Monday, June 30, 2014

Lucky Ticket

I created this background first by stamping an alphabet stamp from Stampers Anonymous in black, and then using blue, purple and red paints with a stencil. Finally I took an old circular tape roll, painted it white and stamped that.
See this giant flower centerpiece? I was at one of those mark down stores, the kind that sells whatever overstocks and truck load buyouts they can get. I found packs of KC & Co. die cuts and doily cut paper for $1.99 a pack. Love when I stumble across a bargain like that.
Thought it would really work on this page, a pop of brightness to make the page have some color. I outlined the flower with a white pen, and then added my journaling.
Today I am off to visit my mom. She's a couple of hours away so it'll be a bit of driving to get there and home tonight, but will (I hope) be a good visit. Won't have my dog to keep me company in the car :(  ; he loved road trips like me, but I guess I can sing loudly or something to amuse myself.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

People Watching

 When I go out fishing with my husband, I bring my camera and play. You may have read this from me before, but if not, its what I like to do. Every time we go I find something different to snap photos of. Yesterday, I went people watching.
Above, these people were in Portsmouth watching boats or seagulls or something in the river.
And look! We were anchored and fishing when this cute little boat pulled up behind us and tied to the mooring. Low and behold, it was a wedding. The groom, the guy in the white jacket at the front of the boat, was wearing beach shorts, which you can't see here. That's his bride next to him.
 Explorers on the jetty as the tide rolled out.
 I think a Grandpa and his grandson, but maybe he was the Dad, using their walking sticks to work their way out to the end.
Where this man was hoping to snag some fish.

And this one some rays.
This 2 guys were fishing in this little boat offshore a bit, not far, but I love how you can play with your perspective so it looks like they are way out at sea.

And this lucky dog was getting a treat by having a cooling off swim.
I miss my dog a lot right now, even though he hated the water.
Ans finally a beach walked in front of this gorgeous old house.
It promises to be another beautiful day in New Hampshire today. I have gardening to do and then most likely going up to my mother-in-laws. She lives on this little pond, and the hubby has to fix up her dock today so it'll be ready for the big family 4th of July cookout on Friday. Don't want anyone ending up in the ER.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How I Have Spent the First Few Days of My Summer Vacation

So my first couple of vacation days have been great! How could not going to work be anything but? (OK, I can think of about 1 million ways but I won't be a negative Nancy. Smile, enjoy! Right?)
I watched a movie that I enjoyed.
It is one of those quirky movies with that arty feel. The cinematography was very clever- reminded me of Amelie. Now there's a film I need to rewatch this summer.
I read this fun little detective novel.
I am going to try to read 2 books a week this summer, but I know that might not always happen. Especially if I get into a long book.
Been also doing some cleaning. My art space and a corner in my diningroom/ kitchen  need some TLC. The  CLUTTER! But with my daughter moved out I feel like it is time to refresh a bit and make some changes. So I have been cleaning, although this is a multi-step project and right now it looks messier than it did before I started. But I know I'm making progress.
I've started prepping my travel journal for our west coast adventure in a couple of weeks. I picked up one of these Maya Road blank cardboard books since I really liked using this size and shape last time I made a travel journal. They need some color and design though, and here's what I've done so far to the cover.
A lot more to pre-prep though. I'll have more to show you another time.
And while cleaning, I found this bin of assorted paper ephemera I had collected quite awhile ago and forgot I even had it. All kinds of cool pieces I had saved or kept instead of throwing away.
I love when you make such a fun discovery.
There's been a few other little adventures like rug shopping with hubby. We needed a new inexpensive not so stained, smelly and frayed livingroom rug. When the dog got sick last month it was the last days in the old rug's life. I love doing these routine and pretty typical things, now that I don't feel rushed to get them done on a 2 day weekend. Plus the hubby and I had a lot of fun driving to kingdom come and back again yesterday to find the right rug.
Not sure what we are doing yet today, since I wrote this last night and I haven't yet rolled out of bed. The beauty of a relaxed morning!
There's plenty of possibilities though.
Have a great day and hope you stop back soon.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Some More Art Journaling

Ah summer. I find this time of year very inspiring, maybe because its bright, warm and the days are long. I feel freer during the summer. Less burdened. I'm sure many of you also find that living is easier in the summer, which is probably why there are cliches and songs and poems all with this same theme.
My pages seem to be brighter too, but maybe not.
Maybe I am just under the magical spell of the summer heat and humidity and the fact that I am now on my summer school break. Oh, to not have to get up at 4:45 AM.
I showed you this painted background last week.
 Here's how I finished it off.
So I need to decide what I want to do today. Oh such problems-ha-ha. 
So several years ago we needed to rebuild our deck as the underneath supports were rotten and if we didn't rebuild it, it would have collapsed. Probably (not so good) with me on it. The deal was, I'd get a screen porch when we had to rebuild the deck. You can see the floor hasn't worn so well, but I bought this fun little rug and some new pillows at Target the other day and now the porch has some color and I think its looking pretty good. Love the little pop of color it gives the space.
If I get ambitious I'm going to rent a floor sander and strip the floor and then paint it.
And if I don't get ambitious, then it will look this way for another year.

That's it for me today. 
Come back soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From the Water

Here's this week's on the water photos. We went out this past Saturday and although not warm enough to swim, it was a gorgeous day! 

We anchored nearby to fish also. I like to fish, especially when we catch something. Mackerel were biting like crazy and I had my first ever striper encounter, a bite at my bait, but no big catch for us. That disappointed the hubby, poor guy.  He really wants a fish! 
 Yup it is summer. Tour boats are out.
And more fishermen.
And fishing birds drying their wing.
Another very cool weathervane. I showed you a couple last week. But then I spied this one on this beautiful architectural tower.

Deserted barns on little rocky islands.

And barns on wharfs along the river.
 More birds.
Girls having a heart to heart on the jetty.

And a wall of brick windows.
A view or 2  of old town Portsmouth.

You saw this view already, but now with a speedboat. It is a busy river.
 And here's the tour boat again, different view.
 I know, there was a lot of photos. I took over 300 and managed to weed out about 25 that I liked. Thank goodness for digital photography and the delete button.
So today is NOT this kind of day in New Hampshire. Its wet and dark, but no matter what, it is a great day for me. Day one of my summer vacation! The best day of summer break, the start of it. The potential of the whole summer ahead.  Lots of dreams and wishes and plans...all of them might still come true!
Off to start my day. Hope to see you again later and
Hope your day allows you to have lots of dreams, wishes and plans which might also come true.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I made these cards quite awhile back, and I don't know if I showed them to you or not. Thought I would post them today (or repost them today) just to break up the week's posts.
The top card uses Flourishes Rubber stamps and some Copic markers to color the flowers.What I like about Copics is you can get close but varying shades. There's just way too many colors to pick from though!
 These 2 cards used the same set of Chocolate Baroque stamps embossed with black embossing powder. I also used some other stamp to make the background on this card right above. All my coloring on these 2 cards was using Silks paints. I have a bought a few and I love how they come out-bright and sparkly. I am such a sucker for color.
I stamped and embossed this butterfly (another Chocolate Baroque set). I love how this is a solid butterfly and that I could then cut it out, even the antennae worked out when I cut them!
I like to play with different types of media. But what I really like is bright colors. Seems to me that if you are going to spend money on some form of  media you might as well get what you pay for-the colors you like. Plus then you can combine  all those forms of media and come up with some great textures, looks and styles. When I was younger I prefered pastel choices, but as I get older, I like the more deep and bold colors.
Guess we are entitled to grow and change.
Enough of my chatting today. Off for my last day of the 2013-2014 school year.
Enjoy yours.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I love fabric. Something about the colors and patterns and textures and all the things you can make with it that attracts me. A big box with scraps-now that gets ideas flowing through my brain. Whether I'll find time to follow through on those ideas is another story. Some day!
 But here's a journal page I made using some of those scraps. 
What I am really happy about is the page background. I think it looks like fabric but it is really just watercolor paper and a die cut scrap. I used some Dylusions pomegranate spray ink and then moved the scrap stencil around the page while I sprayed which not only created the flower but dark and light areas on the page. This dark light background areas make me think of Batik fabric. Perfect for my fabric crescents and butterfly  and a page all about fabric.
See you again soon I hope.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

I love early summer cherries. I love to make art with cherry images. To me June is all about cherries and strawberries and  first swims in the lake. Its about long days and bright mornings and planting flowers. Irises and roses and buzzing bumblebees and butterflies. Reading books on the screen porch and slowing down.
My weekend was fun in the sun. Boating on Saturday, gardening and sitting by the lake at my mother-in-laws. Even went for swim number 2 of the season.
How was your weekend?
Did you get to make some art? Not me, but hoping for art time this week. Pretty sure I will be able to squeeze some in.
This journal page was super fast to make but I like it. Red spray ink, some painted circles, tape, scrap white paper circle, scrap ribbon from a tag, scrap wooden cherry...
That's it for today.
I'm glad you stopped by to visit.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It is the first official day of summer!
New and old photos of mine.
 Celebrations of this season.

Enjoy your day. I hope it is beautiful and sunny and not too hot; everything a summer day should be.