Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday morning

I got up early today-6 a.m., just because I don't want to get into the late sleeping mode since tomorrow I have to go back to school/work. Still on that 6 hour ahead time mode, so should keep it that way. They are saying another storm tonight into tomorrow morning- and they say the coast is still out a lot of power as is a lot of the state (like over 100,000 people here in NH)- we are soooo lucky we got ours back as quick as we did.
So having a bit of blues this morning and trying to override it in my brain. First of all, I am turning 50 this week which is pretty scary and the thoughts that my 40's are over-where did they go to? Plus being over 50 puts me closer to really being old. Though I don't think 50 is old...and I have a very young soul, but still...guess its one of those things in life I can't escape whether  I like it or not. I am going to work on my French-my goal- since I did very well this time in France communicating- and my French isn't great and could be better I think.
Also bummed because my uncle's kindeys have failed and its not looking good (not to be selfish, but will I spent my birthday at a funeral?) and found out my sister-in-laws breast cancer had spread again to her sternum- that one really is depressing....Its sad about my uncle but I think he is ready to move on- he's a very religous man and I believe that he wants to meet Jesus and go to heaven more than just about anything. My sister-in-law though- she is young with 2 teenagers...Thank God I have been so blessed and lucky, and I hope she is as blessed and can keep going. I feel really bad for my brother and his kids too, what a thing to deal with...But this is enough to drop my spirits a bit as you can see, so I am thankful for what I have....
Anyhow-wrapping this up so I can go in my studio and forget the bad news... here's some more trip photos- that cheers me up emensely!!!
Windows in Avignon, France!
(Yes, I can now say I have been in Provence- since we did cross the Rhone River)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post #2 today

More Gaudi- just have to show you!
This is an apartment building that Gaudi did in Barcelona- the rooftop is pretty fantastic. And I love how he used [ieces of green glass in the tops of these chimneys/vents.

More trip photos

Its snowing and we have a few inches on the ground- can't complain since we don't have much compared to other places- but its means shoveling and we were actually getting quite a bit of bare ground. Tis the season though.
These are just a few photos from this very very cool house in Barcelona designed by Gaudi- he had an ocean/St. George and the dragon theme going on here- like a giant seamonster.
You can see how the stairs have this edge like a backbone- got to love it.
This picture is a bit dark but I really wanted to capture the blue circles of glass-this is looking out the big mouth area onto the main street below. The color blue was used so much- and I love the mosaics and tilework done here and all the Gaudi places we looked at- I love tile- I love its earthiness and colors.
Anyhow-this was one of the 4 Gaudi places we visted last Saturday in this beautiful city. I highly recommend if you ever get to Barcelona not to miss this architecture.

Friday, February 26, 2010

We're Home

We got home last night after our adventure in Barcelona and the south of France- and it was a WONDERFUL adventure. We spent the first 3 days in the beautiful city of Barcelona- there is some fantastic architecture there- I was totally taken by the designs and buildings by Then we got a car (a BMW- they didn't have a Volkswagen left for us) and we drove north into France where we spent a bit of time in Nimes and Avignon and then we didn't have enough time to go to Carcasonne and a few other places by the border, but we drove back and went to the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Spain and down the Costa Brava or northern coast a bit and all and all we had fun, saw some cool things and spent some good quality time together. Will tell you more in some other posts, but these photos are of-1-a shirt at the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona- the first thing we did so Katie could cross that off her list-2-the sign on the A7 highway as we crossed from Spain into France and -3-the welcome sign in France and finally -4-the sign when we crossed back into Spain from France.
Of course must mention my weather report-came home in a heavy rain that got heavier and also some fierce winds that got up to 70 miles per hour and had no power today...we did have the generator, so we got to shower and had lights, but it was one of those days when you're beat and not very ambitious-plus we had to go rescue Harley from the kennel. I have only just gotten to really see my photos, so will post some for you later when I tell you more about my trip.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frente a Barcelona

This will be my last post for a week since tomorrow we're off to Barcelona. Yahoo! Not sure my title of this post is correct- as I don't speak Spanish, but I am ready to leave right now, Spanish or no Spanish language skills. We'll be in the city for the first 3 days and then we are driving to southern France- where I can do some basic communcating.
Anyhow, I made this tag last week while playing, and thought it worked with today's post. I used some Tim Holtz stamps, some Oxford Impression stamps and the postmark is from the 7gypsies Venice collection.
When I get back I'll have tons of photos to post and stories to tell, until then...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow day???

So today I did end up having a snow day and who knows what its doing down at the coast, but here inland we just started getting light flakes around 12:30. My school hates to call half days and let us leave, so maybe it was a good call, but here, Katie had school and I think she'll get the full day in. This is day 2 for snow days for me this year- not bad compared to the past few years, and its been great being home AGAIN. Did a few chores and have relaxed...think that's a good plan. Want to get packed once I finish laundry and did a bunch of scrapping again on my Paris journal...will come home ready to do the next journal and this one still seems to have a long way to go. Think I need to be more selective of what I put in...easier said than done.
Anyhow, photo shows the sun shining when I got up this morning after I went back to bed, slept a bit and then read for quite awhile.
So on the top is my old refrigerator. Bought it in June 1989 when we moved into our house. Up until recently it ran good- never needed any service, but it did look pretty icky inside and boy were there dust kitties underneath it. Kind of sad since I was only in my 20's when I bought it and it was the last appliance we had from the first round we bought way back in our more youthful days. Now as 50 approaches in just a little over 2 weeks its time for something new as you can see in the other photo- it makes the floor look pretty bad, which it is, but that should be replaced later this spring once we finish out bathroom project.
Lastly, will show you some recent art...

These are the 2 wedding cards I made for my cousin, not sure which one she will pick (if either) but my preference is the 3 big flowers. These cards are oversized, 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size...not sure about envelopes but will figure something out, add that to the list so I can mail these tomorrow since I won't have time to do it on Thursday. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rockin' Monday

The Hard Rock in Paris, France. Pretty soon we'll hit the Hard Rock  in Barcelona, Spain.
My daughter collects Hard Rock pins so when we go away we try to visit any nearby a Hard Rock. I think she only likes to go on a trip to somewhere there is a Cafe, but its a fun hobby for her.
So today rocked. I stayed home to be there for when the frig was delivered, and it looks fantastic in my kitchen. Dave moved cabinets so it would  fit over the weeked, will post photos once I unload from my camera. It was great being home too, took a walk this morning-though it was a bit chilly- and I worked for several hours up in the studio finishing wedding cards and working on my Paris journal. Over the weekend I picked up a bit too, which I have a clutter issue- as my whole house is demonstrating very clearly. UGH.
This afternoon I also ran out to some outlets not too far away from me. I needed new running shoes for the trip, both of mine have holes in the toes and the heels have worn down a quite a bit... I'm not a runner but I walk a lot once the weather warms up a some new Nikes at the Nike outlet...then Katie dragged me into Coach-which was having a 20% off sale- and I'm not a big bag woman at all, but I found 2 small shoulder bags that were marked down, then 50% off and then 20% off- they worked out to $43 each- a wow price for Coach. Plus Old Navy was having 40% off, and I had a coupon, got Dave a few new shirts for the trip and a couple of spring scarves for me, shirt for Katie- and only spent $29. Not that I needed the purses or the scarves, regrets.
So tomorrow we're suppose to get snow, will we have a snow day or will I be out driving in the mess? Lets see, I don't want to make up a day in June but a lazy day home to relax before the trip, and to finish packing...wait and see.
And here's my latest read- Happiness Project not quite finished- just wasn't feeling that book though it wasn't aweful (kind of felt like I heard a lot of what she was saying already) and decided to read this book since I liked the book about Eiffel and the 1889 World Exposition. Am liking this book a lot so far.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Things I Love

My 2 favorite folks-here in Versailles --- I'll take them anyplace!
 and my silly lovable puppy below
Thanks for the great walk to took with me today Harl!

A cat to love and amuse you
To talk to you and to surprise you
Someone who'll hang out in the studio with you
A sweet independent girl who doesn't really like the fuss
But she'll curl up in bed with you and nap
Art, my studio, playing, stamps, paints, glue, scissors, and all that fun stuff
Ready to go on an adventure!
Where to?????
Sun, warmer weather than winter, flowers, working in my garden, vacations, long days, being home on my screen porch or sleeping late, my house
Reading a good book or 2
Finding a great cookbook recipe to try
Scrap booking
Poking around a book store
Taking photos with my camera and playing with them on the computer
And a great cup of tea or chai latte
Since tomorrow is Valentine's day
the day we celebrate all kinds of

I thought I would show you some of the things that I love.
Have a wonderful day of love-with the people, critters and things you love!

(ps- thanks to those you you whom I borrowed photos from)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tired tonight

Typical Friday night- I am beat. Last night was my open house at school so I got home late and then was too wound up to go to bed early and even then, I didn't sleep all that well. I've been home with just the critters so I put on some Rick Steves travel videos I own, mostly to check out the show on the south of France to help with my trip research-think I want to try to hit Nimes when we go driving in Europe...not sure it will happen but will see what we come across in our travels.
Tomorrow we need to move a cabinet in the kitchen so things will be ready for our new frig which arrives Monday. Am excited but will feel better once the cabinet gets moved- a bit worried this will turn into as big a job as the bathroom. Want to get into the studio too, hasn't been happening all that much lately, and should clean in there a bit. So not too exciting a weekend but still very much looked forward to- Katie does have school tomorrow since its a snow day make up day.
So getting a bit tired of putting up Paris journal pages but since nothing else has been photographed, this is what you get. Here's 2 views of the Arc du Triumphe- one from up the Eiffel Tower and the bottom one from the top of the Champ Elysee. Like these 2 pages a lot.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Pardon my excitment- its getting hard to control. One  week from now we will be flying out over the Atlantic. I am getting so excited and my travel planning is getting more intense. This weekend I'm going to get some packing started and get those last minute afraid I'd forget items together...there's a few more details I want to research- mostly about our drive up into southeast France, but I can't believe I'm actually going to Spain and Barcelona....and to southeastern France...oh yeah. Get away from the winter weather and go to hopefully spring like weather- (don't let a cold snap or snow hit that area-please!), get some sun, some walking around outdoors...oh yeah!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stop fighting it and just go with it

Its ok not to be productive every evening!
I keep telling myself this....
My house is a cluttered mess and tonight its bugging me. But where's my ambition? I tried to work in my studio but its just not flowing tonight.I am tired,  and I just want to read and chill, but feeling like I shouldn't read and chill. Its such a wintery night-though its not snowing here, it was snowing further south in Portsmouth all day and that kind of knocked me back into the blahs. I guess I'm feeling my studio is too cluttered for me to work and my diningroom still has so much bathroom stuff in it, and I could go do something, but I'm tired from being at UNH last evening and tomorrow night I have open house at school and I'm just frozen and unable to do anything. Is that ok? I keep hearing my mother scolding me for the mess and I'm scolding me for lack of studio activity lately...oh the winter laziness...I can't wait to get out for a walk ...get some motivation to clean....finish up my bathroom and my house chores-2010 has been the year of clutter and mess so far. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday at work

A quiet afternoon here at school- I have last block of the day to prep and I can't say I'm very ambitous. Actually, would love a nap, but I am off to speak to some Education students at UNH later this afternoon so naps are not on my agenda. Too bad too. So yesterday we committed to a new kitchen project ASAP- our frig is on its last legs and we found a floor model of this super spiffy refigerator really reasonable so we bought it, and its coming next week, so this weekend- without the bathroom being done, we need to move some cabinets over a bit to have room for a frig- I just hope Dave  isn't kidding when he says it won't be too aweful- and I hope these cabinets aren't glued to the wall which would be a disaster right now!!!! Especially since my bathroom still isn't finished and my diningroom is still full of towels, a set of shelves, bags of items...I was hoping for a quiet cleaner and maybe even art weekend (seeing yesterday that was way more limited than I wanted it to be) but I can see that it is not in my cards right now. Not too many complaints though- this is a super super frig and  its far more than we could have bought had it not been a floor model markdown.
Above, the book I am starting to read next...hope to buzz through it before the trip so I can bring something light and airy for the plane...nothing worse than getting 80% through a book and its not enough left of it to make it worth bringing it on a vacation but then you have to leave it and come home to it...I've done it before but its not ideal. I don't like bringing along a new book that you start and can't get into either. Then you're stuck mid-air, and since we're flying to a country I don't speak the language...I might be really stuck. Any suggestions for a good plane book?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creative Sunday

Sundays are usually my stay home in sweats day and today is no exception. My cousin has asked me to make a card and that's top on the creaive list for the day- and I'll be honest, she wants a veil on it and I'm not sure how that's going to go. I'm feeling like I'd rather just usual Sunday, than stress over someone who has an idea in mind but who hasn't really relayed that idea to me very clearly. I can relate to artists who make a living doing things for other people and the stresses they must come across...I've got to do it today though because I'm out 3 nights this week coming up and next weekend I need to get ready for our trip plus the usual weekend chores, we leave in less than 2 weeks...anyhow, I am excited about the trip and am woking at putting myself in the right frame of mind for this project. We also have the superbowl tonight- the ads are also good to watch, thought I want the Saints to win  as I'm no fan of the Colts. But I'm hoping the card goes quickly and smoothly and then I can play with what I want to play with- or maybe I should play first to get me in the place to make this card. UGH. The card- hire me but let me design you a card- don't have me just make something you've thought up. I'm not just a maker- I'm a creator.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning

Before I go off and get too busy will drop a quick post here. Today the excitement is that I am getting my HAIR cut!!!!!!!!!!!! For me, with short, fly-away, wavy hair, I need it to get rid of my flips. YAHOO. I'm hoping to go to Costco and Trader Joe's later too- must go FLIP video (not hair flip) shopping for the trip, plus I need a bunch of stock up supplies to keep my household floating smoothly. I am also THANKFUL (though sorry for you down in the mid-Atlantic states) that we are not getting that big storm...we have only the clouds from it but they say its not going to move this far north! I don't need any more snow- though I do feel like I have popped out of my early winter hibernation mode and I am ready to live again- that feeling is good. Today's Paris Journal page is of a street painting I saw while out walking in the city and I liked it, I got some camera glare while talking my picture of my page with the top journal piece-which is on clear acetate- looks like it is on paper...its most likely the glue underneath- and I used embossing powder on the snowflakes which really make them pop. This is one of my favorite pages from the journal so far.
Anyow, happy Saturday. Have some fun if you can!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes, I am painting my bathroom- waiting for it to dry so I can go give it a second coat. Not sure I will quite finish- but will get to about 97% completion. Very very happy about that...and since its taken me several days to find the ambition to do that- its even better. Katie also found out today she got into Clarkson University- which is exciting for her, and she will be named world traveller in the yearbook (you know that section where they name the tallest, the shortest, the best dressed, etc.) I am so happy for her, she's had a banner day.
So I love this scrapbook page from my Paris journal. I took the photo inside of Sennelier art store in Paris where I bought some adult crayons-oil pastels which are just fantastic. The background for this page is a Judi-kins stamp of artist signatures which is very very cool and then I have this paint brush stamp by Stampa Rosa which I stamped and cut out. Its a simple but very effective page I think, and since I am busy painting my bathroom- which is an art in itself...this is the page of the day. TGIF!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Travel planning

2 weeks until we leave!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited!!!
Travel planning is moving into full swing. Have my books and maps-some of these I bought and some of these a friend from work who just went to Barcelona over the holidays lent me-yesterday I got a whole big bag from her and I've been reading and researching. Right now we are planning on about 3 days righy in Barcelona and then renting a car and driving up to France for a couple of days, with a few planned stops on the way like the Dali museum in Figueres (maybe I spelled that correct). I know we won't get too far into France but I'm hoping to go to Carcasonne (and did I even get close with this word?) because I love looking at ancient castles and World Heritage sites. They say that trip is only 2 1/2 hours up the highway from Barcelona so I think its very do-able.
So in just 2 weeks, our plane will be taking off right around now and maybe we'll even be in the for an adventure and to a place where the temps have been in the 50's this week (I've been monitoring the temperature there) which is WAY better than here in NH where we've been lucky to hit 34 degrees by mid-afternoon and some mornings going to work its been in the single digits. This is our last family vacation most likely before Katie leaves for college and it is how I am going to celebrate turning 50 which happens a week after we get home.
Can you tell I can't wait to go?