Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

A spooky night is ahead!
Its All Hallow's Eve!
The moon won't be full and bright as it was the other night!
So Darkness Rules!
Have a Spooky and Fun Hallowen!
And here's the last of my Halloween book. I'm VERY happy with how it came out. Even my mother-in-law who looked at it yesterday during Katie's party really liked it!
These girls WILL FLY tonight!
 SPOOKY! Love it!
And here's one more Halowwen card I sent off to Katie the other day!
Tomorrow I'll show you the photos from Katie's birthday which we celebrated yesterday afternoon. Last night she and BRian went to the movies so Dave and I did too- a totally different theatre- but we went to see RED, which was a fun  and light and funny movie. They went the opposite direction around the lake to see the new Clint Eastwood film about life after death. Was a BUSY and FUN day!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Party!!!!

Today Katie turns 19!!!!!!!
Yesterday we had a great 50th birthday for Dave !!!!!
Here's my 2 sweeties in Barcelona last Feb when they were so much younger. LOL!
Happy Birthday Day Katie!!! Its your last year as a teenager.
Our family party last night was a blast!!!
 I made Dave this 3 tired cake and we loaded it with candles!
 Can he blow them out!
And of course since he was 50 we had to RUB it in, so when he drove up to the house he was greeted by this funny sign!
 And we had to wear these funny hats!
Getting the cake ready after we had our mega T-BONE steaks which cost me $50 but it was Dave's kind of meal! Afterall, how often do you turn 50?
As you can see, it was a fun night.
And today, PART 2!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Honey is 50 Today!!!

Yeah!!! Its finally Friday-though the week went quickly! Got home late last night as I was at school for 8th grade open house  and then stayed up to see most of Project Runway-saw the runway show and the end but didn't catch the time between, not so sure about Gretchen winning...a good designer but her collection didn't speak to me.
So the BIG news today is that its Dave's birthday- he's turning 50!!!! Here's a couple of photos from our last vacation back in Feb-the top one is him and Katie (my birthday girl tomorrow) at the Barcelona Aquarium and this bottom one is him at the Roman colliseum/stadium in Nimes, France. We're going to have a family PARTY tonight for him...nothing huge but I need to frost his cake when I get home today...after I pick up Katie and get us some steaks for dinner. (Dave's choice).
Anyhow, LOVE you SWEETIE! Have a happy DAY!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Busy Days

Here's a simle card I made a while back...sometimes simple cards are the best cards, they get right to the point. I love the Chesire Cat, he's my favorite Alice and Wonderland character. Wish I could smile and disappear into the air (can I say that the right word?  Oh its just too early today!) So last night I was beat after another workday that I came home and read and fell asleep early once again...I also had several house chores to except for finishing one card that was 98% done I didn't even go into the studio...I just didn't want to do ANYTHING last night...put on my pjs and chilled. It was a rainy night, which didn't help...but I am in a sleep mode, not unusual when I get really busy!
So work is STILL too busy...I can't stand it at all and it makes me not want to go to work... tonight I have 8th grade open house which means a LATE night but at least its a fairly low pressure night. I am loving this warm weather we're having too-but by tomorrow we're back into the fall COOL, and today we're not suppose to have rain...which is good for the class that needs to go outside today.
Anyhow, make it a good one, LOW STRESS and hopefully for all of us, not TOO busy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Day

This was a drawing in the book that I colored with Copics and added the witch and body parts. Think its quite spooky now. The whole page is shown above.
You can see I modified the house again (see yesterday's card). This one I added extra doors too so they open for a surprise inside.
A few more pages from my witch altered book....which is basically done now-when I get home I'll try to get the last few pages photographed.
Tonight I'll be home "normal" time, whatever that is TOO BUSY still this week and its driving me NUTS. Oh well, its Wednesday. We had a GREAT National Honor Society Induction last night which is GOOD, but I wasn't home until almost 8 and was out cold by 9.
Hopefully, it'll be a great day and for me, NOT TOO CRAZY!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky and foggy

Its a damp and foggy morning here in NH...the leaves are very yellow, some trees are bare...leaves are down in lots of cases...this card is using one of those same PaperBag Studio houses as I showed you yesterday, only now its a spooky Halloween House...the trees are Oxford Impressions-as is the moon, the Bat is PSX, the fence is just the Martha Stewart punch but I used it in black rather than a white picket fence...background is black ink brushed on and then some black Stickles glitter brushes on too...I added the chimney, the cat, the pumpkins, the windows the spider/web...
So I am tired of these campaign adds...on tv...all this wasted paper in the mail...let's be a little ecological and save more week to go until election day!
Today I have a long day...National Honor Society Induction at 6...first of my 2 long nights...yesterday's comference up at Attitash was really good, wish I had driven though so I could have stopped and snapped some photos...even though it was a damp day too there were some nice scenes...oh was great to work outside of the building for a switch.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Going North

Monday already. Weekend flew I am going north rather than to a conference in the mountains...lots of ecology sessions. Glad not to be in school but still working...glad for a change of scenery too- I really need it right now...I've got a BUSY BUSY week ahead...not much studio time...most likely...but should be able to get some time to get ready for the big 50 party for Dave...not that we're having a party but want us to celebrate for him...
So a fun card change from Halloween...these are PaperBag Studios...decorated a bit to make them a little more detailed, on a card inked blue and the clouds are also PaperBag Studio painted with some white paint.Think this card is colorful and fun...especially for a day they say is going to be grey all day.
Find your little piece of sunshine...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Lazy Sunday

Haven't even made it into the studio yet today...but have chatted on the phone, made Dave's 3 tier birthday cake (so I can freeze it and frost it for the big day coming up-he'll be 50 Friday),made crepes, read some...that's what's great about a rainy Sunday.
So here's a couple of quick to make Halloween cards with a nostalgic feel, used some images from a Tweety Jill Haloween pack and added paper, stamps, tape and some dots made from Rangers thick dimensional paint like products. Fast, fun and not a bad card I say.
Hope your Sunday is as relaxing and as enjoyable as mine is going!!!
Until tomorrow or my next post!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Sleep In

More pages from my altered book. This is an overview of 2 pages.
 A page towards the front of the book. I added some more to this page since last time I showed you.
 Created this little witch from a Stampotique stamp. This girl was holding a spider which I removed and inserted a broom of my own design and then put a hat on her head. The black crows, sticks and leaves are from Martha Stewart and are confetti I bought a couple of years back. The lamp is Inkadinkado.
This is one of my most FAVORITE pages. I left the map page in the old encyclopedia I am usin for the book, added red blood dots (a Martha Stewart stamp) and the mad dog/wolf (Stamp Francisco-an all time favorite stamp!). Stamped the words (????) would have to go look at the stamp to see who made it and that's all.
So its a COLD but sunny Saturday- the wind is blowing and leaves are falling. Looks like late October as some of the trees are bare...oaks are turning and starting to lose leaves and they're the LATEST to drop...I slept in until after 9 today!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!  And its the first Saturday since before Columbus Day I've actually felt antibitioics and my tooth seems to be finally getting back to normal.
So no big plans this weekend- want to do some cleaning and some studio week I have an INSANE busy to decide whether to buy some plane tickets for February too- Dave doesn't want to spent the cash but I know I need a break at that point from winter since I can't stand winter...hmmm.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yahoo-Its Friday!!! FINALLY!!!!!

Ok, its really Thursday night as this week I've been writing in the evening and posting in the morning. So I am very excited because DAVE is home tonight!!!! He's been gone since Monday morning and its fantastic to see him. And Project Runway is on tonight. And tomorrow is payday-though when you read this it will be payday. LOVE payday!!! And the weekend is almost here and tonight (or last night when you read this) I went to my favorite craft store- Absolutely Everything-which was well stocked up since Tim Holtz is there this weekend...though I am not going...have taken 3 or 4 classes from him in the past and he's an excellent teacher but am trying to save a bit of cash since we are paying tuition...anyhow...this week has been TOO BUSY at work, too exhausting and too DEMANDING so I must say I'm glad its the last workday!
So the photo above is one I took awhile back at one of those small graveyards that are all around here in New England. This one has a bit of a spooky feel, especially in black and white. But then its almost Halloween, and spooky works right now!
So here's more from my Halloween altered book project.
Here's an upclose of the witch...banner stickers and witch hazel button are both Jenny Bowlin.
Still not sure about the right page and have added a bit of German scrap trim which isn't in this photo. The girl on the moon is Oxford Impressions as is her hat.
Here's one more page. The witch is Tim Holtz, the saying is Impression Obsession, and there's some Basic Grey and the paper is Martha Stewart.
Am really pleased with my results...and its so much fun to make an altered book since I haven't done that for awhile.
So that's all for now...
have a fantastic

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More of my Halloween Book

 For this tag I used an older Hero Arts stamp of a 1920's/1930's lady and turned her skin green and added a hat. I felt so clever doing that! Ha!
 Witch is new Oxford Impressions. The words are a saying I love by Cherry Pie. (Oh Ghosties and Ghoulies-I think Robert Burns the Scottish poet)
 The cat is underneath the Ghosties and Ghoulies saying. New Oxford Impressions, embossed in black. This is a great cat!
The girl is B Line, not meant to hold tomb stones but I think it works for Halloween. Those stones are one of those Martha Stewart punch/stamp sets. Its also a Martha Stewart treat bag and her spider web trim punch on the opposite page.
OK, post #2 of my book, to show you some more photos. That and I have been coming HOME from work all week to an empty house- Dave is away on business. Well NOT empty, I have my entourage-the cats and dog. But its making me mellow-especially after a very busy week at work...seems like work is TOO busy right now and I am NOT liking that at all. Tuesday night I read and watched a spooky Ghost Hunters, but  I was a bit more ambitous last night and I made some quick soup and then went into the studio-WHICH IS VERY good. I am missing Dave but in another way the silence is relaxing after work...but maybe too much so. Its nice for a night or two and then it just gets QUIET.
Anyhow, this is fun. I used the skeleton from the new Tim Holtz Halloween set and made his moveable. I simply stamped 2, so I could cut one apart and leave extra "joint" paper...then overlapped the 2 joints and used a brad to connect. The saying is from an older Oxford Impression set. The other right hand page I just had to leave the eyeballs...I overstamped with Tim Holtz spider webs and then added the Tim Holtz crow- that is a fantastic stamp!
Final page for this post-on the left...I used Martha Stewart bat paper and added more of those tombstones. The 2 bewares are Martha Stewart border stickers which I cut apart. The other stamp is from Red Lead which I colored with Copics. The right hand page-a Jennie Bowlin memo notebook page, dirtied with a Tim Holtz stamp, the buttos are also Jennie Bowlin and the Witching Hour stamp is from the new Haloween set by Crafty Secrets.
I must say...I am starting to get Haloween out...on the artistic front. I am getting ready to get back to main stamp supplies a bit, but maybe not quite yet. Actually the bad part is my fall/Halloween stamps are a GIANT MESS all over the floor of my workspace...driving me nuts but I'm not quite ready to pick them up...soon I guess.
until next post...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Under Construction 2

More pictures from my Halloween altered book! The project STILL isn't finished, and these pages may still be slightly altered some more...who knows!

And yes, what were those gorgeous colored (of course the photos weren't as colorful as the real thing) look like animal hair? It was salt marsh grass!!!! Took the half I had of my ecology class out yesterday afternoon for a walk...and we checked out the grass...if you jump hard enough you can feel the whole grass shake since there's water underneath it. But dry to walk on...PRETTY COOL!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you guess what this is

This is fantastic! Can you guess what it is?
No, it is NOT animal hair, but it looks like it and the colors are beautiful as you can see on these shots.