Sunday, June 29, 2008


Took a few photos today. Here's 2 of my recent cards-these are from the Casablanca series I did. I love the one right above here-with the Africa map and the plane flying over it. I also like using the blue florets on the top card. I mostly used the Casablanca Techniques Tuesday clear stamps and the Casablanca sheet by Oxford Impressions stamps. I thought it was an interesting mix of design on retro images from one of my favorite movies.
Today we had a couple of hours of sun but more clouds and rain-although at least its not as cold as yesterday-more humid though. The race at Loudon just ended because of rain- very undramtic and anticlimactic-they pulled into the pits and then they called the race. Blah. I spent my Sunday morning cleaning and doing laundry- then I made a bunch of clay tiles which I really enjoyed. Not a very exciting Sunday I'd guess, but nice to be home. Tomorrow I'm up for my first day at the lake and supposedly curriculum work at school-which I have yet to hear details about and if it rains, like they're saying, I won't be at the lake. Also book club is suppose to be tomorrow night but I haven't heard about that either. So maybe tomorrow will be busy or maybe it'll be quiet. Who knows?
Tomorrow is the last day of June-already. But its only week 2 of vacation! Yahoo!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A long nap

I took a 3 hours nap when I wasn't even tired this evening, so now its 9:37, pouring rain and I am wide awake. Katie is sound asleep in bed, Dave just went to bed as he's falling asleep, and I'm going to try to watch All About Eve. Had the movie sitting around for awhile, and I'd figure I'd try it, instead of Casablanca...I'll let you know.
Dave picked up a BIG AC unit to cool off the downstairs (meant for today when they said 90 degrees instead its been in the 60's and dark all day) and we need to decide whether to keep it. It doesn't fit the window very well, either blocks the printer or sticks out in the room. Dave and I also went vanity shopping for the downstairs bathroom-what to do? White country (my love) or something narrow with an overhanging sink-so sophisticated- for my ugly downstairs bathroom-not very big with the icky drop ceiling...wish we could strip down to the bones the whole room and redo it. Wish!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm out of control

I have bought so many stamps in the last 6 weeks...I am out of control. I need to stop-but can I? I need willpower, but do I have it?
Took a trip to AE today to use my 40% coupon. Only bought a couple of stamps- actually only bought 1 I had never seen or thought of before, but did by a couple I planned on buying.
Went to the stamp store in Laconia yesterday and bought the couple I wanted, plus a small Technique Tuesday set I wanted...
Today Ma Vinci put up her new stamps and I ordered 2 sheets...
I am BAD! Its an addiction!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday ahead

Wednesday was absolute delight! High 70's, sunny, white puffy clouds. Cleaned the hottub in the morning (2 of my chores done!) and then beached it at the lake all afternoon-and it was the best lake weather...not too hot, not too cold...Love it!
Put some items up on eBay if you want to chck them out. Its that annual clean out time. Heard I'm going to be published in next month's Stamper's Sampler. I am excited. Another first for me- published 2 issues in a row in the same magazine.
Must get my cards out in the mail for this months submissions. They have a Casablanca theme. Fun.
Today we are going to Laconia to look at a car then going to see Sex and the City. I never really saw much of the show since we don't get HBO that it ran on, but hopefully it will still be enjoyable.
Thinking about my first week off. Got the stamps cleaned up and reorganized, the hottub cleaned, some of my gardens weeded, made a bunch of cards, got some stuff up on eBay, enjoyed the lake, got my haircut, been to visit Mom and had my Costco/Trader Joe's stop, throw a graduation party in-what a great start to the summer. Think tomorrow a.m. I will got to my craft store in MA (Absolutely Everything) as I have a 40% off coupon and Kate's working in the morning which means I'm home alone and can get an early start down there.
Shown below my latest 3 craft books I got off Amazon. I really like all 3 of these books. Sometimes I get craft books and they just are ok-not to sound like an expert but sometimes they aren't much new to me or not really exciting-but these I give 5 stars to. Another great way to start the summer I guess.
Also check out Artistic Outpost rubber stamps. Got an email this morning they have a new plate on fishing. Really like it too! Think I might order it-though man I have been stamp buying like crazy lately-there's a guy selling stuff from an old stor he had on eBay and I am getting these sets of older stamps that are new and great! Think more people are catching on though and competition might get a bit tighter...well, you win some and lose some on eBay, don't you? But that is the fun too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok, funny story. Our wonderful mail woman has been putting packages (all my eBay stamps) into the truck so I won't have to drive to the PO, so last night after coming home from my mom's I checked the truck since there was no mail in box, and the mail was in the truck...but it took a garbage bag to hold it all. Did Katie and I laugh. There were 2 boxes from Amazon with my latest 2 craft books and then a box with some Hero Arts Summer stamps I had pre-ordered. Plus the Monday mail which is always a bit more...I felt like Santa lugging it upstairs over my shoulder.
Had a nice visit with Mom-though it RAINED big time down in Mass. Today it was gorgeous pefect 76 degrees until we went up to Barbara's to enjoy the afternoon at the lake, and a cold storm blew through with the wind and white caps and some light rain. No sun. So much for trying to enjoy a bit of summer beach...

My latest read-pictured above.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday evening, its raining

Just woke up from a nap. About 3 a major thunderstorm came through, and its still raining now at 5:15. So much for the beautiful day it started as. Anyhow, watched PS I Love You with Katie and her friend Nick- that was one SAD movie! Then took a great nap...even though I slept in until 9 this morning.
Did some scrapping and made some cards- working on a Casablanca theme. Want to send some out to Stampers Sampler since I have yet to send out my June stuff- and this is in keeping with my resolution this year- to send out 1 thing per month or do something different. Also have started the make a pile of similar cards- made 5 of my last card-saving some for the to sell pile. Really trying to get my art off the ground, since Mom said this morning this is just a hobby- No, I corrected her. Not a hobby, my second profession. I would miss parts of teaching but I could leave it. Tomorrow thinking of going down to Mom's- its suppose to be rainy and Katie's going to be home, so might as well down and get the visit over- isn't that sad? Well, I have never been the wanted child in my mother's world- though she does love me- she doesn't understand me at all, she and I are SOOOOOOOOO different! I'm too sensitive when it comes to her- but she is my mom- and I love her- and though visits are hard as first of all it gets boring and second of all I always am waiting for the big lead ball to crash down on me- the verbal crunch.
Yesterday went to a graduation party for Dave's cousin's twins- it was down in Mass. My mother-in-law rode with Dave and myself (Katie was working), and it was a nice party-lots of food, lots of sun- I am red in the neck and shoulders right now still. Stopped at Costco on the way home and got a big pack of 360 sheets of scrap paper for under $10. Wow. And its really nice!
Yes, I have to take photos of my work, don't I? Don't need to remind me...haven't taken any photos for a few weeks-wow-unusual for me. The ones I'm showing you of eggs- if last night dinner- I got some of that 5 layer dip at Trader Joes (a stop after Costco) and I love it mixed in with scrambled eggs. YUMMY!

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Full Day Off

Only a bit of sun- but I cleaned out my stamps and put things away, reorganized my boxes, now I can actually find things and not trip over stamps on the floor! I know cleaning up stamps may not excite some people- but I love going through my stamps, refreshing my memory, cleaning out a few items to sell on eBay. Looking at my stamps gives me some great ideas too.
Took a nap, made some Egyptian tiles out of clay, went to Pizza Hut for dinner, took a great morning power walk.
Best of all, it was just so nice not to have to do anything, move at my own pace, putter about, shower at noontime...
Ah, summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The kiddies are GONE!

Yahoo! This morning the kids finished their finals and school was truly in the wind down.
I got my grades finished, tomorrow morning a couple of short meetings and finish cleaning my room up.
Then it is officially SUMMER.
The very first day of vacation is one of the best days of the year- the feeling is soooooooo wonderful!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The final stretch

Yes that's right- only 1 1/2 more days with the kiddies.
We love summer. Sleeping later, morning walks, reading lots of book, doing lots of art, playing outside...resting, relaxing, putting the brain and body right!
Speaking of summer reading...

Friday night was a great Dr. Who about Agatha Christie. I also had recently read that book about her and her husband's time at the archeology digs in the Middle East- Come Tell me How You Live- a month or so ago. Both of those have got me ready to reread some of her mysteries. I've got a big box of them sitting up in the attic-they're old, some from the 70's when I was a teenager. And Katie had borrowed 3 which were in her room and which I grabbed. Last night I started reading: Endless Night. Can't say I remember a lot of it from whenever I read it before but 60 pages into it (read for 30ish minutes before lights out)I am hooked. Maybe this needs to be an Agatha Christie summer. We'll see as I read more of this book and maybe a few others to curb my appetite from some good old fashioned British Mysteries. Plus, its so much fun to reread and take a trip back in time-both my memory lane type thing and also decades past in England.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Beat.

Oh to roll in the green grass on a warm day! Heaven!
I'm beat. This past week was the last full week of school. Thursday night I had drawing class. Last night was graduation at PHS and then I went for a margarita with some co-workers- was home at 10 which I know isn't super late but was out today since it was City employee freebie day at Water Country in Portsmouth. Had fun but am stiff from all the twisting and jerking on the water "slide" rides and have a sunburn on my shoulders and got really cold as there was a seabreeze. Time for bed!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 Days and Counting

Five more days of kids (actually 4 1/2 to be specific). I more day (or at least a few hours) of teacher work time...then its summer vacation! I am soooo ready-have I mentioned that already in the last few weeks? We are back to cooler weather-oh it is really beautiful right now. I just need to get myself up and moving and back exercising which has been sorely lacking the last couple of weeks (along with a few ice creams).As you can see, the lupine and iris are in bloom. My lupines are from Orono, Maine- home of my alma mater. My friend Vicky dug them up while working there one summer and when she cleaned out her garden I took some. I love lupines. Ever read the book Miss Rumphius? Its about Maine and wild lupines.
Right now there is a pollen deluge-yellow, yellow everywhere. But at least its not a kind of pollen that bothers me, so you just dust it off and wait for everything to turn yellow again.
Finished reading the Principals of Uncertaincy- really enjoyed that book. Now is a fun moment, picking out the next book to read. Ah, what will let me escape?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only kidding

Although its still sooooo hot and humid today- uncomfortable if you're not in AC and if you still have to go to school and can't go swimming for the day, I'm still not ready for more snow. But the image does make you think cool!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool shadows!

Noticed these the other day just by chance. They're the flowers in my pots on the deck, and the sun was hitting them just right. I've had flowers in these same spots for years and never noticed such great shadows, but I love these! Stay cool-they tell us 1 more day of HEAT and HUMIDITY!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

the sun has returned

With the sun has come summer weather! 90-hot-humid-I went for my first swim yesterday in Rust Pond after the big sale at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. I dug through the boxes of fabric scraps and filled 7 bags for $4.99 a bag and now have a huge pile of scraps. Bought some pre-cut pieces (packs are $5 rather than the usual $15), 6 skeins of wool yarn from their Patternworks yarn store for like $4 a skein, some books (5 total-2 knitting-2 quilting/stitch and 1 embroidery for the designs), and they were closing out their scrap inventory so I got a few things for 75% off. What a day! Its so much fun to go! Chatting with all the other people- watching the die-hards at the bolt of fabric auction and bringing their lawn chairs to dig through their scraps...I spent $202.22 but got so much stuff-lots of my scraps were 1/3 yard pieces (all my scraps were about $35) and some of my books were like $5. Can't go wrong. Also got 2 sets of Gel-a-tins stamps- one was a letter set- for 75% off. As Dave joked- it should be a national holiday!
Then went over to the lake- took my first swim in the COLD refreshing lake-Dave and Katie put the boat in and we went for a cruise...a great day!
Some photos are from the sale and some of my flowers yesterday morning with the dew from the FRiday night rain.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Counting down

Harley is wishing to go out, only it's been raining for the last 3 days. ( And Harl does the quick run out but he HATES being wet) We really need to rain, and I don't mind it when I'm at school, trying to teach to the kids who want to be on summer vacation-just like us teachers too. I'm down to 9 days- 8 with kids. Yahoo! Graduation is next Friday, and then we're into exams with the other kids. June 18th is a half day and I need to go in the 19th for a few hours to wrap up. Then its summer vacation- the most wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Stamps I've Discovered

I might have been out of the loop (because I often am) but when looking through the latest Take Ten Magazine by Somerset Studios I noticed this awesome card with this cool tree and house stamp. So I found out it was a stamp by Artistic Outpost - Wow, they have some cool half sheet plates. I've shown you 3 of them- I had to have the dog with his head out the window- those who know me know my favorite word is Adventure- and the Knight for my London pages and lastly, the same set as the house and tree as shown in Take Ten. They also have some Asian themes, a couple of Christmas and children, and a brand new one for July 4th. Wow. I am happy. More stamps to buy! Lately, been buying a bit of stamps (too much of a bit actually), but these should be FUN!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Sunday night

I had a gift certificate for lunch for 2 at the Wentworth by the Sea that I received for helping someone with their science project this past winter, this great old building shown above. So Dave and I went yesterday, and I would have taken more photos but it poured when we left, when I was going to take my snaps. Anyhow, what a lunch. I had this lobster roll, it must have had 6 claws of meat in it. Not saucy, just meat. I bet the sandwhich had at least 2-3 pounds of lobster in it. Did we eat. We got appetizers, lunch and dessert. I had clam chowder, my lobster roll and Dave I split cherry strudel and this molten chocolate cake. Dave had French onion soup, fish and chips and dessert as I mentioned above. I was sooooooooooo full afterwards, useless for the rest of the day. But the food was excellent as was the service. An $85 lunch which only costs us our gratuity. That doesn't happen very often but man, was it worth it.

From last Sunday night, my favorite flower, the lilac. They are out everywhere around here right now--if only they would bloom longer than a couple of weeks.

Some of garden flowers. Oh I love flowers and my gardens.

This weekend is winding down and it feels a bit surreal. Like it happened, but what happened. Did lunch yesterday, shopped a bit at Lowe's for a new washer and dryer but still looking. Today I worked on my London book but am still having this mad desire to be in the studio. Its also like this weekend didn't actually happen. At least in my head. I'm just floating through time without really grabbing hold of anything. Well...guess I just need to flow with it.
2 1/2 weeks of school left- I am so ready for summer. Its like I'm art starved although I spent a lot of time last Monday and today doing art-I know last week was a bit art empty- except for my drawing class, wow, I am such a good sketcher. Who'd have thought? Started a new book tonight-The Principals of Uncertaincy. So far its great. Enjoyed the Agatha Christie book. Anyhow...anyway...Just letting go and trying to keep focused to finish the school year and not expect too many miracles this summer...