art from my Japan travel journal and then some photos from my recent journey to Newfoundland, Canada. 
Yup today I am all over the world.  But from the comfort of my couch as I write this. :)
First an art page from my Japan travel journal which I will be linking up to Art Journal Journey and Chris' challenge of Art for Art's Sake.
My page is a collage of origami paper, a transparency, a couple of images cut out from a brochure I picked up and also this green beetle sticker that we were given someplace on the journey. I think it was when we went to see the wild horses, which I don't believe I showed you any photos. Promise I will do that another day.
I photographed this so it is purposefully a little darker in the bottom left so that the images on the transparency show up better.
And I also wanted to show you some photos from the western Newfoundland coast which I took last week.  This coast is a gorgeous but a barren place and it has to be a tough place during the winter cold, never mind there's no trees to break the wind.
These first few photos have a fishing theme. Seafood is on the menu everyplace we went, and I ate a lot of cod (fish and chips), shrimp and scallops. You can tell it is a huge part of the economy here. Boats, lobster and crab traps are everywhere along the coast. 

 Yup, there's a tiny piece of an iceberg in this photo above.

These little villages have an unique charm I think.
Ever since I read the book , The Shipping News, I've wanted to see this place.
Think I need to reread the book since Annie Proulx actually lived in a small town along the coast while she wrote this novel. We actually visited that town and I wonder how the book compares to how I saw it.
But enough from me today. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you are having or have a fantastic day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Joys

 Hi everybody. Today I have a piece of art  for several challenges. First of all I want to join in to Chris' challenge at Art Journal Journey where we are making Art for Art's Sake.

Then I want to join in over at Try It On Tuesday where the latest challenge is add a quote.
And finally I am joining in at Moo Mania where the latest challenge is butterflies.
These warm summer days have me slowing down and enjoying nature's bounties. 
Before the storms yesterday I did a little gardening in the morning. I came in drenched with sweat, but then it got very dark and it rained all afternoon. That was good since it's been so dry lately.  I am sure all the plants in my garden are very happy now.
I'll share a few roses with you.

Hope it's a great day for you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

T Stands for a Party

 Happy Tuesday ladies. I am glad to be back for this anniversary T Day party as I was out of town last week. My husband and myself had gone north to Canada and it was nice to be staying in a place where we had some new restaurants to try for food.
Be sure to visit Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to link up your drink related post at this 5 year celebration party!
One night we went to this east coast of Canada restaurant chain called Jungle Jim's. One thing about staying in a small rural population area is that there are limited places to eat. I think in the week we were in Canada we tried  all of the restaurants in town for our evening dinner, and a couple of them we ate at more than once. 
 I thought Jungle Jim's looked like a festive choice to share on this anniversary T Day.
I had a taco salad to eat,  and to drink  I had this very festive glass of sangria. There were strawberries, raspberries and this orange slice in my drink. 
The taco salad was good but the restaurant didn't have guacamole. For me, a taco salad just isn't complete without it. (Hee-hee). I think the sangria was pretty good though. 
And how about a few more photos from my trip.
I have a special anniversary treat for our hostess Elizabeth today. This is one of her favorite things. I thought of her even when I took these photos.
 Lots of rusty bits from a shipwreck on the Newfoundland coast, the S.S.Ethie which went down in 1919. They are pretty cool.

After we wrapped up for the day my husband looked up the story of the S.S.Ethie on his iPad. No one died in this shipwreck as the lighthouse keeper from the Lobster Head Lighthouse and the surrounding community helped rescue them. There were a few women on board and even a baby on board.  The baby was put into a mailbag to keep her dry and secure as she was brought ashore. 
And then a couple of days later we visited this very pretty lighthouse at Lobster Head. The inside was set up as a museum to show what life was like for the 2 generations of a family that manned it.
 While I was checking out another exhibit my husband came  over to me all excited and told me I had to see this exhibit.
 It was the mailbag that the baby from the S.S. Ethie was rescued in. You can see my husband's head shadow in this photo with his hat on.
And here's the view from the lighthouse. 
This photo was taken on a gorgeous morning. My morning ambition today has quickly dwindled with the dark skies here today. We are suppose to get some nasty storms and maybe this humidity will break.
Hope it is a gorgeous day wherever you happen to be.
Happy T day and thanks so much for visiting.