Tuesday, February 27, 2018

One Last Animal-for Now

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share one more page for Rike's fantastic challenge-Animals A-Z. Thanks Rike. I really enjoyed your challenge and wish  I had another week to make some more animal pages. :) I think I want to practice drawing and painting animals some more.
So those of you who visit  T is for Tuesday, I told about how one of my dogs had a little run in with a skunk this past Sunday night. For those of you who are lucky enough not to have skunks around, let me tell you about skunks. When they feel threatened they spray a chemical with the most obnoxious odor.  It not only smells bad, but it doesn't go away easily. I wish I could give you a smell sample on my blog post so you can understand how bad it is,  but once you smelled it, you are probably happy I can't do that. So when Pete, my dog, had a run in with the skunk, he got sprayed and then smelled horrible.
So that's the inspiration for my page today.
This is Mr. Pete's nemesis. 
I am linking this page up up to Art Journal Journey.
I put my effort into drawing the skunk so the background isn't much. But I am happy with my little stinker.
And this is Mr. Pete.
He's looking for his skunky friend because I think he might actually like the smell.
Notice he brown patches.  He is a black dog, but some of the de-smelling cleaning bleached his hair a bit. So until he replaces that hair, he is now more of a patchwork dog.
But he smells mostly better. It will take awhile for the skunk smell to disappear.
Happy Wednesday and it's the last day of February. Already. Can you believe it?

T Stands for Vacation Week

Happy Tuesday ladies. Another T Day has arrived and today is a good kind of Tuesday for me because I am home on my winter break.
Stop over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T gang has been drinking and perhaps even eating lately because it is T STands for Tuesday.
So my vacation has been exciting for a stay at home week. First of all we had some some snow on Sunday.
It wasn't a lot as you can see but since it made the roads pretty slick I stayed home and watched a bunch of Netflix shows as well as made some art.
Then on Sunday night we had a visiter.
This is not my photo, but since I never saw our visiter it will have to make do. But of course our visiter wandered through the yard just as we were letting the dogs out for their before bed relief. If you aren't familiar with this guy-Mr. Skunk- they have the worst smelling and hardest to get rid of spray as part of their defense. This year with our warm February weather they have come out of hibernation early.
Our girl dog is smart, she managed to avoid Mr. Skunk. But our boy dog Pete is a hunter, especially for small animals like squirrels, and he was too curious about this visiter.
Mr. Skunk was not having him snoop too close.
So as you might have guessed, instead of going to bed early Sunday night I was bathing Pete, and then listening to him whine as we put him in the basement. Even still, the few minutes he was in the living part of the house  left quite an odor behind. So I spent Monday airing out the house (thankfully we are having some fairly warm weather for February) and putting out bowls of vinegar to absorb some of the smell. I washed Pete Sunday night with a mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and soap, which works GREAT, so much so that by Monday he was bearable in the house, but then I took him off to get groomed anyhow. He still has a residual smell which he probably thinks is wonderful. (Augh) If you have bleached your hair you know that hydrogen peroxide removes color, so now Mr. Pete is not all black but has some brown patches. You can sort of see that by his back legs.
But my pot of tulip bulbs that I bought a couple of weeks ago are looking quite pretty.
But before all of this excitement occured, Saturday my husband and I went out and drove the hour to Manchester so I could visit about the only camera shop around. Then he took me to lunch, which was really why we drove to Manchester, the camera shop was just a part of the trip.
We decided to go have some of the world's best chicken fingers at the Puritan Back Room restaurant.
This was only my second trip there.
Even though we arrived at 1:30 and the place is pretty large, wee still had a 20 minute wait.
There were a lot of big groups that day. I think people must go there to celebrate.
But we had our little table and ordered our chicken fingers.
Now the Puritan is actually an Americanized Greek restaurant.
So my chicken finger meal came with a big Greek salad and some pita bread.
The salad was delicious. And you can see I was trying to be healthy and just drink water,

But by the time my chicken fingers came, I needed a caffeine boost so you can see the Diet Coke I ordered. 
Anyhow, I took half my chicken home, as did the hubby, and we both had it for lunch again on Sunday.
So I am linking up to T Stands for Tuesday. This post has taken my way too long to write, so if I don't get to your blog this morning, I will be by later today.
Today I am heading off for lunch with some work friends so I can't dawdle all morning.
happy Tuesday everyone.
And as always, I appreciate you taking your time to stop by and visit.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wild and Free

Another weekend is about to bite the dust. And bring on Monday, but this week is my winter break so I am planning on sleeping in instead of having to get up for work. :)
I love it.
It's also supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow so hopefully the couple inches of snow we got today will melt. Saturday I pulled out a couple of plastic lawn chairs  so maybe I can sit out in the sun, even with my coat on, and enjoy a little fresh air for a bit. Let's see if it really gets as warm as they are saying.
 When we opened up the porch to get the chairs, I thought how nice it would be if I could put all the lawn furniture out.  Maybe if March is a mild month it might happen sooner rather than later.
So today I have another page for Rike's animal A-Z challenge at Art Journal Journey
Last fall I bought a Dina Wakely journal with various types of pages-everything from burlap, canvas and paper.  It's been sitting there untouched for a while, and a few weeks ago I pulled it out and decided I was time to use it.
So here is my first page in the journal.  Green for the forest, stars for the night, foxes and their footprints. Animals of the night time forest. Be free and wild.
So hope everyone had a nice weekend. I went out to look at small  digital cameras for when I go to Japan, thinking my SLR might be too big to carry, but decided I will just stick with what I have. It's not worth the cost since I also have my phone which takes good photos. And the hubby took me out to lunch, which is always a fun thing to do. 
And I will tell you all about that on Tuesday.
Happy new week, and a big thanks from my heart for stopping by my blog.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Takey the Camel

Happy Saturday everyone. It's a beautiful morning here in New Hampshire. Luckily last night we got a tinge of ice and NO snow, so that is good news. (Seeing tomorrow is supposed to be nasty!) I want to go out today and do something  because tomorrow I will probably be home if the weather does what they say it is going to do, but as of yet, neither the hubby nor myself can decide what to do. I have come up with a a few things, all of which he grumbled at, so lets see what he can think of. :)
So for now let me introduce you to Takey the camel.
I named him Takey after a former student of mine who was from Cairo. He was a great kid and even brought me back a little vial of sand from around the Pyramids. I had him in class last spring before he graduated, and he was traveling with his family to go back and visit relatives for a few weeks. Some of the kids in class had wanted Pyramid sand, and he asked me for a couple of disposable vials to put it in. I gave him some vials with a request that he fill vial for myself, which he  did. (He said the customs people thought he was crazy and were wondering why he had vials of sand. And was it really sand? But he got it through and now I have it up in my studio for inspiration.)
Now I am not sure Takey would like being compared to a camel, but he was a memorable kid, not for his science skills but because he really got involved with Special Olympics and decided that's how he wanted to spend his life helping others. 
And although I wasn't thinking of Takey when I made my page, he did come to mind as I write this post.
What actually inspired me to make this page was when my daughter was young and we visited the London Zoo. As she, my husband and myself stood by the camel corral, I said 'That camel is about to poop." And sure enough within a minute the camel relieved himself.  Now my daughter and husband were totally amazed I could predict this, which from my point of view was so funny because all the caml had done was lift his tail, a sure sign of things to come out. But they thought I had some kind of mental connection with the camel or had some wild skill at reading an animal's mind. 
I am not kidding, they went on for about 30 minutes about this, and since then the big travel story from visiting London is not seeing the wonderful city or some fantastic historical buildings, nor is it from eating some interesting meal or  visiting a cool museum. No, it is how I could know the camel was about to poop. :)
I am linking up my page to Rike's challenge at Art Journal Journey, Animals A-Z.  I am enjoying this challenge, and it is a challenge in the true sense as I am practicing sketching animals. I am learning that I have a lot to learn about drawing animals.
So I made my camel first by sketching the camel, and then painting him and the background.I also used a bit of tape and some Stabilo pencils, as well as a bit of stamping.
OK, time to go bug the hubby about what we are going to do today!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Moose or a Reindeer? You Decide

Hi everyone. We're back into colder weather today after our warm day yesterday.  Not really cold weather  but not 75 degrees (22 degrees C)  like yesterday. Yesterday we broke all heat records for February. And today a bit of snow this afternoon. One day it is summer and the next day winter.
Yeeks! This weather is insane.

So I started this page with plans to draw and paint a moose (or elk in Europe), but I think he looks more like a reindeer. He still has a soulful look like he's trying to tell me something. I took a guess at what that was with my quote.
And I I played around with paint and tape to make the background.  I was trying to make it feel like the outside, and that part I think worked.
But overall I am happy with my reindeer and my page.
Once again, I am joining Rike and her fun Animal A-Z challenge at Art Journal Journey.
Short post for me. Today's my long day at work with parent open house. I will be glad to get that over with, not that it is a bad thing but it makes a very long day. And then no more late nights for this year. That's a good feeling.
One more work day tomorrow (for this week) but even more so than a regular Friday, it's the start of my winter break. Hurrah!
No big plans for next week but I am ready just for some free time.
Hope everyone had a great day! And I appreciate you stopping by.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Year of the Dog! Oh Please!

Hi everyone. Now that it is Wednesday I am one day closer to my winter break. :) Too bad tomorrow night I have parent open house at school, which will make it a very long day. But after this I shall be done with those late nights until next year, and then only Friday until break. 
 These cats aren't too happy about this being the Year of the Dog. :) They decided to assemble and protest, although the big guy in the middle  doesn't care as long as he gets to be included in the photo. :)
My page today is a quick page. It was my practice sketch but I thought I just wanted to have fun so I decided to use it.  I sketched the cats with a Sharpie and used some watercolor crayons to color them in. I also used a little paint too. They are cartoon cats but they make me happy.
My background started with spray inks, some stamping, and a couple of colors of paints. Then I added the heart and this quote. 
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. Rike's got a great theme this month-Animals A-Z.
We're having some very warm weather today. It is supposed to be around 70 degrees (around 21 degrees C).  It's only going to last this one day, but I will take it. It means we are officially into mud season-round one.  This is the parking lot at doggie day care the other day. It will probably be worse today!
No sense cleaning my car until it dries up. :)
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 19, 2018

T Stands for a Hockey Win

Happy T Day Ladies. Tuesday has rolled around again and it is time to celebrate the day with a cup of tea, or coffee, or water, or maybe even a beer or glass or wine.
You might be familiar with how I like to watch my alma mater college team play ice hockey. We used to have a really good team many years ago playing in many National Championship playoffs..The last few years  we had a really bad team, and this year we are doing OK. It's nice to see a little improvement. 
Anyhow, last Wednesday night the team played near our home. They were playing our rival team. You might remember back in January my college team played our rival team up on our home ice. (T Stand for Pre-Game Pizza). That game ended as a tie.
Now the team was playing on our rival's home ice.
 We actually got lucky and received  free tickets. My friend had 2 tickets and they weren't going to use them so she gave them to me.
It wasn't very crowded because it was not only a Wednesday night but also Valentine's Day.
Before the game we met another couple for dinner at a local restaurant. 
 I had a burger, some spicy waffle fries and a beer. Well actually I was bad and had 2 beers, but we were at dinner for almost 2 hours. Socializing. Service was good but we had a bunch of catching up to do with the other couple.
I could only eat half of my burger as it was huge. I did manage to eat those fries.
Afterwards we walked to the area for the game. Good thing I walked over 15,000 steps that day because I am sure those fires were not low calorie versions. :)
The game was good and by the end of regulation playing time we were once again tied. That mean the game went into a 5 minute overtime.
Five minutes had almost passed and still we were tied.  But then, with 23 seconds left, a player on my college team took a shot and the puck slipped into the goal net.
We had won!
 That certainly gave the hubby and I a nice ending to a Wednesday.
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to join in the T Day fun. It's always great to see what kind of T Day post people share.
I really appreciate you stopping by my blog too/
Happy T Day!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Drawing Journal Update

My weekend is winding down. I'm not ready for another week, but I am hoping this week will buzz right by. Then I will be on break for a week, which I am so ready for.
I hope I can control myself and not mention that about a hundred times in the next week. :)
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Did anyone do anything exciting?
Today I have a couple of drawing journal pages to share.
I work up this morning to 8-10 inches (around 20 centimeters) of new snow outside. And the news report said we were only going to get a little bit. It was such a beautiful blue sky day after the snowfall.  I left the outside clean up to my husband and I stayed inside. I needed to pick up the house a bit but I also wanted some art time. The sunlight coming in the windows brightened the house and made me think of spring, even though it didn't look anything like spring outside of the windows.
 The oher morning it really felt like spring.

 So with birds and dogs on my pages I  shall link up to Art Journal Journey and Rike's great theme of Animals A-Z.  
Here's a few more journal pages Some of my favorites from the past few weeks..

That's all for me. Enjoy the start of the new week.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Sunny Saturday

The cold temperatures are back, but not too cold. The sun is shining although they say tonight we could get a small amount of snow. Next week we are suppose to get pretty warm by middle of the week- all the way to 60 (15 degrees C). I hope that doesn't mean the following week gets snowy and cold. I am hoping for a low snow February (and March). 
 I need to use this sunny moment sun to snap some  photos of some art I have made. 
Lucky you who get a 3 day holiday President's Weekend here in the US. We don't get Monday off at school, but only 1 more week until our winter break. I am SOOOO ready for that.
So today I do have a journal page I photographed at night, so it's got a bit of a shadow.  I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and Rike's fun challenge of Animals A-Z.
Red-orange is a hard color to get right in artificial light. 
Sotoday I went for an Indian feel to my page. Or least I was attempting to get that. My background is made with my pastels washed with water and scrapped with a credit card. Then I stamped and colored the elephant. I added some bits of printed tissue paper on the edges of the page.  I painted and Stabilo pencil outlined the leaves, stamped some flowers which I then colored in and added the TH phrases.
I added some small green German scrap flowers and put some sparkle in their centers.

Finally I needed to do something for a border to finish the look I was going for, so I edged the page with a black Sharpie and fringed the edges with some scissors.

The hubby and I are also off to my Mom's to be sure she is stocked up on items she needs, which means we'll be gone all day between driving and visiting. But it will be nice to go out and enjoy a little sunshine from the road.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Year of the Dog

Today the Chinese New Year begins. It is the year of the dog.
Being a dog lover, I had to make a dog page for Art Journal Journey and Rike's challenge Animals A-Z.
You can see my page really has nothing else to do with the Chinese New Year.
You can see the spiral on the right because this is next week's page in my calendar journal.
I began by coloring the background page-as my calendar is a coloring calendar. Then I added the tissue over part of the page, as well as the 3 pups. I finally stamped the circles with yellow paint and then outlined them with a Stabilo pencil. Then I added my tag and the 3 gradually increasing sizedd dogs.
And here's a close up of the tag.
It may not be the fanciest tag I've ever made, but it is a tag with a quote, so I am also linking up to Tag Tuesday.
And as you all know, it is Friday. I could stay in bed this rainy morning and sleep. This is the second long work week in a row for me. But it is Friday and it is raining and fairly warm so I guess I can't complain too much. :)
And it is almost the weekend!
Hope yours is happy.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Flitting About

Hi everyone. We're having yet another warm up here today, which is another tease before the next storm arrives in our direction this weekend. What a winter- as I am sure many of you will agree.
Typical of me, I am good with winter until February and then I can't take it anymore. Unfortunately I must, but I can dream about summer and so that's the theme of my page today.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey where Rike is hosting  this really fun challenge: Animals A-Z. The hardest part of this challenge is picking an animal to make a page about. 
I started my page with a Gelli printed background (made on some printed paper-you can see some of that peeking through). I saw the flowers and that made me think of hummingbirds. I don't know what bird is my favorite as there are so many fascinating ones, but hummingbirds are definity one of the most interesting.  
That's all for me today.
Hope everyone is well, and I appreciate your visit to my blog. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

T Stands for a Quick Lunch

Hello ladies. Time for a little tea, T for Tuesday that is. I'm linking up to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog and sharing a drink related post.
So outside of work, life has been fairly quiet lately, especially quiet since a tire went on my car at the end of last week.  I can't do a lot of driving (other than going to work on my spare) until I get the new ordered tire put on (which should be today). The good news is my old tire was still under warranty so the new tire is only costing me $5.00.
This past weekend was also grey and rainy, which was a good excuse to relax after a not so quiet work week.  Other than running some errands for a couple of hours on Saturday, I basically stayed home.
But first there was a few errands that needed to be run. It was nice that we had to take my husband's car, no discussion required.
After we went to the grocery store and made a couple of other quick stops, we decided to get a little lunch.  Since the hubby had some chores we wanted to do at home before it got too late, we decided we needed something quick.
And here's a fast food burger place that I actually like.
 I had a diet coke in my cup. And you get to pick your burger toppings, so mine has lettuce, grilled onions, grilled green peppers, and a pickle with mayo.
 And the fries are pretty good too. The hubby and I split a regular order.
I haven't had a burger for quite awhile and it tasted a little bit like summer to me. :)
I love anything that reminds me of spring or summer right now.
Hope everyone's T Day is great!

Monday, February 12, 2018

A Quiet Weekend

Happy New Week everyone. I had a quiet relaxing weekend. Anyone else watching the winter Olympics?  I spent some TV time watching both the Olympics and catching up on this latest season of Victoria. The hubby and I planned a summer get away for a week in July which is exciting since we haven't been able to do this since 2014 as he was tied to kidney dialysis, but no more! And lastly I  spent a few hours Sunday afternoon in the studio. I decided to put aside the projects that were not working for me and putting me into a slump. So no Valentine Day cards for anyone and a few journal pages that weren't working for me got put aside until I get inspired to get back to them.
I did make this romantic page in my calendar journal for this week. It's a lousy photo though. I tried to snap it under a light since it was a dark and wet day  but that created dark spots and I didn't get the whole page in the photo. 
Oh well, I think you can get how it looks.
So I am linking up to Moo Mania and their latest theme of Love.
I am also linking up to Try It on Tuesday and their theme of Love Is In The Air.
Another busy week for me. Not sure I am ready for it to begin, but ready or not, here I come. :)
Thank you for visiting, and I always appreciate your comments. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Happy weekend everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs. I am glad to have a couple of down days since this past week was a  long one for me.
Last Sunday I had some arty time in the morning, before all my art inspiration went astray. When I get a good art groove going I always try to leave a few unfinished pages so when I sit down the next time I have something to get me started. This past week I looked at at these partially done pieces and drew a blank. But then the other night I tried again and even though I had no ideas, I just grabbed a couple of stamp sets and did some stamping and then a little coloring. My mojo started to get rolling, and I created this. But then when I went to the next page, my mojo rolled out the door and when I tried the same technique I just made a mess. That will be a paint over page for sure.
But I will share this page with you and a link up over at Art Journal Journey.  Rike's fun theme is Animals A-Z.
I am hoping to get some mojo this weekend. I guess my brain is fiddle-footed right now.  (I am getting a word of the day from Dictionary.com sent to my email this year in an attempt to learn some new words and to refresh my long forgotten vocabulary. Today's word is fiddle-footed.  I think it is a cool sounding and means to restlessly wander. It certainly applies to my muse right now.)
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Muse is on Vacation so I Might as Well Read a Good Book

Happy Thursday everyone.  Yesterday there was snow and then freezing rain. The skies were grey and gloomy. My afternoon meetings were cancelled (luckily) as it was a bit of a dicey drive home at that hour and I assume it would have been worse later on. But it was nice to get home early in the afternoon and not have another day to make up at school in June.
I was excited to have some extra me time with plans to make some art, but boy a nap sure sounded good.  This week has been busy  and I think my muse is taking a little vacation. I've got the February blahs I think. 
But I do have this page I made last week in my calendar journal. It's a coloring calendar, so I colored my page, but didn't want a page quite so bold, so I rubbed some brown ink over the page, Then I added the paper ephemera and stamped  a quote, using the coloring page as my background.

But I have been reading and listening to some audiobooks. Not just mysteries, but quite a few mysteries. Trying out some new authors.
Here's 3  I thought worth mentioning. You might be familiar with these titles. None of them are new publications.
 Did Marie Antoinette and the King of France's son die while being held prisoner in the Black Tower? Since no one knows exactly what happened to him-did he die from tuberculosis, was he murdered or was he switched with another child and taken out of the prison. This book is a fictional story about this mystery, and also an interesting look at that time. I will say I listened to this book and after 2 hours I almost gave up because nothing much seemed to be going on. Then I read the reviews on Amazon that said to keep at it, and I am glad I did because at that point I suddenly  had a hard time putting the book down
 And what is the creature killing people in the Museum of Natural History in New York City? It's a little sci fi and a little science and a little police story. A little different for me, but it is good to shake it up a bit. I enjoyed this book and  plan on reading the next one by these 2 authors.
And finally my latest read. This is a cool story (part 1 of 3 books) because it goes from modern times back to the Anasazi people (Ancient Ones). If you aren't familiar with the Anasazi, these were ancient Pueblo People who lived in the southwestern US . They lived in homes built into the sides of canyon walls that were reached by climbing ladders down into their  villages from the canyon tops. 
Like this. I got this photo from Wikipedia and it is a view from Mesa Verde National Park, which is a very cool place.
Anyhow in this book there is murder in the ancient Pueblo and there are modern archaeologists finding the bones and artifacts from these people. I haven't yet finished it but I'm curious who's the ancient murderer and how that connects up to modern times.
And I'm on my 14th book so far this year. Man, maybe I need more of an exciting life.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Stamps

Hello everyone. Another big snow is blowing in to my world later today. I hope the worst of it holds off until I get home from school. The kids had a half day scheduled anyhow, and we are suppose to have meetings all afternoon, but I am thinking they will let us out with the kids. Or at least I hope. I know I wouldn't be able to focus at meetings all afternoon as I would be too worried about the roads. 

I have a page out of my drawing journal for Art Journal Journey today. Rike is our hostess this month and she has a great theme- Animals A-Z.  I think you can see a few on my page.:)
Last week I stopped at Hobby Lobby (again) and much to my surprise found yellow discount stickers all over the place.  This included their rubber stamps. I was naughty and bought 11 new stamps, but only spent $21. I realized mostly what I picked out were animal stamps. You can see some of them here.
I do think I need to stay away from Hobby Lobby though. The deals might be great, and I will certainly use what I bought, but how many art supplies do I need to buy in such a short amount of time?  Notice I used the word need and not the word want. I certainly could want to buy a lot! Especially if they are marked way down. :)
Hope your day is sunny and snow free. I am getting sick of shoveling taking up so much of my time.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

T Stands for Going Out to Lunch

Happy T Day ladies. Time to share our drink posts over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog once again.
So today I am going to share my Saturday outing from this past weekend as I mentioned in Saturday post..
My husband, my daughter and myself went off to visit my mother-in-law who is spending the winter in Maine at my husband's sister's house.  When we arrived we found my sister-in-law's daughter was visiting too, so we all decided to go out for lunch together.
We went to this old railroad station which has been converted into this nice little restaurant of the Sebago Brewery (in Gorham, Maine).
And here's gang except for me since I am snapping the photo.
(from left clockwise -my niece Sarah, my daughter Katie, my sister-in-law Debbie, my MIL Barbara and my hubby David.)
And since I was at a brewery I had to have a beer.
And since this is a drink related post, I have to show you.  :)
The water on the right is
 mine also.  The orange juice looking drink to the left was my niece's hard cider.

I ordered a turkey panini with cheddar cheese and sliced apples which was very good. And I substituted onion rings for my French fries. They were good too. And since we ended up having a late lunch, it was also my dinner. That was good since it wasn't exactly a low calorie lunch. :)
We had lots of laughs and a fun time together. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday. And good since we hadn't sen any of them since Christmas.
So be sure to stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog  and link up your drink related post for T day. :) I have a busy day ahead so I might be a little late responding to your blog.I hoped to get more done this morning before work but my computer decided to update and took forever. But I haven't forgotten and should be able to stop by tonight
Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

I've Got Hearts

Another weekend is about over, BUT the Superbowl is still to be played, so I will be glued to the TV shortly. I spent my day having some art time and watching the Puppybowl. (For those who may not know what the Pupprbowl is:The Puppybowl is a tv show where there are some adorable puppies playing with each other and toys on a studio football field.  When one of the puppies runs with a toy over the touchdown line, it's a score. There's lots of silly puns and it's just a good time to oo and ah of the cuties.)
It's been a relaxing grey day, and I hope our team tonight doesn't drive my husband to bake cookies, which he only does when the superbowl doesn't go so well.
So one of the art pieces I made today was a tag for the latest Tag Tuesday theme: Have a Heart.
I found these foamy conversation heart stickers in the dollar aisle at Target a few weeks back and thought they were a lot of fun.  I decided to go for a pink and tradition look, so I covered my tag with tape and ribbon.  I don't know if you can read my token, so here's a close up.

Making this tag reminds me I need to get some of these candies for my hubby who just loves them. Now me, I'd rather have chocolate. :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for the new week.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

I am Dreaming of Spring

Hi everyone.  We are having a couple of cold days here. Winter has returned, at least until tomorrow. when it is suppose to warm up a bit.
Today I was out all day with my husband and daughter visiting my husband's mom and one of his sisters over in Maine. We had a fun lunch out (will show you on T Day) and had a nice visit. My niece just got a job with a candle company and has gotten 22 jar candles in her first week of working, so she sent home 6 with us. The company  has burned all these candles once to photograph them so they can't sell them, but they are large jars with lots of burns left so the one burn really doesn't make any difference. Tonight I am burning a lilac scented one, which really smells like lilacs. It has me thinking of spring and warmer weather.
So here's a page with a little spring inspiration which I am linking up to Try It On Tuesday and their latest challenge, Fire and Ice.
The snowman certainly doesn't like those rays of the sun warming up the day. All I can think of is the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz saying "I'm melting.". I don't think this snowman is an evil witch but he's definitely starting to slide on his right hand side. :)
Hoping for a little art time tomorrow. My daughter is home for the weekend though so that may not happen.  I'm feeling more inspired now that I've had a couple of art free days.
Hope everyone is have a fantastic weekend.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Second on the Second

It's February 2 and time for another round of  Second on the Secondover at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.
And Happy Groundhog Dog everyone. Today marks the halfway point of winter. :)
I don't know if Groundhog Day is just a silly US day or not, but we will know if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and hence, how long the rest of winter will last. Of course I think whether he sees his shadow or not the prediction is really the same.
And for this month's second on the second, I want to share some owl photos with you. Not sure if I have shown you these before on Second on the Second, but since I had an unsuccessful snowy owl hunt this past weekend, I thought you might like to see the owls I saw back in 2014, the last time I went on a snowy owl search.

  Here's a link to the original post:  Snowy Owls-Feb. 2, 2014.
And although I haven't done a lot of art this past week, I have been keeping up with my drawing journal. Here's a page with an animal theme that I drew last weekend after my owl search.

Since the newest theme at Art Journal Journey is Animals A-Z, I am going to link my drawing journal page up. This month the hostess is Rike.
There are actually 2 types of animals on my page-the snowy owl and and the mussels (blue shells) that I drew. And I drew some dog prints too.
The weekend is  almost here and I am ready!
Hope you are too.