Monday, October 31, 2016

Dia de los Muertos

Its Tuesday again, And a new month too. Hard to believe October came and went and now were are already in the 10th month of the year.
My cold is ever so SLOWLY improving. Even though I have made rest my number one therapy. I even stayed home yesterday and gave it some more time. Maybe I've given it too much time and I should fight more fiercely. 
I'll start my post with another Day of the Dead journal page. Tomorrow is All Souls Day and the day this holiday is celebrated.  I picked up this skeleton lady die because she is a lot of fun. And I made my background with parts of a shopping bag, some printed tissue paper and some paint. Then I added the painted stars and glittered them with some silver, gold and copper Stickles glitter glue.
Thanks to all of you who left such interesting comments on yesterdays post about All Saints and All Souls Day.  I've never know anyone who visited cemeteries on those days, which makes it rather interesting to me that people actually do.
And keeping with the Mexican theme of the day, it is Tuesday and time for T for Tuesday
The hubby and I have both been addicted to these taco salads lately. In fact, a couple of weekends ago, I had one for dinner both Friday and Saturday nights. At two different places, but this was the better of the two. You can see I had a diet coke  in the partial glass at the top center of this photo.
In fact, posting this photo I want one now. :) The chicken was hot, the salad fixings cold, and the shell was fresh and also warm, even though I can never finish the whole salad. I guess other than the shell its not a bad meal to crave.
Stop by to see what the T gang has had to eat or drink. And maybe stop by yourself.
Have a great day!

Happy Halloween

The wind is rising and
the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
for October  eves."
Humbert Wolfe

Here's a spooky journal page for today. I little Count Dracula and some bats.
Just a little Halloween fun.
And its been awhile since I have gotten go trick or treating (although I always enjoyed going with my daughter and one of her friends when she was a kid), I thought I would offer you a little holiday candy.

 These M&M's are filled with white chocolate and colored to match the colors of candy corn, which is my husband's favorite but not mine. But I am hooked on these candies. :)
Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day of the Dead

Happy Sunday everyone. I'm down and out with a good old head cold so I slept really late today. Yesterday too, so it was a good thing the hubby didn't want to do anything wild or crazy on his birthday. :)
 I did take him out for a late breakfast though, and I  went to the store and got the fixings for his favorite meal which is Chicken Parmesan.  He helped me cook it , which made dinner a lot of fun. Plus it was dark and rainy all day and with my head cold and the hubby getting nervous about his (hopeful) surgery this week, it was a good day to not do much of anything else.
So today I have a page  I made in  my journal. Sorry the photo isn't the best but the journal wasn't laying very flat.
Day of the Dead is the English name for a Mexican Holiday called  Día de Muertos
The only trip into Mexico I've ever done is walk into Tijuana from California, and it wasn't even during the right season, so I have never got to see a Day of the Dead Celebration. However, when I visited northern New Mexico there has been signs that they celebrate  the holiday there.
According to Wikipedia, this holiday traces its history back to an ancient Aztec festival. 
So October 31 is All Hallow's Eve, or better know as Halloween.  November 1 is All Saints Day, and then November 2 is All Souls Day. I've heard the November 1 is the day they celebrate Day of the Dead, but the sources I found on the internet say it is celebrated on November 2. I also read that originally this was  a summer celebration,  but that it was moved to be around the church holiday on November 1 many many years ago.
Here the Northeast of the US where I live, we don't see much about this celebration. 
One of the big things I read about this holiday is that families fix up the graves of their loved ones and have picnics at those graves. The Spanish cemeteries in Northern New Mexico are colorful places even in the dead of winter (when I have been there). I can only image what they are like during this holiday.
(Due to family privacy, I have blanked out the names on the graves . I don't know if it is cultural taboo to show these, but I apologize if it is. I just found them fascinating.)

They are so colorful and bright. Here in New Hampshire our cemeteries don't look anything like this. Guess its all the British and French Canadian heritage in my area. Plus all the frugal Yankee stoicism we northern New Englanders are known to have, doesn't lend itself to such splashes of color.
Hope my page does a little bit of justice to this holiday.
Enjoy the what's left to the weekend!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Big Pumpkin

It is almost Halloween, and with my as of late owl kick, I haven't made very many Halloween pages. But I do have one from my Halloween journal for you. Its a giant pumpkin.
The pumpkin is painted by me, and then I added some die cuts and stickers. I also stamped the quote, which is one of my favorites for this holiday.
I am linking up to Valerie's Indian Summer challenge at Art Journal Journey. Just a couple more days left to post. Wow- where has October gone?
So today is the hubby's birthday. I asked him earlier this week what he wanted to do, since it is his day, and he said finish cleaning up the yard. It doesn't sound much like I would pick on my birthday, but if it makes him happy, we can do that. (And we should finish up everything except raking, which needs to be done but there's still all those oak leaves to come down.) I did manage to twist the hubby's arm and tell him I would take him out for breakfast. I think I want to go more than him so I can have another mug of their yummy coco, as I showed you the other day on T for Tuesday. We were invited to a Halloween party tonight, but not sure he'll want to go, which is fine. I like a good Halloween party but not sure I am up for the whole thing right now myself either. Whatever he would like. It is his day. :)
Hope you have a happy Saturday.

Friday, October 28, 2016

In the Night

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a busy week at work for me, although it was just the usual work things, nothing unusual. My classes have big tests today, and then midterm exams are next week so the kids are a little stressed. Of course some of them are their own worst enemies not doing what they needed to do , so they are keeping me busy hoping I will excuse them from something or allow them to play catch up. Some of those kids have legitimate reasons, but some of them aren't getting much sympathy. And then they are wanting help to get ready for today's test. Its the end of the quarter so they are worried about their grades.
So I've had a lot of evening art time this week to relax. My daughter has gone off to Florida with some friends, so on the nights my husband has dialysis it is pretty quiet. I have  done some playing, lots of painting, and really need to do a bit of cleaning in my happy space. :)

I made this owl without doing any sketching or planning. I really just wanted to try to make a flying owl and didn't really care what he ended up looking like. It was all big art experiment. I thought the dark Gelli printed background would be a good place to try since owls are flying around in the night.

I also decided that I was going to take my  owl outline (which looks like a kid drew him), and without too much fuss add feathers to him.
I must say I am really happy with the finished spontaneous results. It was a pleasant surprise (especially after looking at how he started)  and I learned a bit too. :)
I am linking up to Paint Party Friday. Thank you Kristen and Eva for hosting this great place to spotlight our art.

Any fun weekend plans? Mine is wide open but tomorrow is the hubby's birthday so I told him we could what he wants to do for the day. Let's see if he thinks of anything or even wants to do anything. :) Its not looking like great weather this weekend, clouds and some rain, but in another way its great weather to relax since next week the kids have midterm exams and they will keep me on my toes too. Plus, fingers crossed, maybe surgery for my hubby at the end of the week.
Have a great weekend everyone.
And as always, I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Gardeing

A few Sunday afternoons ago, before the rain and the COLD wind, we had a beautiful Indian Summer afternoon. Warm, and a bit balmy. A good day (since all the leaves were still on the trees) to plant some spring bulbs I had bought. A day that made me happy. Maybe the sweetest part was knowing that days working outside are so limited. Not that I want them to end, but knowing that the gardening season is just about over makes being in the garden so much the better. It intensifies the enjoyment because you know it is going to be way too many months before gardening days come again. 
I made this page in my journal about that afternoon. The colorful background represents the colorful trees in the woods behind my garden. I drew and colored the bulbs on paper, and then cut them out and added them to my page.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. The talented Valerie has been our hostess this month with this wonderful Indian Summer/Golden October theme.
And speaking of Indian Summer, I am enjoying season 2 of Indian Summers on PBS. Have you seen it? Its a classic British drama set pre-World War 2 India.  I really enjoyed season 1 and am enjoying season 2.
Its still chilly here in my world. Hope its a warm Indian summer day in your world. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Breakfast Time

Happy T Day everyone. I am stopping by today with a cup of delicious hot coco with whipped cream. I have shown you a mug of this coco before, although it has been awhile since I had ordered any at The Farmer's Kitchen. But back on Columbus Day my daughter and I went and had brunch at this little local restaurant before we ran some errands.
I know Columbus Day was a Monday holiday, but here in New Hampshire a lot of people didn't have the day off, and yet we still had to wait about 25 minutes for a table. It goes to show you that if you serve good food  at decent prices, people will come.
The gigantic meal I had with my coco was some hash and eggs.
There's no way I could eat all of this at one sitting. :)
Stop by   Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog    to see what everyone has been drinking and eating. 
More chilly wind and weather here in New Hampshire.  More rain coming in too. But at least I don't live up north where they are saying the rain will become snow.  :) I am not ready for that yet.
Have a great T Day everyone.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


The wind has been blowing all day.  Its chilly and is feeling more like November than October. The next few days are suppose to be chilly too, but hopefully not so much wind.
But no rain today. But not a lot of sun either.
Although we still have some leaves on the trees, you can see how many have come down. I took this photo this morning on my walk.
Its feeling more like Halloween. I can't believe spook day is only a week away.
 Here's a journal page I am linking up to Moo Mania. The latest theme is Halloween Party, and a cemetery on a dark spooky night seems like as good a place as any to have a little party. I think the little ghosts (which are actually buttons I snipped the backs off of) look like they are having a fun time.
The background is actually a page I used to clean off some stencils. Can you just make the images of some monster faces?
I painted and sprayed the page, painted the moon, and then used a tissue stamped skull. I like how it glows a little bit on the moon.
So I'm watching some football with the hubby. We have a little fire in the fireplace. It gives a really nice atmosphere on this breezy night.  I love it when we don't burn the fireplace for heat but we burn in it just for the atmosphere. Makes me want to make some hot spiced apple cider and maybe rustle up some pumpkin pie. But rustling up pumpkin pie means running to the grocery store and I think I can do without that.
And for those of you following the husband's surgery roller coaster ride, we've got another date. Hopefully it will go off next Thursday, Nov. 3. I'm just not going to think about it until we get to that day.  Or try to not think about it. :)
And just get ready to jump feet first into the new week.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Leaf Peeping

Hi everyone. It was a dark and rainy Saturday here in New Hampshire, adding a little water to our low water table. 
With the heavy rain so many of our leaves have fallen. It certainly looks less early fall and more late fall when those leaves come down. And now that means raking is on the to do list. :)
 I showed you this tree the other day. I took this photo just one week ago.
And here's the tree yesterday in the mist.
So today I have a journal page for you. It was made as my interpretation of all the beautiful leaves and the colorful mountain views I saw when my family and I went our road trip to the New Hampshire mountains a few weekends ago.

But with all the falling leaves it could have been today.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey because this month's theme is Indian Summer/Golden October, hosted by Valerie. Stop by to see some beautiful autumn inspired art.
I'm glad there is still Sunday left to this weekend. It has been a good one for me so far. I finished watching the Ken Burns film on the Roosevelts. It is a close 14 hour series and I've been watching it off and on for 6 weeks now. Typical of Ken Burns films, it was wonderful. And somehow I was reading my latest book and noticed I had managed to get more than half way through without really paying attention. And yesterday my husband and daughter and I went to see the Magnificent Seven at the theater.  I enjoyed that film too. And today, I am planning some arty time and we're celebrating my husband's and daughter's birthdays. Their birthdays aren't until next weekend but my daughter is off to Florida with some friends later this week and won't be around then, so we're having our party a little early. :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Catching Up

Its pouring outside as I write this. We are about 18 inches behind in rain this season, and I haven't heard much of this sound-the rain pattering on the roof in months-heavy pattering actually with thunder and lightening. Its has been dripping all day, but it was a wonderful day to hang home with one of the dogs for company. 

 I had a lot of fun playing with paints and some die cuts. Other than the dog wanting to go out and chase a couple of squirrels, there was no one to bug me and I could play some music loudly while I made my messes. :)
So I have a couple of older journal pages I haven't show you yet. Keeping with the rainy weather theme.
And I love not getting up out of bed too early and having a bit of reading time. I'm still on an Iceland kick since my trip back in July. I'm curious how I'll feel about this book after I get into the middle of the story, since I just started it today. Its good but rather sad so far.
This thunder has been rumbling for a good couple of hours. The weather people say we are going to get chilly-more late fall weather, at least for a few days. Not sure if the rain will be around tomorrow or not, but I know the weekend wasn't looking too beautiful last time I checked.
Hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've been craving solitude, me time, quiet time. Maybe its my life's craziness right now with my husband's health issues along with my work as a teacher. Crazy teenagers are tons of fun but can wear you down. I want to take a walk, collect colored leaves,  and bake muffins.
I had a lot of fun making this page. It began with me moving paint around on the page, and then letting the paint tell me what should go on the page. Stamped trees, a painted fence and a stamped crow. The pumpkins are cut off a cookie box from Trader Joe's. 
I am linking up to Paint Party Friday. Thanks to Eva and Kristen for hosting. I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but its good to be back.
I am also linking up to Art Journal Journey. This month's theme is Indian Summer/Golden October hosted by Valerie. 
So I'm taking Friday  off from work. Smiling me!  I don't know if the weather will cooperate with me going outside to walk, but we desperately need rain. Besides, the joys of hanging home in my pajamas is really appealing. The perfect day to lounge and sleep late and recharge. I am very excited about this, especially since I get to miss the pep rally at work. This week at work has been spirit week culminating with the Friday afternoon a pep rally.  The kids have been getting more crazy every day. We've had dress up days every day this week, including pajama day and twin day and it gets them just a little bit unfocused. But the school has had lots of good energy going around.
Not sure whether I will do much of anything this weekend, but I am planning on enjoying it.  Hope you enjoy yours.
And as always, thanks for stopping by for a visit

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little Owls

I seem to be obsessed with owls lately.  :)
 When I take a walk I can hear old trees in the woods creaking if there's any wind. That noise was my inspiration for this piece. I started with this free hand painted spooky old tree, and then decided it needed an owl. Or 3.
I am linking up to this month's great theme over at Art Journal Journey. Its all about Indian Summer or Golden October. Thank you Valerie for hosting and a great theme.
I appreciate you stopping by my blog too.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Yummy Fall Drink

Happy T day!
So a few weeks back the hubby and I went out to dinner with another couple we  know. We went to Nolan's, which makes delicious brick oven pizza. My friend Sherry got all excited because Pumpkin Martinis were back on the menu, and since I had never had one, I had to try one.
It  was more like liquid pumpkin pie for dessert since besides the alcohol it was made with pumpkin puree.. Yummy.
I am linking up to T for Tuesday on Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog. Stop by for this week's T gang posts.
I also added the drink to one of my autumn journal pages.
Hope everyone gets to enjoy a big cup of T or whatever your favorite drink is.
 Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Good Weekend

Happy new week everyone.
A good weekend does a lot for a sagging psyche, and I am feeling recharged. Of course this week at school is going to be insane as it is Spirit Week, which is the lead up to home coming next weekend. Lots of craziness ahead, but at least no evening events and no thoughts of surgery. :)
I'm also thinking I might be naughty and maybe take a day off just to stay home and make art all day.  That thought makes me happy.
The goal of this past weekend was to have some fun but also get something accomplished. So I did a few chores and squeezed in a little gardening. :)  Amazing how getting something done can pump you up. Or at least me.
So I squeezed in a bit of art time this weekend.  I didn't really finish much, but I  managed to make a bunch of backgrounds and I did complete this page.
I tried something different by making a collaged background of assorted paper scraps and some tissue paper scraps.
Then I sprayed it with some ink. Once dried I  added some leaf stickers. The larger ones I added some glitter glue (Stickles). I also stamped the words and the flying geese. The pumpkins are cut from a box of Trader Joe's pumpkin cookies. I added the glitter glue to them also. And the fox is a little die cut that i added and colored.. 
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey.   This month Valerie is our hostess and her wonderful theme is Indian Summer-Golden October.
The golden October colors were rather pretty at my house this weekend.
 I love this maple tree in the back edge of my yard. 
 Sunshine in the woods behind the tree, And also leaves that fell out of the tree that covered the ground.
Hope everyone else had  nice weekend too. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I always appreciate it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Yellow Birds

Happy weekend everyone. It is a very chilly morning here in New Hampshire. Even a little frost. Over the last week our leaves have really turned.  As I write this I was noticing (that now) when I look out the window I see yellow, and the other day the view  was still green. I wish this color would last longer than it does but I guess the brief time we have these colors is what makes it so special.

So I have another piece for Art Journal Journey today. This spread began with the branches. What you can't see here is the depth from thick paint layers. I was actually making these on a Gelli printed background. I was trying to get them to pop off the background, but they never did. I guess I picked a background that was a little too busy and the color of the branches just blended too much.
No fear. I cut them out and made a page in journal for them. Then I added the orange leaves and sketched and painted these goldfinches.
I'm not crazy about how some of the green under color is sticking out around my quote, makes it look a bit smudgy, but I  guess that's what happen when you decided to make the have a little more depth on just part of the spread. Next time I need to plan where I place my letters a little better I guess. :)

So I need to do a bit of cleaning today and then the hubby and I are out to run errands. Not very  exciting, but needed. Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. I was thinking last night about what an adventure it has been all these years. The latest heart surgery news (yesterday) was very disappointing too. Even though he saw a dermatologist and she says the rash is gone and he should be good for surgery, the heart surgeon wants him to use the medicine for another 2 weeks and then go back and see the dermatologist again. I just wish they had said this in the first place.  It would have made life a lot less stressful if they had said use the medicine for a month and then we'll check it. Its been a pain in the you know where. GRRRRR.

Oh yes, and a couple of books I have been reading.
 If you knit you might know Arne and Carlos.  They make all kinds of interesting knitting patterns like flowers and Christmas ornaments. I love their books (as I like to knit on occasion) so I thought I was would check out their journaling book. Although I have made my own journals before, their binding technique is a little different from what I have ever seen, and so I am really enjoying this book. Plus I love looking at other people's journals. Arne and Carlos use more collage than anything, which is something I don't do enough of, so it is cool to see how people collect images for other projects, like in their case designing knitting patterns.
And this non-fiction book is an enjoyable romp through chess, medieval life, and archaeology with some British, Norwegian and Icelandic history thrown in. It is all about the Lewis Chess pieces, which are amazing mostly walrus tusk carvings. I saw the ones in the British Museum many years ago and they stuck with me.  Nancy Marie Brown also wrote a book I read earlier this year about one famous early Icelandic woman, Gudrid the Far Traveler. I enjoyed that book so I thought I would check this one out.
So nothing else new here. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another Owl for AJJ

Thursday already. Second half of my 4 day work week begins :) Last night the group  I advise at school (the National Honor Society) had their induction ceremony. It was a lot of work and is a bit high profile with parents and school officials attending, but it went off nicely. Now we have a whopping 80 new members. The biggest its ever been at my school.
Glad that is done for the year. Between that and my husband's surgery (it will happen one of these days) my brain has been gelatin. I am half contemplating just taking a day off to stay home in an empty quiet house so I can get my thoughts back in order. But at least tonight when I get home from work I can go splash some paints around which will be a very good thing for my jelly brain. :)
So today I have another page for Art Journal Journey. Thanks Valerie for this great Indian Summer, Golden October theme.
I think this page needs a couple of bats flying into the moon. I always see things that need to be fixed once I put it up on the internet.  Maybe I'll go back and add some. Today I have another piece using my new owl stencil. This time I used a Gelli print for the background, which I then cut to give it those funky scalloped edges. I then attached that to some card stock and outlined it with a white marker. Finally I added the quote around the edge and some bronze autumn stickers.
Not the most in depth page I ever made but pretty good for the gelatin  brained lady.
Happy Thursday and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scary and Spooky at TIOT

There's a great new theme at Try It On Tuesday. Its  Scary and Spooky.
I've been working on a Halloween journal for the last couple of years. I work on it in season, when I feel inspired, and then it gets put away until the next year. On this page I played with a couple of monster stencils I found on a mark down table. I also did a bit of stamping. And collaging of tissue paper and playing with paint.

Here's another page . This one I made last year, and then recently went back to and did some revising. I added the paper ephemera in the glasses and outlined the flowers. I think it really changed up the page and made it a little spookier because the eyes look so real.
The rest of this page is hand drawn/painted on a Gelli print. Except for the stamped little skeletons on the bottom and the Boo die cut on the top.
What I love about this journal is that is is a BIG old coffee table book-18 x 12 inches. I can do a lot on such a big page.
I need to keep my eyes open to find another book this size so I can add in some of "regular" lose art journal pages that I have. My pile is getting a bit high and it is time to neaten up the happy place which is a major mess right now.
Auuuugh.  But I do love a little mess in my happy place. Somehow, all those things I need to put away are out for me to use and are inspiring.
Hope you are inspired by today.
I'm g;ad you stopped by to visit.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Leaf Peeping Food and Drink

Its Tuesday again- already. Back to work after my long weekend. I really liked having an extra day home, and hopefully I am ready for another work week. :)
And since it is Tuesday, it is time for another T is for Tuesday
So today I m going to share my very very late lunch or super early dinner that I had this past Saturday on our way home from our Fall Foliage road trip to the mountains of New Hampshire.
Since it was after 3 in the afternoon when we stopped, and I was so hungry  I ordered dinner rather than lunch. 
 Oh good old fashioned meatloaf with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Those of you who are not meat eaters would probably not enjoy this meal, but it was delicious. I ate it all.
My drink was a diet coke, my vice,
We all opted for dessert too. One hot fudge sundae and 3 spoons.
And although I don't tend to take bathroom photos, in this restaurant  I did.
It was  a single bathroom, so don't worry, I wasn't being weird.
Someone with some painting talent was doing decorating.
 The mirror is real but the towel rack and shelves are painted. I happen to like the painted pink flamingo "wallpaper" too. 
 And how about the laundry basket? Even the wall tile was painted in, and not real.
How fun! I wonder if the men's room was painted, and if so, what was the theme in there?
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog and see what the T for Tuesday gang are up to, and maybe even post a photo of something you've had to drink.
Nice to know also that with Monday off, Tuesday is the first work day of the week which means it will be a 4 day week.
Hope yours will be a good one.

More Fall Photos and some Art Journaling

Happy Monday everyone. Its is Columbus weekend here in the US, and although lots of people don't get today off from work, my school is closed, and it is exciting to be home on a Monday.
My daughter is also off from work, so she and I are going out for breakfast and then off to look for the pieces she needs for her Halloween costume. She's heading off to the Gulf Coast of Florida in a couple of weeks with some of her friends, and they are all going out for Halloween as characters from the Wizard of Oz. She is going to be Glinda the good witch. Its fun to help her plan her costume.
So I have a few more photos to show you from our Saturday road trip. We went a couple hours north of where we live into the mountains. The color there was fantastic.
My daughter took this silly selfie of us along with Swift River. We look photo shopped into the scenery, but we're not. With the drought you can see how low the water is this fall.
And we discovered this beautiful old covered bridge. I'd only driven along this scenic byway a couple of times, and never in the fall, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.
I thought this river rock had such cool colors.
On our way north, we got detoured because for some reason the main road  was closed off. As we headed along the detour, I remember that one of my friends told me that the largest known glacial erratic in North America was where we were.  Glacial erratics are boulders that were moved by a glacier, and then when the glacier melted, the big rocks were dropped where ever they happened to be ( when the glacier below them disappeared). 
 Although the hubby isn't going hiking until after he has and  recoups from his heart surgery, it was a short and flat walk up to the boulder.
And what a boulder it was. You can see my husband, my daughter and the dogs were over the left.
I guess you never know where a day will bring you.
Don't these 2 trouble makers look cute in their orange bandannas?
And here's a couple of journal pages I made awhile back.
Yup, its been a good weekend so far.
The bad news is I don't expect the hubby to have his surgery tomorrow. This rash is being very stubborn- and the "stronger" medicine they gave him last week actually set him backwards for a few days. Now he's back on his old medicine, which does seem to be working, but oh so slowly.  Today he goes in to see his regular doctor, and hopefully he'll have an all clear, but we're not feeling very optimistic. I think it will be another week. I hope!
Last night (before the presidential debate) I watched an amazing TV show about veterinarians that work as gorilla doctors. They go into the bush and help sick gorillas in Arica. They actually think some of the populations are increasing. It was really an amazing show.
Have a great day everyone.