Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 31

Wow- we are 1/12 of the way through this new year already.
Holy cow!
Busy Busy day for me.
Work, half the kids in 2 of my new classes are already off on an AP English field trip to Boston, an iPad workshop after school and then tonight the talent show that the group I advise at school is putting on.
Should be home by maybe 9 p.m.-
hopefully I can grab some dinner before the talent show and I don't have to munch on the snacks we are selling.

Plus I have ANOTHER head cold-third since Christmas weekend-
Holy cow!
Sick of head colds.
And this morning-
it is 55 degrees.
Major heat wave-
and the wave is blowing like crazy.
Glad I squeezed my shower in in case the power blips off.

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday.
Just a card for today-the colors aren't quite perfect-a little greenish-suppose to be white-winter light tends to do that.
How we're all starting to feel right now.
Images are from Flourishes.
Leaf die cut is from Memory Box.
Cream dots by Viva (their Paint Pens)
Not going to write too much-
too much else on my brain today!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Hearts for You!

Here's another card I made using one of my gelli prints. I have this fun foam heart stamp that I repeated several times on my painted gelli plate. Then when I cut the print for this card I centered on of the hearts.
I love the depth but simplicity of this card. All black inked stamps are from Technique Tuesday. 
The heart on the upper saying has some Viva red paint pen dots on it-just to give a bit of dimension.
Then I attached my mono-print to my card and outlined the print with a black Sharpie to finish it off.

New classes for me at school today. My whole day's schedule will be switched and it will take some adjusting but I am looking forward to new kids and new classes.  Always a bit anxious about what they will be like-but I have faith. Will let you know how they look later.
My sister-in-law goes in for some major surgery today- a bit experimental-she is having her sternum removed since it is full of cancer-she is only 49 and has been battling breast cancer for several years now.
Keep her in your prayers, will you?
Not much else today-
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Go Blue

I was so excited on Sunday from Saturday night's hockey win that I wanted to make a page and add my game ticket to it. So Sunday I made this fun page to document that day.
What I really need to do it keep a scrapbook where I can do a page when I need to to document some event I want to remember. Journal scrapbook type of thing, that is more my style. Might be something I need to do seeing I just got the ideas as I wrote this page.
Let me contemplate that idea for a bit.
You can see my background here.  I started with some gold paint over the gesso-because the loosing team-Boston College-has maroon and gold colors. Maine's colors are blue and white, so I painted some light blue over the gold and did a bit of rubbing to expose a bit of the gold. After all blue overtook the gold.
Then I used a Crafter's Workshop little mosaic stencil and dark blue paint over all of that. I LOVE how the dark blue squares look on the background.
I straight out painted the words with white acrylic paint.
You can really see it on this side where the stenciling is a bit heavier by choice.
I added the ticket and a couple of stickers of our school mascot.  Saving the ticket was my initial plan for that page.
Really happy with this page- even though it is might be more scrap-journal that art journal in a lot of ways.
That's ok since anything goes in an art journal.
So my beef with the weathermen continues. Got up yesterday to discover we were going to get some snow. They said light snow. Then they said 2-4 inches. Yes, 2 inches and less is light snow, but 4 inches is not light snow.
How can something not be in the radar and show up so unexpectedly?
But at least yesterday, with exams and the kids finishing up early, I got home before the snow got heavy, which was OK with me. I also grabbed a burger with a teacher friend Dee who I haven't been able to sit down and talk with for ages. That was nice too, and tried out a new little burger dive near school which was YUMMY!
Not sure about driving this morning, but we are suppose to warm up, finally, later today for at least a couple of days. 
But who can trust those weathermen?
Have a great day.

Monday, January 28, 2013

More Hearts a Blooming

I told you I was loving the hearts lately.
Here's another journal page.
No hearts here but it had a heart theme.
And heart colors too.
It started with painting the background pink and yellow-got orange blending too. I sprayed this page with Bubblegum pink Dylusions spray and got rid of the yellow since I can't say it did much for this page. Then I used red dry ink and a Crafter's Workshop stencil to make the little mini-circles. And then I took the large circle stencil from Dina Wakely and drew the big circles with a black Sharpie. I painted them white. The Dylusions bleed and gave them a slight pink color.
I made the flower by painting some watercolor paper yellow and then tracing the Crafter's Workshop Julie Fei-Fan Balzar stencil. I sprayed that with red which is why is has an orange tint. Aagin, the yellow wasn't right on this page. I used a Sharpie and a white pen to decorate each petal before I cut it out and attached it. I made the center with lots of strips of Tim Holtz paper tape and I used this fun Studio AE Technique Tuesday stamp to make the center of the flower.
If you're wondering what is under the flower- I tried tracing and then painting it on the page, but it didn't look right, so I decided to make one that popped off the page better.
The stem is another Technique Tuesday word stamp and I just free cut and colors the little leaves.
Think this is one of most favorite pages. It is bright, cheery, and I really happy with the flower.
Need that cheery since we are in the DEEP freeze here in New Hampshire. Warm colors, trying to warm me up while I keep putting bio-bricks on the wood stove. Slowly it is warming up, a couple of degrees a day, but still, feeling cold outside.
They say it will be in the 40's later this week though.
Today is a semi-exciting day, in a little way that is.
At 11:22 I will be half way through the school year! 
Time flies!!!
Stay warm-and do at least one thing that makes you happy today.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Big Win!!!

A super size win!
A fun fantastic night!
We're still in shock!
We can hardly believe that we beat BC in their home arena two nights in a row!!! It hasn't been done by any team since we/Maine did it back in 1993.  And here Maine looked so badly in the last 3 games before this weekend and to look so good last night who can believe that!  A 3-1 victory for Maine- and it should have been 3-0 but BC scored one goal in the last 9 seconds. Our goalie deserved a shut out with the way he played.
It is hard to believe. The bottom team in Hockey east beat the top team in Hockey East. Two nights in a row, and big wins, not just lucky wins!
Here's me and the hubby. During the time between periods.
Last night our seats were way up in the nose bleed section.  That's what happens when you buy tickets at 10 pm on the night before a game. But after listening to the game on the audio on Friday night, any seats were worth taking just to be able to see what happened.
And before the game we went to the Publick House- a restaurant in Brookline, Massachusetts not far from BC. This was my dinner. Brookline is a really nice suburb of Boston. This was yummy smashed potatoes and meatloaf-perfect food for a COLD winter night.
And a couple of pints of this delicious beer.
What a GREAT night!
And Friday I got Katie hooked on watching season 1 of Downton Abbey and so this afternoon we are watching
Season 2
Product Details

This weekend has ended up being like nothing I thought it would be.
Hope yours has been good too!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A BIG Win!!!!!

If you read this blog on occasions you might have noticed I am a big hockey fan-college hockey-for my Alma mater -the University of Maine. We are really not doing so well this season- 10th out of 10 in Hockey East, way more losses than wins- and last night we played this big powerhouse Boston College. We usually play well against them, and last year we beat them twice at our home rink. This year we can't seem to beat anyone though, so expectations about this game were really LOW. So you can image my surprise when last night we played a crazy wildly fantastic game and  we beat BC!!!!  4-1!!!
So we went on-line and got tickets-for tonight's game which is round 2- Maine at BC.
I am afraid tonight's game won't be as exciting as last nights-and BC will be out for blood-we listened to the on-line audio last night, but we'll be there no matter what happens and it is another venue on my list I can check off.
We shall see.

A card to spread a little sunshine today.  Not 100% crazy about the way I cut out the lemons, but love the sparkley black die cut.
Lemons by Flourishes Rubber Stamps.
That's all today.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

10 Things Friday

An Update for the Week

1-We've had some COLD temperatures- with the wind up at the other morning and we were at 1 degree-it was warmer than they made it sound like we would be at, but with the wind, it was still so COLD.

2-I don't know about weathermen. Monday they were telling us 100% chance of snow on Tuesday-like 8 inches at the coast. And on Tuesday, the sun was coming up as as I went to work. Zero snow. The storm supposedly took a turn out to sea but you think the weathermen might have mentioned that could happen? I am OK with no new snow, but...the kids at school were all hoping for a snow day, no they were planning on a snow day. One less day to make up in June.

3-So many SICK people...too many for me. I want to quarantine myself so I can avoid getting sick. I am already on my second cold- DON'T want the stomach bug going around because I HATE those kind of things- would rather have these colds than that-any time! And my intern at work came down with it during the school day and wouldn't leave and go home- made him stay far away from me-poor guy I feel bad but I do not want to get that!

4-Been in a reading mode and cooking mode. Made home made tomato soup the other night in the cold-easy and yummy and warm. Also found this new recipe for smothered pork chops-another super easy but delicious and tummy filling meal. This weekend, with no plans,I might try making some whoopie pies.

5-My latest read
Dead Guilty (Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation, No. 2)

6- Waiting oh so impatiently for Downton Abbey Season 2 to arrive from Amazon. What is taking so long? I mean a week to get here?
Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 2 (Original U.K. Edition)

7-Been watching a lot of home improvement tv shows on HGTV.
Love it or leave it and house hunters are a couple of my latest house remake addictions.

8- We do have a hockey game on tv tonight-Maine versus BC. BC is SOOOOO good I hate to think of how this is going to go since Maine this year is SOOOOOOO bad. Luckily I didn't pay for tickets and I can watch it from the comfort of my couch.

9- Exams at school start today and finish on Monday. Next Wednesday we start the second half of the school year. Wow-time is flying.

10-The days are definitely getting longer! I got home at 5:30 the other day and although dark, it wasn't pitch dark yet. There was still some light in the sky. It is so exciting, every minute makes such a difference.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things are Going to the Dogs

Here's a couple of cutie dog cards where I used 2 new (for me at least) Sizzix dies. The top puppy is a card all by itself. I folded my white card stock and then cut the folded cardstock-- I moved the fold of the card  just shy of the cutting edge of the die so when it cut- the tips of the ears didn't cut through and kept the front and back connected. I re-cut the die 2 more times in this fun blue paper and glued them down on the white card base, so you can't even tell the tips of the ears are flatter on the base than they are on the front. I colored the little accessories the die also cuts, and used a Martha Stewart stamp to put the words on the heart.
That guy makes me laugh.
The second card is not a shaped card. I die cut this adorable Scottie dog with white paper and then sprayed it with black Dylusions ink. I love how it gives it this specklely look and makes it a bit more textural that way.
The saying is from Cornish heritage Farm. Both of these are for my daughter at college. I signed the dog's name because he really is missing having her around. These are the perfect cards to do that with.
And I know they will put a smile on her face!
So we are in the DEEP freeze another day! BRRR- it is -4 (Fahrenheit) with a wind chill-cold enough where it feels like your face is going to fall off if you are out for any amount of time, but luckily I can stay in and stay warm. Just running from the car into work or house is enough for me.
Hope your warm and cozy where ever you are.
Come back and visit soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Steampunking Love

I told you I was into hearts lately, and here's a journal page where I played with this love theme some more.  I left the journal page white and added this scrap of gelli print image. I had die cut the middle out of the gelli print for another project but couldn't waste the edges. Too bright and colorful for the trash!  And what better place for a frugal crafter to use the left overs but in an art journal?
That sounds like the name of a book, doesn't it?
Then I used this pink heart I die cut and scribbled the design along the edge in black and red. The saying I cut from a book, the postal mark stamp is from Tin Can Mail-a favorite I have had forever.
Cool steampunk butterfly and tulips are from Chocolate Baroque- a cool British stamp company.
I colored this butterfly image with silver,gold and white pens, along with inking it with a rust and brown ink pad. Then I added a bit of Sharpie marker color too.
Here's the rose close up.I really like how it came out.
Here's the saying in the middle of the heart. I cut it out of a book I have. It was one of those, things to do now that you are 50 book, and for me, it was kind of silly. I think at 50 you most likely know a lot of things you still want to try, but it was still fun to read through (just once) and it was a gift from a friend. So now it is being recycled as some good journal advice quotes. I thought the boomerang seemed to fit here.
It is fun to try different styles and try new things- especially if you stay true to your own vision. Yes this page is grungy-but I am
not very good at this many layered and frilly fancy pieces that are so beautiful to look at.
Mine are more like too busy, over loaded , look like I didn't know when to stop.
But journal pages are OK no matter how they came out.
And I am happy with this experiment.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bring on the Love

Been into hearts BIG TIME lately. Pulled out my box of hearts and love stamps and been using some dies and making some heart art.
Today, a few heart art cards.
As this one says,
Bring on the Love!
This card started with white card stock that I lightly dry brushed with pink ink. The half of heart is one of my gelli plate prints that I die cut with a Quickutz large heart die. Then I cut the heart in half and used one half here. The heart stamped images and the word are from Studio AE by Technique Tuesday.
And I frugal crafter never wastes anything, so here's the other half of the heart.
This card is similar, except I used a different Technique Tuesday stamp and I added this little cupid from the latest Tim Holtz stamp release...the little mini's that went on sale just before Christmas. I love how the gelli print design came out here-used a foam stamp to pick up the upper blue layer and reveal the bright pink underneath.
So I will admit I am not feeling the love this early morning though-back to work after the weekend- and it was suppose to be snowy-thought maybe a delay, a snow day, but the storm went out to sea so just some light flakes. Going to get colder too from what they are saying. Like really cold. BRRRRR. But this is the last full week of this quarter at school...only 5 more days with these kids and then I get new classes and we are half way through the school year.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 21, 2013

In the Early Morning

There is something to be said for leaving early in the morning to go to work. Some mornings you get these fantastic sunrises. 
But not this morning. At least not for me. Nope. I am NOT getting up at 4:45 nor am I driving to work. It is Martin Luther King Day here in the US and we don't have school today so I am staying in bed and being lazy. 

These 3 have the same idea as me this morning!
(Well actually they have that idea a lot more frequently than just this morning.)
Can you notice the size difference between my 2 cats? Mr. Orange Man Leo is 3 times the size of little Emma. 22 lbs to 7 pounds.
But I digress.
I have the whole day to myself today and I am very excited about that.
Not sure what I will do but  it will be something fun. Whatever it is it won't matter since anything at home is still better than leaving in the cold, dark early morning and going to work.
Not that I don't love my job, mind you,
but these cold winter morning are really not my style-
(nor is the snow we are suppose to get over night and into tomorrow)
pretty sunrises or not.
Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Waiting for my smothered pork chops to finish cooking so we can have dinner-another 15 minutes to go. Katie wants to leave early to get back to school before the big game, and we'll be watching it too- Pats versus Ravens for AFC championship. Glad it is the later game today. Gave me some time to watch a silly movie with Katie and make some time for playing in the studio. Worked on putting together a journal for my trip in February.
Here's a few views.
I love my cover page.  I used a 7Gypsies book cover with the front opening-and I added this lady who is an image from Oxford Impressions. I stamped her on glossy paper twice: on one I cut her out and gave her a bit of color, on the other I colored the the background with mango and brown dry inks and then over stamped that with some copper Pigment ink and this small southwestern image. I then glue the first lady down over the second one. What you can't see in this photo is that I went back later and added some copper Twinkling H2O's on the thicker grey line around the frame and then outlined the swirls with a gold pen. Gives it a bit more depth. 
Am using a 3 ring binder again, one of these mini-ones that you can buy at Staples. I like that because I can make a bunch of pages and then rearrange them as I work on the journal during the actual trip. Here I used a bunch of tags and transparent pages from 7Gypsies that have been sitting in my stash. The left page here has a tree and staying stamped on them from Character Constructions.
I also used some other 7Gypsies paper and pages and on this one I added some 7Gypsies embellishments (from the stash-love using these up!!!!!!) and this Jenni Bowlin journal tag I also found in my stash.
One last look.

So yesterday Katie and I went house and girl shopping- first went to find some sliding storage drawers for a built in cabinet Dave is making for me-our bedroom is a clothing disaster and I really need a big storage place instead of a bureau for my clothes. 
Luckily they opened one of these stores down on the North Shore of Massachusetts which is only a little over an hour away. This is what I think I am going to get for this cabinet-just the sliding drawers.
Right now they are 30% off so I need Dave to figure out my space and size requirements so I can go get them before the price goes back up.
Katie and I also hit Chico's and got some mark down clothes (5 pieces for the full price of 1-that is a really great deal) and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
Not that I needed the cheesecake but it so yummy and how do you chose from this selection?
I had tiramisu flavored cheesecake-delicious. Glad this restaurant is a little over an hour away because it makes it less tempting to go to on a regular basis. Even the salad I ate part of for lunch can't make up for the calories here.
So the smothered pork chops were delicious. Think for dessert I will have a chocolate martini, while I watch the game. Tomorrow, the weekend pigging out is over for another 5 days in hope I can shed a little weight before spring.
Thanks for stopping by and sorry if you are a big football or Tom Brady fan-but

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Awful Colors

Last Saturday I had some fun play time with my Gelli plate.
These photos aren't very good, (terrible winter light and a camera that doesn't always of these days I need to buy a new one) but you can see some of the fun.
Here's a bit of really poorly colored results. Not that the Gelli plate results are poor, but the color of these photos is-even with some Photoshop work to get them as realistic as possible.

So what are you up to this Saturday? Hopefully having some fun.
I am off to do some home shopping-I think.
We're talking but since I pre-posted this yesterday- I can't be sure.
Will fill you in next post.
Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 1 [Blu-ray]
So have you seen Downton Abbey? I am way behind the times, just watching season 1, but man, I am addicted. I had to order season 2 off of Amazon so I can continue. And I see season 3 comes out at the end of the month, that is exciting!  Season 2 can't get here soon enough, that's all I can say.
Have a great Saturday and stay warm!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

10 Things Friday

I need some unloading right now. Not that things are bad. Not that I am depressed. Not that I am down. I just need to unload a few things, and that is what I am going to do in this post.
I am just a bit whiny and need to complain unload those minor little nagging things in my head.
And also talk about the good things in my life to remind me that I am not really all that miserable. I just need some self talking to to boost up my ego.
It is important for working on my word, contentment.

1- The days are getting longer, I can tell, but man, it is still dark so much of the time. We just haven't had tons of sunny days. I need to get outside and soak up some sunshine.  I won't be doing that with this cold weather though, and it is only going to get colder in the next few days.
2-I am torn. Katie goes back to school this weekend. I don't want her to go but I also do want her to go. I am tired of picking up her dirty dishes all over the house. Of the picky eater when it comes to planning. BUT....I love having her home. Kind of sad her semester is starting and she will be gone more than she will be home.
3-I realized I am just mentally exhausted. Being sick over my holiday vacation- the whole vacation-is not relaxing. You really don't feel rested and ready for the grind when you spend your body is putting all its energy into recooping. What I need to is mental recoop time right now. I need to feel more recharged.
4- BUT, here's my happy reminder-long weekend coming up this weekend. AND it is payday.
5- I can tell I have been in the house a lot lately. I am getting sick of looking at my unfinished bedroom. Then I look at my upstairs bath and say YUK! Guess I have been watching too much Home and Garden TV but I am addicted lately. I don't want to nag the hubby but I do want to nag the hubby because I want my bedroom done. I am sick of the plywood floor from when we ripped up the 35 years old pink sculptured carpet that was in the room (since when we bought the house 23 years ago). WA-WA-WA!
6-But- I am VERY excited about having a trip planned for Feb.  I wish in a way it was Dave and I, but I know he can't go and I am excited it is with my good friend. We'll have a blast, but it will be a different kind of vacation. That is a good thing. Not a but....negative implied thing. As long as there is no big blizzards to throw off my travel dates (I do worry about that.)
7-Next week I should get some more studio time since now I come home from work and hang out with Katie. Next week I will come home and hang out with me. And Monday, she'll be at school and Dave doesn't get the day off and I get the WHOLE day to me.
Wow, that is a thought I haven't had yet and it is fabulous.
8-Katie told me someone told her this week has been like walking through jello. That is it!!!!!! Love that saying. Someone is SO clever.
9- One more week of this quarter at school. I am ready for new students. I will probably moan and groan about day 2 with these kids because for all I know they will be horrible or crazy or insane, but right now I am ready. And glad my intern's 2 solo weeks are over because even though I got a lot of reorganizing and little wish list tasks done, I am bored and I miss teaching.
10-So many sick people right now. The flu is rampant, this horrible cold, another cold...what a time. I stayed home yesterday with a bit of a cold, they day was a good day to catch the cold before it blossomed too much and also to refresh my mind. Just what the doctor called for...if a doctor called for anything. Spent the morning in the studio (once I got up) and then watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey-season 1- what a great show that is! Now I see what everyone is talking about.

And here is someone who LOVES the snow! We  got a couple of fresh inches this past Wednesday!

Don't you want to go bury your face in the snow?
Make it a fabulous day!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In my Brain

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes
In a slump this week-again. Think it is the cold temperatures that arrived yesterday with a bit of snow. Oh winter and being around so many sick people lately. Fighting another cold myself. GRRR! Not that I am down, just not wanting to get up and go out and be very productive. I want to sleep and read. So here's the latest book I am reading and enjoying.
Definitely not wanting anything too intense or long right now in the book department. 
Any suggestions?
And today, some art from the archives. This was my travel journal from last February's trip to Tucson. Have been thinking about getting a journal ready for my trip to Taos. Thought this might inspire me.

Yup, that helped inspire me.
Hope it inspired you to do whatever it is you've been thinking about.