Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Time for a New Challenge

      Hi everyone. It's Tuesday, which means it's time for a new challenge at Try It On Tuesday.  Thank you to everyone who joined our last "Things With Wings" challenge.

Our new challenge  is In The Garden.

     There are so many ways you can go with this topic, I don't think I even need to offer any suggestions. 😏 I went with a journal page for my design team example.

      While looking for one stamp in my stash, I found this great background stamp. It reminded me of a rug, and that made me think of outdoor rugs that someone might use on a patio, deck or screen porch.  I was also looking through my stash for some blue paper, and I came across a page that had some blue sky and white clouds. I used a white window frame (from 49 and Market) to frame the sky. I then die cut many leaves using a set from Sizzix that also comes with a distressing stamp. I then added lots of other leaves, berries and flowers from a pack of images (also from 49 and Market).  I added some glitter glue to the berries and some of the flowers. I also used a brown marker and colored in some of the plant pot you see at the bottom of the page. The quote is stamped from a set by Alison Bomber for Paper Artsy.

Be sure to check out the design team's pieces too. They're a talented group with lots of inspiration. 

Our In The Garden challenge runs for the next 2 weeks, and I hope you join us.

I am also linking up this journal page to Creative Artiste Mixed Media challenge #106. The theme is always anything goes. 

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Monday, July 22, 2024

T Stands for Some Snippets

 Hi everyone. Happy T day to everyone who stops by Bleubeard's and Elizabeth's blog  for our Monday T day.

    Last week was another busy week for me, and I'm slowly catching up on blog comments. Much of of last week was also quite hot. I'm writing this Monday, and we're back to normal summer weather where it's hot but not so terribly humid.  I feel like I can get back to my "normal" summer activities and not have to stick inside where the AC is. πŸ‘ I hope this weather lasts, but it looks like we might get a lot of rain and some more humidity this week. (Which means I can catch up on blogging and art making too. 😏 Plus it's so dry, my garden would love the extra water.)

Here's some snippets from last week.

Look at this cute little fawn and their mama. They were on the road on my way to work at the lake one morning, and they posed long enough that I could stop the car and take their photo.

This 7 AM photo from my spot at the boat ramp (where I work a couple of mornings during the week) shows that it was going to be a sunny and  hot day. 

           Also last week my sunflower was blooming.

And I went for an exciting boat trip. More about that another post.

     And if you read my Sunday post, you might remember that I mentioned that we had a small family get together and brought my mother-in-law over to her house. She lives in an assisted living now as she doesn't maneuver around very well and needs a lot of care.  Her house is now in a family trust, and the 3 kids (of which my husband is one) are now sharing the house and taking care of it. 

      Although my mother-in-law gets confused about things (like she thought  we were celebrating her birthday, which we were not), she had a glorious day and asked me if we could do it again next weekend. I told her we would see, but I think since it was a good day that maybe it will happen again this summer. It does take several people to do this because she can't get into the house or around without 2 people due to the steps.

      One of my mother-in-law's favorite meals is lobster, so that's what we decided to have for dinner. And she still has a great sense of humor, as you can see in this photo when she is imitating the lunch lobsters. πŸ˜€

           For T day drink this week, here's my lobster, and you can see a Diet Coke that I'd been working on for a couple of days. I also had some yummy potato salad  that the chef brother-in-law made, as well as some corn on the cob. And it was nice enough to eat outside too, which the day even more pleasant.

As you can see it was a good week.
That's all for me. I hope you have a super T day and week ahead. 


Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sew Stylish

     Hi everyone. Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. We're having some beautiful summer weather after too many hot and humid days.  ❤  My daughter has been around this weekend too. Yesterday we had a small partial family get together and my mother-in-law came over to her house from the assisted living where she now lives.  This is a scheduled post ( I wrote it Friday since I know even with just my daughter around it's a busy weekend) so I can't say exactly how it went.  My guess is that my mother-in-law was thrilled to be home. We planned a yummy lobster dinner which is one of her favorites so I'm guessing it was a good day. 

     I apologize if I haven't been by you blog either. It's been busy lately.     

     Today I have a journal page for Halle's I've Got A Notion challenge at Art Journal Journey

     I'm  happy with the way my page came out. I had made the background (with paint and inks) some time back, but I wasn't sure what to do with it.  Then when I added the printed tissue paper, I still wasn't sure what to do with it. But when I had this scrap of white lace sitting on my work table,  the idea for this page came to me. Funny how sometimes all it takes is a photo, image or actually bit of something to inspire you.

      I added some yellow washi tape and then attached the lace with matte medium. I searched my stash and found this old sewing pattern stamp.  I seem to remember that when it first came out it was quite popular, and when I searched for it online, I couldn't find it anywhere. One day it's in, and then the next day it's out. (That's sort of the quote from that old show Project Runway.) Isn't that true for just about everything in life?  I'm always behind the times so if something was popular, I'm probably just discovering it now. 😏

     I  stamped the pattern image on some "used" deli paper. It was used in the sense that I put it underneath what I was working on when I was painting or outlining something else.  I thought all the dabs of paint and black Sharpie lines made deli paper look like some abstract fabric. 

    I then used an older Inkadinkado clear stamp set for the ladies. After I fussy cut the ladies out, I used my button punch and made some paper buttons. I threaded some waxed book-binding thread through them and glued them down. Finally I stamped the works on the bottom right. They are a bit curved in the photo because this is the last page of a spiral bound album and the only way to photograph it was as it is. The words aren't crooked, but the page has a slight curve over to the spiral edging.

I am also linking up to Gillena's Sunday Smiles.

That's all for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

Friday, July 19, 2024

Friday Again-Back to Greece

Hi everyone. The  week is once again winding down. I feel like it was just last Friday, and already it is July 19. But today we don't have so much humidity at my house, which should mean the longest heat wave recorded in New Hampshire is over, at least for now. Hurrah! πŸ˜€ It's so nice having the windows open and even needing a sweatshirt this morning. 

I'm linking up today to Nicole's Friday Face Off and Gillena's Friday Lunch Break.

Today I'm taking you back to Greece with some more photos from the Delphi archaeological site. I'll start with a couple of faces, me in the forefront. It was warm hiking the hill, and I should have left my jacket and scarf in the car.

     I'm  glad so many pieces of this place ( as well as other places) have survived as much as they have. I've said it before and I'll repeat it, but I wish I could travel back in time for just a few minutes to see what things were like when places like Delphi were into their prime. I am sure those times would seem really strange if I could do that, just like I am sure if someone from ancient Greece could travel to our present they would find our world really strange too.

     But can you imagine what it was like when so many pieces from these places were complete and probably even quite colorful? I have a  friend who is a retired archaeologist. Even though her specialty wasn't ancient Greece, I wish she could have been there with me because she could probably shed a lot more light on these ruins. I only know what the signs said. 

     I've also said this before, but I was fascinated by the walls and stone walkways. Looks how closely these fit together. It must have taken a talented mason to do that.

Delphi is the center of the world according to ancient Greeks. This is supposedly the point where Zeus's 2 stones (he threw one in each direction) met. 

     I believe this next photo is of the Castalian Spring. It is where visitors to ancient Delphi stopped to drink and wash. We were told to stop and take a sip as it would bring us good fortunes and luck.

    I love the story of how we found out about the spring. We visited a shop that specialized in Greek handicrafts. When we walked in, my friend Deb, who knows a tiny bit of Greek, said hello to the owner. He replied back in Greek, and when he did, she laughed and said that was more than she could follow.  He laughed and said in very good English "You sound like my wife. She thinks that because she can say opa she speaks Greek."

    And that point a woman stuck her head out from around the corner. Her reply in English was "Are you talking about me again?"  

      Ha ha. We found out his wife was Boston, and so we spent a lot of time talking about many things in the shop. They were great salespeople too.  The shop was full of beautifully crafted actually made in Greece items. When they found out I had bees, the wife went into their kitchen and came out with some very very dark and rich tasting honey for me to try. She says they get it from over 8,000 feet up in the mountains.  Not only did I get a few lovely souvenirs for myself, but I learned a lot about the area. These are the kind of moments I think really enriches travel.
     And one  last photo from Delphi. Here's our rental car up against a cliff side that ran a long the road.

Have a super start to your weekend! And of course, a great rest of or all of your Friday too.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

My Little Summer Book-part 1

Hi everyone. Happy Thursday.

     Today I have part of a project I have been working on. It's a tiny little journal that I am filling with summer pages.  The cover is made from some scrap cardboard that I painted. I will add a title and maybe a bit of decoration to it once I get done with the book.

     The inside is made from some index cards. I even had to cut the index cards down just a little bit so they'd fit in the cover boards. This book measures just a tad bit over 2x3 inches/ 5 x 7.6 cm. 

     Here's a few pages. Some of them are made by using up scraps from my work table, and some of them have been made using other items in my stash.

   When I photographed this next page the lighting reflected off the acetate seaweed on the left. The quote says "sea you soon", but it is underneath the acetate. I couldn't seem to find the right light to not get that reflection.

     This last page I am sharing with Halle's "I've Got  Notion" challenge at  Art Journal Journey .It might not be sewing themed, but I've used my notions in a different way.  It also might be really tiny, but I have added some cloth ric-rac trim as well as a stitched tag. The watermelon is an ancient foam stamp  that I painted and then stamped on my page multiple times.
     This book isn't finished yet, so I'll have more to share some other day.  That's all for me. I hope you are having a  nice day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Wednesday is Here

 Hi everyone. Happy middle of the week.  Today I have a tag for Michele's challenge at Tag Tuesday and also a journal page for Halle's challenge at Art Journal Journey.

      Here's my journal page for AJJ.  Halle's challenge, as you probably know by now, is I've Got a Notion.

     I stamped the doily image multiple times on the background, and I also added some left over yellow paint as well as some brown ink. Then added the yellow cloth ribbon. You might have noticed it's gotten a lot of use lately. 😏This time to change it up I used some of the brown ink on it. I also added some yellow confetti sunflowers to it.  The other items on the page, except for the spools of thread, are stamped and fussy cut from an old sewing set from Paper Artsy. The spools are from an old sewing themed die set. 

     I stamped  some vintage thread cards (to the left of the spools) on some scraps of polka dot paper and then I wrapped a bit of waxed thread around them.  The sewing machine was stamped on some less transparent paper that came in some packaging. I also had/have a bunch of little hexagons there were the centers of another die cut. They are in a pile on my work table, and I added a few of those at the bottom of the page just because I thought they looked good.

     The quote didn't stamp well as the paper had a bit of a bite, so I enlarged it here. It says: "Each day brings its own gifts/Untie the ribbons".

And  for Michele's Celestial tag challenge, I made this one using a tag die  set  by AALL & Create I'd recently purchased.  


     I cut the outer layer out of some oaktag/ tag board  paper and the blue inside from scrap packaging. On the blue I stamped and heat embossed the  little white stars.  The  big stars came with the tag set. I die cut those and then used gold paint on them. The space ship and the quote came from an old stamp set by  Paper Smooches. I stamped and fussy cut the spaceship and it's flames, then I colored and added a bit of glitter glue to make it stand out more on the tag.
      I'm off for allergy shots this morning so that's all for me today. Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 15, 2024

T Stands for 11 Years

    Hi everyone. It's time again for T, and this week we are celebrating over at  Bleubeard's and Eliazbeth's blog . This week is the 11th birthday celebration of T Day.   I didn't have time to make any ATC's for the exchange, but that didn't mean I forgot T Day's birthday. πŸŽ‚

    This past weekend my husband and I were out and about, and we got talking about going out to dinner. My husband had a smart comment, and that was "Why should we go to a restaurant that's open all year when we can only go to Pop's during the summer?  I thought that was a good point.

     For those of you who may not have read  about Pop's, it is a 1940's post-World War 2 restaurant that sells lots of fried seafood (a long with a few other things) and is only open from about mid-May until the first Monday in September.  You stand in line at one window to order, and wait outside for them to call your number. Your food comes out a second window. Pops doesn’t have seating right in the restaurant, but there is a little building off to side with some enclosed AC seating and outdoor seating up on the roof.

      Pop's is known for yummy food, and you get lots of it. ❤

     I thought since we were celebrating T Day this week, I might as well celebrate with the king of seafood sandwiches (at least here in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts too), the New England lobster roll. After all, it should only be the best for a party.

This was one delicious lobster roll. It comes with one side, and I had  coleslaw. The day's special was a watermelon slushie, and since it was hot, both my husband and I each had a slushie for a drink with our dinner.  I didn't light the candles on my sandwich because I didn't want any wax on my lobster roll. 

That's all for me today. I hope everyone has a happy T day and week ahead. 


Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Art and Bees

     Hi everyone. I hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's been hot and now the humidity is ramping back up again at my house. I really want it to cool down at least with over night temperatures so I can get back out walking again. I miss my morning strolls a lot. So do the dogs, but between it being practically mid-day temperatures when I get up and all the deer flies, I haven't done much walking in the last couple of weeks.  It's even been too hot to read on my hammock on the screen porch many days 😒. Thank goodness for AC, though I hate to see what my next electric bill will be. 😏

    Today I'm joining Halle's Art Journal Journey challenge, Michele's Tag Tuesday challenge, as well as Gilena's Sunday Smiles

     Halle's AJJ challenge is "I  Have a Notion", where she asks us to use some sewing "notions".  I have an older sewing stamp set by Wendy Vecchi, and this is where most of the images on my page come from.

    I did add a cloth daisy chain trim along the bottom, and I also added little pink confetti flowers to it, but the rest of my page is stamped in pink and yellow.

For Michele's "Celestial" challenge at Tag Tuesday I made this piece.

     When I took this photo, the light was coming onto the tag from the top, so you can see the mica ink color much better than at the bottom of the tag, even if the bottom  has as much mica ink as the top. Anyhow, I like how it came out with the stamped stars and moon.All the images are from an oldie by Hero Arts, except the quote.  I especially like the layers die cut tag,

     The bees however do seem to love the heat. I went out and checked them early the other morning. They were  already out and about, and many more of them were very busy inside the hive.

I added the honey super (the smaller top box). The other boxes are pretty full with brood and honey.  I'll harvest whatever honey gets made in the honey super. And if they continue to be so productive, I'll add another box so the bees can make even more honey for their winter food.

Here I am standing down next to the hive looking back up to the house. My "wild" garden is blooming and the milkweed  is overtaking the path.

    Some plants had seeded themselves in this area a few years back, and I decided to turn it into  more of a wildflower garden. I have planted some things here (mostly plants I split or plants people gave me), and some of the plants are self-seeded wildflowers. This garden doesn't require too much maintenance because I don't weed it in the summer. I do some spring and fall work on it and let it be what it is going to be. (But the plants in it love it because it gets a lot of sun!)

   The milkweeds are from pods that I tossed in this area. In the last few years I ended up with a few wild milkweed plants that spontaneously grew in my veggie garden. I  harvested them like a crop. Only the crop was the milkweed seeds.  I tossed  the pods over in this area, and they grew.  I hope next year I'll have an even  bigger patch.

The other day I noticed my first monarchs visiting my milkweed plants. πŸ˜€

And here's one last garden view for this post. 

That's all for me today. Have a great rest of your weekend and start to the new week.