Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunny and cool

Or another words...another beautiful day here in New Hampshire. Not sure what's on the docket today, as I just got back from my morning walk and having some instant breakfast, but here's some possibilities-
-make a cake
-spray paint my cabinet that's been on the basement floor since last October
-weed the veggie garden
-make some clay tiles
-go raspberry picking
-play in my studio
-print off last summer's trip photos I have been working on for the last 2 days
And maybe I'll do some of these, and maybe I won't...they seem to all require moving off the couch...(I am soooooooooo bad right now, aren't I?)
This day holds so much potential for being a great least weather wise its gorgeous right now and of course, since I didn't brush my teeth before walking (ooooo) I ran into 2 people I knew who stopped to chat. Of course. But we caught 5 mice in the traps last night (we've had one run across the beams in the livingroom the last 4 nights right at 9 p.m.-how weird is that)- and if I want to go crawl back into bed right now, I can, though I won't...probably...
the almost 5 p.m. update, though the day is NOT done...but for lounging all day, I've done pretty good at meeting several items on my list- I weeded 3/4 of the veggie garden, I'm still spray painting my mini-drawer chest but should finish it, I did play some in my studio, I did make my Nutella swirl cake, and I also took a nap, played UNO and talked with my friend Joanne.  Going to watch Its Complicated tonight...have wanted to see that for awhile, going to have Sloppy Joe's for supper which I've wanted to eat for awhile...doing a spot of laundry too, which is good...and hopefully will get some pictrues for my next scrapbook project printed out later...this is a great little cookbook. The cakes are for those quick unfrosted kinds...snack cakes, pound cakes, gingerbreads. I hadn't tried any recipes from it until today when I made the Nutella Swirl cake...A+ yummy. Check it out if you want some easy fast baked treats.

This all works for me!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its a beautiful day

Here's a country view at 5:45 a.m. when Harley and I went walking. It was much prettier than this quick photo with my phone shows, the sun was beaming through the was a great walk before it got too hot and too humid. And a great way to start the day, especially when I got to go back to bed and slept until 9. Yahoo!
So I've gotten right into summer mode. Today I've been unproductive, but that's quite ok, since its not so beautiful every day. I sat on the screen porch and finished my Sookie Stackhouse book this morning- then I went to the lake and sat on the dock and read all afternoon. Here's my legs and my latest book, so excited to read the last book of this triology as I really loved the first 2. I love summer!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Post 2 for Monday

Today has been a mostly gray and HUMID day with a few breaks of sunshine. We've got AC's running and all the windows and doors shut as otherwise everything just feels limp and damp. Not great but for a day when all wanted to do is nothing, that's ok. Did do a few more recipe cards, was fun. Anyhow, we rented the movie My Life in Ruins and watched it- was a very feel good fun movie and I laughed a lot. Also, the few new books I ordered at Amazon the other day arrived so I've been able to look at them in my lounge on the couch laziness. So all in all, a good day I'd say.

My first sleep in morning of summer vacation

Its so nice to have a totally open day today with lots of possibilities.  Its a rainy and humid morning...damp, gray. Kind of a nice way to start a day I want to be low key. Yesterday morning I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned-though there's still piles down here but at least you can use my table and all the bags of food from Friday got put away. Yaoo!!!! Then when my family took off to go put my mother-in-law's boat in the water, I stayed home and made some receipe cards, as I've shown you here. Want to make some more today I had such fun. I also want to make some pancakes for brunch today as I have a bunch of blueberries and blueberry pancakes would taste soooo yummy right now. Not sure where the rest of my day will take me...but I'm game for about anything as long as its LOW KEY and not going to cost me a lot of cash. I'm so excited to have this whole week open and schedule free.  So excited.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Boating Photos

Yesterday Dave and I just went out into Great Bay/Little Bay for a few hours after I got Katie and Brian into Water Country (it was a free day for city employees and since I teach in the city, that makes me a city employee). Dave fished- only caught 2 bouys and lobster traps and I lounged and read my Sookie book (this latest one is kind of dragging story wise so far). It clouded in in the afternoon as you can see below and we pulled the boat out just in time as some light  rain started to come down. The bouy in the bottom is one of the ones Dave snagged.
We met Katie and Brian at a seafood/steak restaurant here in my town for dinner then and I had a bowl of steamers...borrowed this photo from

as I didn't a snap of my bowl but they were soooooooooo yummy. Haven't had steamed clams or steamers in forever.
So this morning Katie is at work and Dave is going to weed wack and I am going to try to pick up my house a bit (there's still bags and boxes from our Friday shopping spree everywhere) and maybe a bit in the studio and think we're going up to Dave's mom's lake house this afternoon to put her little boat in the water...must say, so far my summer is a BLAST!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cornish Heritage Farms

Check out the Creative Blog from Cornish Heritage Farm Stamps yesterday. I came home (from my roadtrip #1 for the summer) and found that the pear tag that I put up on their site  was mentioned as an eyecatcher on their blog. Its so exciting! And while you're checking out their creative blog, check out their stamps...every week (Saturday-Thursday) one of their lines will be on sale for 25% off during their summer fling. Last week was the ATC stamps which I used to make the fun little pear tag. And every week you can post creations on their site using that line of the week.
I'm home for a bit and my life...has been BUSY!!!!! It was a crazy start to summer break, in fact doesn't much feel like summer break yet. Maybe tomorrow I can actually get back into my studio and clean this house which is a major disaster right now! Maybe I can also crash on the couch and read my latest Sookie Stackhouse and relax. MAYBE!
So the last 2 days --I was Off to Mom's at 5:30 a.m. Thursday as she needed some day surgery and then did a mini-roadtrip down to Strubridge,MA to go antiquing etc. Didn't find too much-though Katie did found her Vera Bradley computer case on sale so she was happy-no college computer yet but she bought herself a case for when she gets the computer. I wasn't really up to spending a lot of cash since Yesterday was major roadtrip and major shopping- spent way way too much cash but started by driving from Mom's to IKEA where we got some dorm room items for Katie and a few things here for the house. Then onto Costco where we got some things we needed, then Trader Joe' pantry is now well stocked for a a bit at least and Katie has made a big dent in her dorm room supplies. Was a really fun day out with my daughter, but was a lot of driving. since living up here in NH we don't have any of those stores nearby. Today I think Dave and I are going out in the boat in the afternoon and I need to get Katie and Brian into Water Country down in Portsmouth since its city employee day and we can get in free for the afternoon. The kids will have a blast! but they don't want to hang out with us so since we're down in that area we might as well take a boat trip for a couple of hours. It might cloud in and truthfully I wouldn't mind a low key day at home...but I can go with the flow easy enough.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best Time of Summer Vacation

The best moment of sumemr vacation is now, the first night. School is actually over, the idea of vacation is just starting to roll around in you head and the best things, the WHOLE sumemr is ahead of you. Potential, possibility, so much to look forward to
 Can you tell how much I love being on summer vacation?

Strawberry Season because Its Summer

Last work day. Then its really vacation. I need it. And to complain-sorry, today is  a waste...the extra day we agreed to work which is fine but why throw it on the very end of the school year and then ask us to do work for the district when everyone just wants to be out?  Makes no sense. Today my department is having a cookout after we get out, which should be fun, though right now its a rainy morning and I've slept a bit too late after being woken up a bit too early and I'm groggy. UGH.
So, let's get onto a better foot. These strawberries were so yummy the other day. Juicy and sweet, nothing is better than fresh local berries.  Probably will be on a blogging break for the next few days. I'm heading off early early tomorrow to my mom's in Massachusetts as she needs day surgery and I need to drive her. Katie is coming with me and Friday on our way home we are going to detour to IKEA to get her anything we see that she might want for her dorm at college. Then I need a Trader Joe's and Costco run. Looking forward to that. I love roadtrips. Its something else summer should be all about. (All year actually)
Finished the Lost Girls yesterday, enjoyed that book but 2 things came to my mind- 1: how much I have grown because I thought a lot like they did in my 20's and now in my "old" age of 50 I guess career building  and finding someone is past me, and in some ways, what they worry over is now something I've learned is not worth worrying over. Life happens and you can get through most things. Though I know, things can be tough when you have to go through them and life throws surprises at you at every age. I also was surprised how much these girls went to Starbucks when they were trying to go more native. Just a note, nothing important on this comment, but I did very much enjoy the book. Now I'm reading the latest Sookie Stackhouse, which is a bit tough since there's isn't any other new ones to read after I finish this, at least until Charlaine Harris releases another one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Things

Here's a cute little card I made with some Hero Arts stamps I recently picked up. For some reason (since I hate actually going out and hanging clothes on a clothesline) I love how clotheslines look. Think this card is cute and I'm working on shading things I make and I think these didn't come out too bad.
So the kids are gone at school- today I need to go in and get my room cleaned (as all my grades are up and posted) and we have a luncheon put on the parents. Nice thing is I don't have to be there until 8 rather than 7 so I even managed a walk this morning. Love it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Arrives!!!

Its time to celebrate the first day of summer (at 7:28 this morning it is official) and the last day of school for the kids in my district!!!
And since its summer-
here's a beautiful summer view of Portsmouth/New Castle, NH with a little bit of artsy twist.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I want to do this summer

And photos from our boating adventure yesterday!
The perfect title for these photos from our boating adventure yesterday, though probably more what Dave would do 7 days a week if he could.
The top photo-Fort Constitution and the lighthouse at Newcastle and the mouth of the Piscataqua River. Looking for the ghost of the keeper they spotlighted on Ghost Hunters, but no sights of him yesterday.
Second, one of the Portsmouth Tugboats-I guess they give tours now too. These tugboats are great!
Lobster bouy in the water and finally a view into Great Bay.
It was a gorgeous day out in the boat yesterday- except for Harley who didn't like it when the boat rolled and rocked a bit out in open water.
AND also today...
So since this is my LAST 3 day week of work until summer vacation and since tomorrow is the first day of summer and since I love to make lists though I never seem to complete them, here's my what I want to do this summer list.

My summer list 2010-not in order of importance or of getting done either
1-read, read and read-check
2-get morning walks in-check
3-make a bunch of jewelry-semi-check-made some, not tons
4-take a few road trips-check
5-lounge at the lake or beach-check
6-work in my gardens and get some great veggies -check
7-make pickles-going to try this week
8-do some cooking, grilling and baking and find some new recipes-check
9-do art --whatever kind  that calls me-check
10-not spend tons of cash
11-be spontaneous-check
12-finish the little drawer  cabinet that I'm painting-check
13-make some art for the bathroom and finally finish that up-working on it-check
14-have a great graduation party for Katie-working on it-check
15-hang out with friends-check
16-sleep in and stay up late-check
17-spend a lot of time with Dave and Katie-check
18-get Katie ready for college with supplies-check
19-see some movies -check
20-drink sun tea- iced tea-check
21-use my buddah stove (my chiminera)
22- lounge on my screen porch-check
23-do something new or different and surprise myself-check
24-knit my sweater so I have it for this (hate to say this) winter
25-make some discoveries-check
26-Cleanout my studio and sell stuff on eBay-sort of check
27-Get some jewelry up on etsy and hopefully sell a bunch-check
28-make my Alice in Wonderland wall quilt
29 Pick strawberries (if they don't disappear too quickly) and blueberries-check-raspberries
30-go to the Wolfeboro Street Fair-check
31-hopefully- clean the big closet in my studio
32-make some new clothes with some of the big pieces of fabric I have already
33-hopefully, clean the toy closet out in the basement-working on it
34-go swimming-check
35-drink margaritas and learn to make the homemade kind-check
36-visit my mom a few times-check
37-eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit -check
38-tone up, firm up maybe lose a couple of pounds
39-have lots of adventures-check
40-make homemade ice cream
41- Go kayaking!!!
42-paint the little door in my bathroom yellow to match the walls-check
43- get some art sent out to magazines
44-get a new bed room rug...well, that's a big maybe
45-take a mini get away vacation
46-watch all of season 1 and 2 of TrueBlood
47-watch all of Planet earth
48-clean up some clutter piles-check
49-go boating-check
50-not stress out or run around feeling I must do everything on these lists!!!-check
(first update August 8th)
(second update Aug 23rd)

This sounds like a typical wonderful magical summer!
I'm all for it.

Happy Father's Day all you Dad's

And my Dad, if you can hear me or sense me or whatever up there in heaven- I love you and  miss you lots.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

Its like SUMMER- well it is almost summer. Monday is the first day of that season- officially that is. Today just is a perfect summery day. And I am so excited to go out for a boating adventure today. Not sure about where we'll end up, but we're heading out into Great Bay/Little Bay near Portsmouth- that is if Dave can get his truck started to tow the boat-since he first thought it was a dead battery but now its not taking a charge. But the good news-Got an early walk in this morning, Cornish Heritage Farm rubber stamps has their fantastic ATC line on sale now (had to buy a couple and even better, had a rewards coming so it made my order even cheaper), and next week work wraps up before a well needed vacation and down time.
So today's picture is from Its the last weekend of Laconia Bike Week, and even though I did not go over to the Weirs where this photo is taken, I can imagine this is how it will look. You can hear the bikers out on Route 11 which is about 1 mile away and goes straight into Laconia. Even now at 8 a.m. you can hear them as bikes cruise around Lake Winnepesaukee and the whole area with side trips down to the coast. I have been to Bike Week in years past, we go out and watch the bikers because it can be quite the show. Dave has a bike liscense but doesn't have a bike now. I should go to motorcycle school myself as I have a couple of good friends who ride and it'd be fun to go with them. Laconia I believe is the oldest bike week in the nation (not the biggest- I believe that is Sturgis, SD- several years ago we went to Sturgis like the day before bike week started there and it was already a wild and crazy scene), but its a right of summer passage around this part of the world.
And the other good news is today's watery adventure is calming down my travel need just a bit- ok, who am I kidding? I was thinking about where to go this summer as I walked this morning- maybe Montreal-that's not too too far of a drive.
Oh well, have a fantastic Saturday! Bikers, ocean or not!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Addiction roars its head

I'm having a hard time NOT going on internet travel sites right now and trying to find some tickets or a hotel room or something because I WANT so badly right now to plan a trip and go on a trip. I can't stand it I want it so badly right now. Must be because its really warm but not humid and feels like summer. Must be because I keep thinking about our fantastic trip to California and a dip into Oregon last summer. Must be because there's only 1/2 day of school left with the kids and then just our 2 works days, so now its really close. Must be because I'm almost done reading the Lost Girls, which I spent a good chunk of my late afternoon out on the screen porch doing. Muts be my addiction. or one of them anyhow.
Tomorrow my adventure will be putting Dave's boat out on the ocean for the first time. Its suppose to be gorgeous so it will be a great adventure.

Exams start today

Its Friday and I'm into the last 1 1/2 days with the kids. Today  and Monday morning...and then I have 2 workd days only 4 more days until I'm on break! I know, you'd think I was one of the kids.
So today, 3 graduation cards made with the same stamp, because its almost time for school to be out for the summer and its been a season of graduations for me-the stamps are one of the  Kim Hughes stamp sets from Cornish Heritage Farms.  The top card is the invite to Katie's off to college/graduation party which we will be having August. I used a background stamp also from CHF and the stars (which didn't come out great on this particular copy) are from a set put out by Fancy Pants.
The second card is for my niece who also graduated from high school. Same CHF Kim Hughes set, and I made the colors to match her school, as I did with the invite to match Katie's high school. And the bottom card is one I made for Katie's boyfriend. I should have done green but I had the background and it matches his style. I should go back and stamp the hats on plain paper and cut them out...if I get a chance....been waiting for his party which I'm not sure when it will be as it got rained out awhile back.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I still want to sleep this morning. So for now, here's some pictures from a sunny day we had this week.
Harley loved to lick out the bottom of the ice cream container.
Giant insect on a window screen.
And some flowers blooming so pretty in my gardens.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Half way through this week

Not that I'm rushing my days...but I am ready for vacation. Another day of classes...exams start Friday and finish on Monday. Next Wednesday- 1 week, and our 2 teacher days are over and we're really on vacation! It feels like its time for summer vacation to begin and I really want some home time, down time, art time, reading time...ok, enough said..
See how my garden grows. Took these yesterday. Its exciting. Planted these seeds about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Hopefully they'll have great veggies for me this summer- as I want to mke some pickles. YUM! (Just one of those summer home time things I want to do...)
And here's one of the few cards I've done in the last couple of evenings. I'm really happy how this came out, made it on watercolor paper. One of my co-workers is leaving next Wednesday once we finish and is moving to Florida, so here's a card we can all sign to wish her well on her way.
Make it a great and happy I won't just spend my day counting down the minutes-I promise.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books everyone has read


Found this list on - So Many Books, actually discovered it through Bookgirl's Nightstand - Love doing lists like this so thought I would add it to my blog. So, what books haven't I read that so many people have seem to read:

1- Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
2-Breaking New Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
3-3 Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
4- A Thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini
5- Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (started it but didn't make it very far)
6-The life of Pi by Yann Martel
7-The Lord of the Rings trilogy
8-Memoirs of a Geisha by Authur Golden
9- Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rand
10- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I did my picks on books I want to read someday or wish I had read or as in Water for Elephants, books I wanted to like and just couldn't get into. None of these are books on the TOP of my must read soon lists. Its tough thinking up the list and I'd say only about 4 of these just came to me. I might try to read Life of Pi soon, but who knows. There's so many books and not enough time, unfortunately.

Last Week Tuesday

Last weekend Dave and I stopped for a soft serve ice cream while out about on one of our travels. This place had the coolest sign about their ice cream. Fun. If you're ever traveling up route 28 from Corncord, NH to the Lakes Region check out Frekey's and see this sign yourself.
Here's my honey with his ice cream! Thanks for treating me since I was out of cash!
So we are suppose to see sun today! Yesterday we got an occasional peak but mostly it was overcast.
Hopefully the kids will be able to handle it!
Here's a birthday card I recently made. Love this party stamp.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Week of School Begins!

Will we see some sun today?
Its Monday morning and the start of my last full week of work before summer vacation. That's exciting!!!!
Am soooo ready for vacation!!!!!!!! Now to keep the kids occupied and productive this week.