Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Book Pages

Hi everyone. 

I'm here today with a journal page for our newest challenge at Try It On Tuesday . 

Our new challenge at Try It on Tuesday  is book pages, so you should use some book paper in your art.  I began with a piece of watercolor paper that I painted with some assorted metallic paints. Then I took a page out of an old illustrated science dictionary and ripped it into 4 vertical pieces. I attached those pieces to my painted background with matte medium. I also used some bits of a printed tissue paper. 

This page needed something horizontal, so I did some stitching in white.

I then embossed some silver paper using a TH texture fade embossing folder. This folder embosses the entire alphabet, so as you can see, I cut some the letters out of the whole image. To age it a bit, I rubbed some black ink on it. I also stamped some postmarks on wax paper so I could adhere them and get a transparent view. To finish my background, I stamped some periodic table boxes randomly on my page from an older set of clear stamps I own.

Finally I added this group of girls and stamped my quote on their skirts using white ink. I like to think these young ladies are students of science and will help open doors to women in the future.

Don't forget to head over the all of the Try It On Tuesday designers blogs for inspiration and ideas. We accept all kinds of art, and you have 2 weeks to join into this challenge. 

I'm  also sharing a last page for Neet's TYPE challenge at Art Journal Journey which ends today. Thanks again to Neet and those of you who shared so many fabulous art journal pages over at Art Journal Journey .

Thanks also for stopping by my blog, and I hope you enjoyed my take on this challenge.


Monday, August 30, 2021

T Stands for Some Random August Photos

 Hi everyone. 

Last week was a fairly quiet week for me. It was so hot that when I went outside the air felt like a wall I had to push through at every step. So I stayed inside and ran the AC, made some art, even started a much much needed art clean up, and read a big book. 

Today for T I thought I would share some random photos I took during late July and August as I never thought to take any photos from last week. I think it was just too hot for my brain to even think about photos.  Plus as August ends tomorrow, I thought it would be a way to look back on the month  as well as  the summer.

I'll start with this cute little tree frog hanging out on my sliding door one night.

And then we'll head off to the lake where my MIL lives. This family of mergansers is still together.  The ducklings have grown over the summer.

It's definitely been a summer of wetness.

The loons on the lake are always a welcome sight.

And so was this guy. I want one of these to put in the woods right behind my yard. I think I need to go buy a sheet of plywood and a quart of grey paint.

This bird was very high in the sky, and I am zoomed 400x here, but it looks like a bald eagle to me. Maybe a young one?

Not the clearest photo, but I caught this hummingbird getting pollen from this pine tree while I sat on the dock also.

Pete (and Maddie too) were fascinated when the ducks jumped up on the swim raft and decided to hang out for awhile.

And  we can head down to the ocean also where my husband has his boat.  (I live about 30 minutes from my MIL's lake and about 30-45 minutes from the ocean too. It may be no man's land where my house is, but it is certainly convenient when you want to hop from lake to ocean or vice-versa. Smile.) 

These gulls seem to be in posing modes.

I like the silhouettes of this pair of ducks in flight.

And of course the Canada Geese were around too.

There's always some cormorants and this time also a heron on some rocks as the tide goes out.

And I did manage to capture this flock of terns flying by the boat.

And just to show some international spirit, the Wentworth Coolidge mansion, one of the few remaining homes of a colonial governor back before the US became the US, flies our national and state flag, as well as the British Union Jack.

And although I have shown photos of the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion before, here's another.

Before I forget that it is T day,  I need a reference to join the ladies over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.
How about this nice looking couple  with their drinks at the wedding  we went to a couple of weeks ago?  OK, I am a bit biased here. (Yes that's my daughter and her beau.) Thanks to my SIL for sharing this photo. (And yes most of the wedding reception was inside, but they put out a few tables so people could socialize outside mask free if they chose.)


Have a great start to the new month that is just about here and have a super T day too.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Butterflies and Seashells

 Hi everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday my husband and I took a trip to Connecticut to attend my niece's engagement party. The ride down from New Hampshire was horrible with all the vacationers in transit, and then we got about 10 miles from the party and it started to pour.  We decided since the party was outside we would go; I had mentioned on the rsvp that if it rained we would not attend. Luckily the rain stopped before we arrived and didn't start again until we were driving home.
 It was great to finally see not only my niece but also my brother and nephew. I was able to meet my great nephew who is already over a year old.  I had never met my niece's fiance, and he seemed really nice, as was his family. Plus, there was plenty of food unlike the vegan meal last weekend. Smile. That made the trip worth the drive.

This morning I want to share  some art. First of all, I have another page for Neet's TYPE challenge at Art Journal Journey.  The month is winding down so if you want to join in, don't wait too long.

Today's journal page was one I made back in June when the challenge  at AJJ was butterflies, but I never managed to share it. I thought I'd post it today as it has a strip of a book page along the left hand side with lots of type on it. The butterflies also have lots of Asian type on them also. I also stamped the French word for butterfly on the page a few times, with is a different font from the others examples, so there is another example of type.

I could also say it is my type of page- ha-ha-ha.  Bad joke I know.

You can see all the types here, much better in a close up. 

The background is made with pink and orange paints. I also did some stamping in black and red ink. I painted the book page yellow and added that strip to the left hand edge.  Then I also added some bits of pink washi tape.

Finally I added my stamped and fussy cut butterflies, and I also added a TH quote sticker, a few scraps of white foil paper trim and a cloth flower with the center painted yellow.

I also have a tag to share today. This time Wendy is hosting at Tag Tuesday, and her theme is seashells.

I stamped a 6x6 background stamp onto my card in pink ink. In between those seastars are lots of seashells.  I used a bit of blue ink on my background, and then I used several Art by Marlene beach punch outs.  I did add some zing  some of those punch outs a bit too. 

It was fun to create a beach scene.  I haven't really done many ocean themed pieces this summer, and they are always one of my favorites to make.

That's it for me. Enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend, if it is still weekend when you read this post.

Friday, August 27, 2021

A Little More Steampunk

 Hi everyone. Happy almost weekend to you. 

We're suppose to be cooling off as today goes by  after some very hot days this week. It seems like this summer has either been wet or too hot. I hope fall is more normal and definitely drier and more comfortable.

I'm back again today with another page for Neet's   TYPE challenge at Art Journal Journey  You still have a few more days to join in if you've been thinking about doing so as the challenge goes through the end of the month. 

 I've gone a little bit steampunk in today's page.

I started with a blue paint mop up page. I next added some printed washi tape to it, running it in vertical stripes. Then I also used some scraps of type printed tissue  paper on random spots of my page. Before I added images, I also did a bit of stenciling with some rust brown paint and a stencil.

In the middle I added this TH gear image from a packet of ephemera he put out at some point. The men and quote are stamped from some of his stamps. The two men with their hands on their hips are a die cut (also from TH), as is the bird flying, but that image is not TH.

Finally I used one of my first set of  dies I ever bought  as well as some black paper to cut all the gears I added to the page. (The set was from Spellbinders.)

Did you know the first really practical typewriter was invented by  Christopher Latham Sholes in 1867? He worked on his design and then it was sold to Remington, who marketed the first typewriters in 1874. They still needed some work, and the improved model came out in 1878. Mark Twain was the first author to submit a manuscript to his publisher than had been typed. Thomas Edison created the first electric typewriter in 1872, but it was crude and became more of the ticker tape machine. The first actual electric typewriter appeared in the 1920's. (This is all according to the online Encyclopedia Britannica.)

Besides the print on the background of my page, my steampunk themed page does fit with the timeline of the  history of the typewriter. The Victorians were certainly into industrialization and creating new machines.

My photos today are the opposite of this industrial idea. How about a few  pastoral views from the farm where the sunflower festival was held?

Enjoy the start of your weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Down on The Farm

 Hi everyone. Today's post is a country themed one. 

I am sharing a page with Neet's TYPE challenge at Art Journal Journey.

I made a collage of various items, including a copy of a typed recipe card that was made into a tag, as well as this typed quote. 

I have my grandmother's typed old recipe cards, including a few for our favorite desserts she used to make. They are cherished by me because I can not only imagine her handling and making the cards, but I can still taste her food. Like me, my Nana enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. Here's a random couple out of the collection I have.

None of these original cards were cut or glued in making my page. It must have been popular to type the recipes out at one time. It must have been that lots of homes had typewriters in them.

On my journal page I also stamped the beets and carrots onto this stained piece of ledger paper. I cut the basket of veggies out of a sticker you would use on some homemade canned goods. The  tiny fork that is attached with twine is something that came in a paper ephemera packet. I also added the lace mini doily and also some white metallic paper trim. If you've been wondering about all the metallic paper in my art lately, it is because Susan who runs The Stamp Diva online store, is going out of business and has had her entire site at a 30% markdown for months now.  Every month or 2, I've been buying some of her metallic paper trims and images. They used to be easy to find, but not any more, and so I figured I should grab them while I can not only get them, but get them 30% off.

And since we are on the farm today, how about some photos of the animals I saw when I went to the Sunflower Festival at Coppal House Farm?

That's all for me this post.
Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you are having a nice day.