Thursday, August 30, 2007

Assorted photos

Some assorted photos I have taken- the ravens whom we met at Bryce Canyon, a rock arch over the road on the way to Bryce, a picture in Firenze (Florence), flag mural on a building in Philly (trip several years ago I took), a my tea book that was published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and finally a large life-like statue collection of a cattle round-up in Dallas.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

183 days until next summer vacation

Promise, I won't keep going until the school year ends!
Ordered a few books lately on Amazon, though some are still pre-orders but can't wait to see them. It stared with a need for a 2008 calendar because I already have appointments coming up which I need to record. Saw both of these in Barnes and Nobles yesterday, and couldn't decide which I liked better for a calendar. I love old maps, and these are from the 1600's. Now what I liked about the celestial one is the star guides and the solar maps. The regular maps has some great title pieces (do they have a name?) They will be great for my art- even if I use for for a year I can still use the art pages.

Then I ordered a couple of books on London. One is a Rick Steves guidebook- as I like his guidebooks. I do not care about the restaurant and hotel lists, but I love th history and the places to go and how to navigate. The other book is Secret London, bought it used for quite a bit cheaper. Can't wait to go and want to see what Secret things I can discover.
Can't wait to go to London- but have to wait until FEB. Have to pay the trip too and here I go spending my extra cash on BOOKS!

Lastly pre-ordered some art books. Add them to my collection that I don't even have shelf or rack space for...not even sure if they are any good- but they look excellent and interesting- and I love how they give you new ideas and get my brain to start thinking of new projects or way to complete projects. They won't be here for a bit, but I can't wait! I loved LInda Woods and Karen Dinino's last journaling book, so I'm hoping this is just as great.

Monday, August 27, 2007

184 days of school until next summer break!

Today was the annual teacher workday- should be renamed teacher meeting day. And tomorrow- the kids arrive!!! 22 in Microbiology, 17 in biology and 7 (yes 7) 4th block in applied bio. HMMMM!

Katie says I'm too happy to be in the back to school mode, though I slept lousy last night- exhaustive stress out, wake me up dreams all night (one was about a hurricane), and tomorrow I need to be there early...class at 7:30- never had a first block all last year.

AH- its a long way till the next summer vacation!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yesterday and the week before

Happiness is being HOME!
with the ones you love and laughing and having tail wagging fun. That's what the summer has been (I think I could stay home full time if I had the cash!)

I forgot my camera- not good- but it was an interesting day. Incredibly HOT and HUMID- didn't feel very comfortable even dipping into the lake which had cooled down since the week was soooo chilly. Read lots of my latest book- London by Edward Rutherford. Was a big crowd at Barbara's- us, Nick, Deb, Sarah, Ally, Ed abd Ruth, Barbara of course. Big thunder storm but NO rain at dinner- power went off and we had an adventure dinner of hamburgers...then had this cool RED sunset- even the water was red, with the wind blowing and the waves RED from the camera of course, forgot it at home...dinner in the dark, then the lights came back on...still hot though-but today we're in a turn-over day I think- feels cooler already.
More to say- Friday was our last day at the lake for the summer- got haircuts- did a bunch of scrapping on our day in Northern Ireland during the week- just wanted to hang our in my grungies most of the week. Was researching places and info for our Feb. Trip to London...
Now, it is Sunday- end of my vacation officially- tomorrow I work- but 4 days this week- only 3 with kids...then its the long 4 day Labor Day weekend for me- promised Katie shopping Friday- and we're officially back into fall activities- though usually still so summery...

Time flies when you're having FUN.

My unofficial yearly project-continued

My project was a museum a month- just something that kind of happened. Here's my list so far:

  1. January-Harvard museum of Natural History
  2. Feb-The Credit Union of America Museum
  3. March- Museum of Science (Darwin Exhibit), The N.E. Aquarium, BOston Museum of Fine Arts (Paris Fashin Week)
  4. April- Field trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, all the stuff in Ireland
  5. May- Field Trip to the Museum of Science, The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA- especially the Joseph Cornell Exhibit
  6. June- Nada- nothing- but school got out and summer began...
  7. July- Some of the Freedom Trail- like the Holocost Memorial and The Historical National Park in Lowell, MA- the old mills- where the girls worked and lived and the visitors center about Lowell, the Jack Karowac (spelling) On the Road Scroll
  8. August- Philly- the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, The Carpenter's Hall where the Conitental congress (first) met, the Franklin Institute of Science, The King Tut Exhibit, the Edgar Allen Poe House, the USS New Jersey, Valley Forge

And what's left: Well, there's 2 quilt museums in Lowell Ma I wouldn't mind visiting, never made it to the Libbey Museum in Wolfeboro, there's even Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth and mostly would like to back to the Isabella Stewart Gardiner museum in Boston since its been years since I've gone there. Not sure how the fall will go with back to school in Sept and the usual fall activities- apple picking, getting winterized, birthdays and major holidays... if don't complete the project, well its nothing official and not the end of the world...

But it is somuch fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Todays topics are...


1- Vacation is winding down. Today is really my last day at home and I don't want to change out of my grungies. How done a few chores, dones lots of scrapping- working on my Northern Ireland roadtrip adventure. Its cloudy, warming up a bit- so NICE to hung out. Started reading the book LONDON too, which is soooo long (like 1000 pages give or take) but so far I am enjoying it and hope to be a bit more informed when I got to London in Feb.

Tomorrow is my last Lake Day and then Katie and I are both getting our hair done. Then its the weekend- then its back to school on Monday.

2- Having massive rubber stamp addiction- NEED TO BUY! Alas, I have like no money until I get my check next week from school- and keep thinking I might need to charge something- but that would be so naughty with the trips sitting on my credit card. Want to buy some nautical stamps from B-Line Design, some more Technique Tuesday borders and a few assorted items on the Stamp Diva website.

3-Speaking of money- I have fear of checking my bank account amount...but really need to. Sometimes, today.

So, I am adding a couple more photos from our trip last weekend- The USS New Jersey- since I must be a tough strong battleship to resist spending $$$ and having the nerve to check my bank account.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A few More Vacation Photos

This picture tells you just where we were. Too bad we didn't think to bring our bikes- this would be a great place to bike.

These are from last Friday-a very hot and humid day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

write it down, make it happen

Let's try it:

the want to do list:

1) lose 15 pounds
2) get out of debt so my paycheck is mostly mine
3) learn to speak Italian
4) learn to play the drums
5) become more of a public artist rather than a private artist
6) figure out how to become a paid artist
7) handle anxiety better so I can control stress better
8) exercise regulary once school gets back into session next week
9) not get so down about my relationship with my mom
10) be able to sleep through the night better-this goes with #7

Think 10 is a good start! Lets see if I can accomplish a1 or 2 of them successfully.

I did accomplish this once before- with my traveling...wanted to do more, and now I do it. That's a lot of the debt I need to payoff- Philly last weekend- the hotel rooms and Tut tickets (not much to pay off) but then we're going to London in Feb (YAHOO), which is a BIG wanna-do but now I have that to pay off, and its $3100.

Write it down, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

More Philly Photos

Our duck boat trip, reflected in some long glass windows.
Very cool railing, outside of the Second Bank of the US.

Windows, shutters and a doorway- so classic Philly.

Fish at the Reading Terminal Market

Cool building mural.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Home from Philly

A few quick snapshots- lots of those from our long weekend trip to Philly. Haven't had a chance to play with any of these, but thought they's be fun to post in rough form.

Here's Dave and Katie sitting on the steps outside the first bank of the U.S.

Gum tree on South Street- quick and a bit blurry as we took a duck tour by.

Me and Katie at the Liberty Bell.

Dave being like the statue at Independence Park.

WE're eating breakfast at the Reading Terminal Market and here's Dave's reflection in the window- really fun.

Katie and I at George Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grandma's House Project-photos parts 2

On the left below is the cover- the tree is tyvek painted, as is the door stamped and painted and then covered with a plastic mciroscope slide. The window is acetate with a piece of cloth behind it and a kitty stamped on it. The second picture is the back side of the cover, the stamp is on yellow checked paper and then covered in mesh. The roof area is painted and these blue tidly-wink type plastic circles are glued down, along with a piece of trim stitched with red embroidery floss. Then 2 daisies are added.

This is a close up of the other chldhood page, see the full page below. Its an old photo printed on cloth (I use preset sheets). There's also green leaf sequins and green glitter glue, a button, clock charm in the roof area, and some fun trim.

This blue spoon page is my favorite. I lvoe tea themed art for some reason. I used a "real" old spoon and made the tag with a tag and a stamp from Stampington- same company stamped the tea types on the roof part of the house. The cup was a stamp I almost sold- it came as part of a TEA set a bough for $7 on eBay this summer- and wasn't planning on keeping it but I love how it came out when stamped on cloth and then colored with gelly-roll pens.

Getting ready for Philly

tomorrow we are off for a few days of family adventure and fun- we're driving to Philly to do some hostoric sites and to see King Tut. yahoo! i am looking forward to the trip- though will miss my 3 babies- Harley will be at Mom's and the cats are going to hang out here for 4 days- with a visit from my mother-in-law to check on them.

today I was on a ROLL and cleaned up my studio part of the spare room- we call it the bookroom- went through my stamps-pulled out a few moer to sell on e-Bay once we come home, made some space, packed them better in their bins since they get used, end up a mess and then I can't close to tops, and even did some arranging so now I have TWO empty bins on the shelf and TWO more where I would need to make shelf room. I am so excited to have a bit of space- want to make another bin called "water"- with boats, swimming, etc. stamps. haven't done it yet, but will help make some space in the travel, transportation box, and B-Line Designs has some great nautical stamps I would really like get one of these days.

anyhow, now just need to attack the books in the spare room- they are still rather everywhere. but at least I can work on my projects- started photos from Northern Ireland- to scrapbook and also found some fall photos from 2004 I need to finish- pretty close to being done- that time I did a 4 season book and all that is left is these fall pages-which are mostly done anyhow.

will post somemore from my house book and otherwise, will be back early next week with lots of photos from our mini-trip.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My House Project-Photos-Part I

Here's a few pages from my house book project- yahoo-finally finished something- which I started back in early July.

The theme was originally Grandma's house, but it grew to more of big picture of common emotions all women go through at various points during their lives.
But I'll still call it Grandma's House- in honor of my Nana (whom I miss very much by the way) and my MorMor (well it should be FarMor), my Swedish Grandma on Dad's side. I never got to know her as well since she passed away when I was 7.

1) This page is the Diva page. I made the whole book by taking oversized playing cards and cutting them into a house shape. Then I glued down fabric and sewed the edges for extra hold. Now I was ready to play!
2)This page is made by glueing down some writing fabric. Then I stamped the woman (great old Hero Arts) on transparent acetate, cut her out and glued her onto white cloth and cut out. Attach. Stamp a few phrases and cover with white mesh. Add diamond sparklies to the left and on the right, I colored a strip with a sharpie, put down this thick Diamond Glaze type of material (name??? dried to a clear embellishment and thicker than Diamond Glaze) and then while wet I dropped in some Judikins Rox in clear. (Great texture I think)
I topped it all with this filgree embellishment and a silver/gray ribbon bow. See the details below.

3) This page to the left is the back of the book. The sun is painted with Golden Acrylics, the tree is made of tyvec (???? other name) painted and the leaves are green dimensional fabric paint. The chicken is actually a small piece of fabric attached and outlined with a Sharpie. There is trim on the bottom (ric-rac glued with Diamond Glaze- my favorite-most everything is glued with it!), flowers are made from bingo pieces and also a flower trim which I cut apart to get the black eyed susans. Sunflower charms are in each bottom corner.

4)Now below is the art page- as all woman create something from their lives. What I liked about this page was the metal word band at the top made from green wire and word charms ( see the details)- I glued the metal charms to hold it in place. Also, I took Staz-On and white fabric and used some Hero Arts cloth sample stamps to make the 3 cloth pieces. The ABC are also Hero Arts stamps stamped onto a transparency and glued, the sewing model is a Dawn Houser stamp and there is a crocheted embellishment I bought from Speckled Egg- check out the website. Also from them, the scissor charm.

More to come when I have some more time! Enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2007


3 cool mushrooms on a log next to the garage.

Wish I had about $1000 to go buy all the rubber stamps (new releases and old) that I would love to add to my collection. New B Line Designs (nautical theme), Cavallini Christmas sets, Tea and Cowgirl Blues from Oxford Impression, INkadinkado flouish skull, I could continue...

Are leaving Thursday for Philly, going to do some National Park sites like Valley Forge, Liberty Bell. Also booked tickets to go to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute- should be a blast.

Just need to tie together my house book-grandma's house or all women's house...will add photos once I finish and take them.

Watching the Lord of the Rings #1 now, been a bit since I've seen it. Great flick.

Oh yeah, got the notice my 25th college reunion is this fall. 25 Years! Egads. Am I that old?

My holiday Hero Arts stamps I ordered I have arrived- love Christmas stamps. Could buy a few more, but its August so how many do you buy now? Like I said- wish I had more money to buy a bunch of stamps. They are great and I can't wait to start making holiday cards and projects!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Let's see what today brought:

1- we finished eating the pig from yesterday
2- we are actively planning out trip now that we have booked hotel rooms- off to Philly on Thursday
3- Mom surprised me and said she'd baby sit Harley while we are gone
4- Barbara (my mother-in-law) volunteered to take Harley but said she'd come down and check the cats while we're gone
5- The book I am reading- Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund is excellent
6- It was a gorgeous day! espcially since some of my in-laws weren't too obnoxious (not Barbara but the you know who's)
7- Great walk this morning
And that was today! An overall good day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stuffed-like Thanksgiving

We went out for a late lunch today- Dave, Katie, her friend Nick, myself- to the Yankee Smokehouse. YUMMY! We haven't eaten here in a few years, and we ordered the smokehouse feast- $59.99 and enough to feed 4-6 people, more like 8 people I think- we brought so much home. Of course Katie didn't prefer it, seeing she likes her food to come arranged on her plate, we us 3 loved it. I am SOOOO stuffed right now- still.

The Yankee Smokehouse is in Ossipee, NH by the way.
We were out furniture shopping- well brousing, since we need some new livingroom chairs (wing chair, love seat and a sofa- though ours is just dirty but not in terrible shape). We also stopped at Job Lots looking for a Cat Fun Tunnel- but they were out- still managed to rummage some new bath sheets for just $6 (Really nice Martex ones) and a couple of 3 ring binders. Also Nick's Mom got me some fabric when it went free at the Street Fair last Saturday- which was really really nice of her. Thanks Lynn!
Another week- think we're going to Philly for a couple of days at the end of next week. This past week was so busy- Monday was in out and out as we picked up Katie's friend in Wolfeboro and took Emmie to the vet and needed to go out and get food. Tuesday the beach, a bit of shopping while we were down that way. Wed. and Thursday we were at MOm's for her surgery and Friday was work day at the lake- ran into one of my favorite students- never happens up here in New Durham, was a complete surprise but a nice one, and last night just wanted to SLEEP. So now, its another week. Or just about.
And I am still soo stuffed.

2 great books!

2 EXCELLENT books for cloth art I picked up this week- The Art of Embroidery is all about inspiration in nature and the stitches to recreate it. The Painted Qulit is some great instructions for adding color to cloth- dying, pastels, paint, stencils, etc. Check them out. I give them both 5 stars!


Mom had this great coneflower plant in her garden. Had to share these.