Friday, November 30, 2018

November Wraps Up and Seasons Change

Happy Friday everyone! And happy November 30th. It is hard to believe this month is just about over and we will be in the last month of 2018.
Today is my last day as hostess over at Art Journal Journey and my challenge of Vintage or Modern. I am sending out a HUGE thanks to all of you who joined in and made my month more exciting and inspiring. 
So my final page for this challenge is this winter inspired one.  I used this woodland paper and then added a bunch of these deer die cuts. There were white snow circles on the paper which is blinged up with a bit of silver sparkle, and then I added this very sparkly gold snowflake trim along the top and the bottom. And finally, the stamp which says "winter is magic" but didn't photograph very well.
And I am also linking up to the last day of AEDM-30 days! Wow! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Seeing Red

It is just about the end of November.  There's been some amazing art over at Art Journal Journey. I really appreciate all the support and I've enjoyed all the inspiration. But before I get carried away, the month is still not quite over yet.
So today I have a modern page. I tried making some resist hearts by squeezing out glue into heart shapes. Once dry, I used some liquid ink pad refills to color my background. I think the ink refills made the resist hearts stand out way more than using the ink pad directly to color the background. (As I showed you in this post the other day Weekend Wrap Up.)
I stamped some images in red to add a little interest, and I also stamped some dots  in black, as well as the quote. And the bird seemed to belong, so I added her.
I don't think I have a real modern style. But it was fun playing around and trying to go modern this past month. It got me thinking about using less variety on my page, which can be a challenge but is also fun to see what happens.
I am also linking up to AEDM for day 29! 
Have a great day, and I'll be back tomorrow with one last page for the month.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Remembering Autumn

Good morning everyone.  This morning it is NOT snowing here, which is quite exciting. Yesterday we had quite a bit of new snow. 

You must be quite sick of my snow stories lately.  I sure am. I even ended up calling in and staying home from  work yesterday as we had over 6 inches of wet snow and at the coast where I work it was just rain. I thought the driving for a good part of my drive sounded like it was dicey. 
There's been so many of these crazy storms lately.

So I am going back in time to fall with today's art. I began with a Gelli printed background. I die cut some Gelli printed papers into leaves, which I then randomly attached to the page. I outlined them with  a Stabilo pencil. I die cut the birds, painted them all brown, and used some black marker and white pen to finish them off. After attaching them I used a Stabilo pencil to outline them. Finally I stamped the quote.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. Just a few more days for the Vintage or Modern theme. And I am also linking up to AEDM, just a couple of days left. It is hard to believe this month is almost over.
That's all for me today. Thanks so much for visiting. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

T Stands for Christmas Tress, Pizza and Beer

Happy Tuesday my T day friends-and to anyone else stopping by also. Time to share our drink and other related photos over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog
 Today for T we're going go chop a Christmas tree!
Last Saturday my daughter and her beau came to visit for the weekend. (They live on the other side of New Hampshire about 2 hours away.) It was a gorgeous winter day and  we decided it was a  good time to go get our Christmas tree. My daughter loves to be a part of the process and the weather was cooperating, so off we went to the Christmas tree farm located on the other side of my town. I like to support local businesses when I can, and since my town is very rural, one of our few local businesses is Evergreen Ridge Christmas Tree Farm.

 We had to walk to the back of the farm to get to the trees tall enough.
 But it was a pretty walk.
 And we found a good one that everybody liked. 

 The guys got to do their manly thing and chop down the tree. We didn't argue when they dragged the tree out.

 It was crowded at the tree farm. I guess lots of people had the same idea.  We had to actually wait in line at the wrapper.

It's a lot easier to handle the tree once  it's wrapped.
Of course all this fresh air made us hungry! 
We decided pizza and beer would taste good and give us enough energy to put up the tree.

So after filling our stomachs we headed home. And then we all put up the tree.

 The guys decided they wanted to put on the lights and we girls could put on the ornaments. 
 Maddie was waiting for the ornaments too. She wanted to help, only she forgot we are not taking them off the tree yet.
The results came out perfect!

And I even have some art today.
This is my page for Art Journal Journey today and the latest Vintage or Modern challenge.
I am also linking up to AEDM.

Stop by and join us for T! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Weekend Warp Up

Hi everyone. It's already Sunday evening. Wow- this 5 day weekend went by fast. And 4 weeks until Christmas for those of you who celebrate. I'm guessing that will go by as fast as November has.
So I am back today with another page for Art Journal Journey and the latest Vintage or Modern challenge. Still 5 days to join in if you've been thinking about it. And I am also sending out a huge thanks to all of you who have shared some art this month. Your support is very much appreciated here.
I'm going modern today. My page began with me making some glue circles (by squeezing out the wet glue from the tube and then letting them dry).  I used a couple of blue ink pads to color my page, and after that I glued down some book page scraps that had green painted circles on them. That inspired me to do a bit of doodling.  To finish I added the deer die cut, stamped the quote and added some red ric-rac trim along the top and bottom edges.
Does book paper work for designer paper? I am going say it does so I am  also linking this page to Moo Mania and their Tc-tac-toe theme.
And finally I am going to link up to Art Every Day Month, day 25.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine was busy between the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday shopping and my daughter and her beau being home this weekend. And although it was busy it was a lot of fun. I even managed to squeeze in some art time today when everyone finally cleared out of the house.  :) 
Have a great start to the new week. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lots of "Stuff" Today

Hi everyone.  It is a lazy Saturday morning here and I am procrastinating as I have lots of chores I could go do. So let me show you a few fun things starting with a tag for Tag Tuesday.
I was a bit upset my quote got a little shaky on the right, but I liked the rest of it enough to leave it.
The latest challenge is a tic-tac-toe set up.
I stamped part of an image from one of Lynne Perrella's new ancient Egypt set which I just had to buy myself. I do love her art and am always excited when she puts out some rubber stamps. Then I added a button and this little die cut bunny which I ended up not using on another page.

And then I have this fun retro science page that I recently made. Many of the stickers came on a freebie sheet from Google that was laying around the science copy room at school and that no one seemed to want. After several days of seeing them (and worried they would end up in the recycling trash)  I grabbed them with a robot page in mind. I had these robot stickers in my stash and was glad to finally have a reason to use them, because I think they are pretty fun.
And I read on Divers and Sundry's blog that today is National Evolution Day so I thought this page might be appropriate with all the talk on artificial intelligence. Maybe even if you are a fan of the old Jetson's cartoon or Lost in Space you might even think of these guys are friends or family, so I am going to link up to Try It On Tuesday and their friends and family challenge. 
My background is a piece of printed paper that I Gelli printed on, and then everything else is stickers or some sticky tape except the little silver stars which I glued on. 
I am also linking up to Art Journal Journey and my vintage or modern theme which runs through the end of the month. (Wow, November is flying-only 1 week left). And I am also linking up to AEDM.

And yesterday we had successful shopping. We got the dogs their treats (they are much happier this morning), my daughter her vacuum, and even found this dog bed on sale for our dog Pete who used to love his dog bed until Maddie decided a few years back it was just a big toy to attack and shred.
And when we brought the bed home to Pete, he took a sniff and walked away but the bed shredder Maddie took a look at it and must of had some second thoughts about shredding dog beds
The hubby and I were watching a netflix film last night and she went on the bed, snuggled up and fell asleep.

And I will leave you with this funny photo from yesterday's shopping.
You could buy this hat for your snowmen, but we thought it was funny just to borrow it for a few minutes.
Happy weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday

I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but today in the US is Black Friday. It's all about consumerism and stores wanting to get people to spend money on Christmas gifts. I will admit there are some good deals out there if there's something you need, but to go wait in line and fight with the crowds is not my thing.
The hubby and I are going shopping later today, after all the crazy Black Friday shoppers for home to sleep and have their breakfasts. We are out of dog cookies (which is catastrophe-or dogtastrophy if you prefer) for the 2 pups, and my daughter asked for one of those Dyson battery operated vacuum cleaners for Christmas, so we are going to the local Costco wholesale this afternoon since they have  them $100 off to get one for her. I am still in shock that the girl is at the point in life where she is looking for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I know I would never want one for Christmas because somehow a vacuum isn't very exciting and just means someone wants you to clean, but I understand how when you are young and starting out buying a vacuum is tough on a limited budget. We've gone to the Costco Warehouse on Black Friday before and it is about as crowded as it is any weekend day so I am not expecting it to be too horrible.
At least I am hoping it won't be too horrible.
The funniest part of Black Friday is how my husband likes to go shopping to find deals (once the crazy crowds have cleared out) when for years he complained about the whole thing. Then one year he needed to go to one of the big chain hardware stores for some project he was working on and discovered a few things he wanted for Christmas on sale and so now he likes to go check and see what I can buy for him. What a guy!
So since today is all about shopping and Christmas, I have a holiday page for you.
I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and also to AEDM. This is a pre-post so I may not actually link in until later, depending on how much is going on around the house this morning.
Thanks for stopping by, and happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to send a big Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating the holiday today. But since today is a day of giving thanks, I also want to send a big thank you to all of you who visit my blog, even if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving.
And my Art Journal Journey page for today is a retro vintage take on something many women of the past and present, get to do today. And I will also add many men too because I know plenty of men who will be in the kitchen today also.
Those men may not be wearing one of these vintage style aprons though.
So those of you who are roasting turkeys or mashing potatoes, this page is for you. Or better yet, for anyone who is cooking today. I don't personally wear an apron, but I remember my mom wearing them. Do any of you wear an apron?
I am also linking up to Art Every Day Month.
Keeping it short as there is things to do today!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Not Sure

 A couple of shots from yesterday's 8 inches of snow. This is my street.
 And my backyard. While this snow may not last all winter, I don't think it is going to be a quick melt at this point. It is pretty to look at.
And my art today is this recent page from my calendar journal. I don't know if I would call it a more modern or a more vintage page. 
I made it by layering some paper. Then I added many of these gold leaf stickers to make the background before I added this wise man who is giving us his advice.
I am linking this up to Art Journal Journey and this month's vintage or modern challenge. If you're interested there's still time to join the fun.
And I am also linking up to AEDM, day 21 already.
Today I'm home starting my Thanksgiving weekend break. This is always such an enjoyable weekend with my husband home and lots of good food. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming for part of it too. And I don't think we're suppose to get any snow for the next 5 days either. I am definitely thankful for that!
Wishing you all a fantastic day.
And thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Monday, November 19, 2018

T Stands for my Daughter Taking Us Out to Dinner

Happy T day my friends. Its another snowy day here in New Hampshire. And after this Tuesday snow (they say maybe up to 6 new inches/around 15 cm),  the bitter cold is coming back. All this wintery weather is making me want a nice warm meal, and it was great that last Saturday night because my daughter took my husband and myself out to dinner.
I had some maple glazed salmon with rice and some butternut squash. (OK, I could eat this again right now as I write this post.) And for my drink I had a diet coke. I figured I would skip the alcohol and save some of my daughter's cash and just have a diet coke as my drink. 
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T Gang is up as well as joining in and sharing your drink related post. 
I also have a page for Art Journal Journey today and the Vintage and Modern challenge. Yesterday I showed you my modern man, and today I have his gorgeous modern girlfriend.
OK, when I used matt medium to attach her to the page she got a little wrinkled. Maybe she is a little more vintage and that's why she has some wrinkles.
This lady is also from my sewing pattern book, but I created a collage at the bottom of her image using some of the bits and bobs I cleaned off my work table.. 
I am going to link her up to Moo Mania and their Tic, Tac, Toe challenge.
I am using designer paper, a die cut and some circles. The circles are the little green gemstone dots on the right side. I could also do the diagonal row that goes tissue paper, washi tape and circles. 
And finally I am linking up to Art Every Day Month
That's all for me today. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
And for those of you who I only visit on T day and celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have wonder holiday. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Modern Man

Hi everyone. It's Sunday evening here in New Hampshire and once again we're on the snow watch. Looks like it could be another nasty morning commute tomorrow. 
And it's only November.
So today I have a page for Art Journal Journey and my Vintage or Modern challenge, and I am going modern.
I'm heading off to someplace warm and tropical to escape this early winter weather.
I found this man while looking through my sewing pattern book, and his outfit really caught my eye. I know there are boys at school who would wear this outfit, but I certainly couldn't see my husband in it. So I think that alone inspired me to try to use him on a page.
So I created this beach background with some paint, marker, and water based pencil. Then I added the stylish man to the scene.
A HUGE thanks to all of you posting entries to AJJ so far this month. And if you haven't yet had a chance but want to join in, there is still plenty of time.
I am also linking up to Art Every Day Month-Day 19!
Happy start to the new week, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Girl Power

Hello from New Hampshire. This morning I am thinking next week is Christmas, not the US celebration of Thanksgiving.

 I think rose season is over at this point.

But today is it already above freezing and when I stepped outside to snap these photos every cell in my body was smiling because it actually felt  warm to me. That's what happens after a couple of very cold days. Time to get back to the normal November chill, not January chill.
We got around 4 inches which is more than some and less than others in these winter weather fronts that have been moving through.  You can see that the dogs have thoroughly enjoyed the snow though from all their pawprints in these photos. 
And I have another retro style vintage page for Art Journal Journey
Some polka dot tissue, some stenciling with paint, some pictures cut out of my sewing pattern book, a mini-tag from my stash and  a few letter stickers are what I used to make this page.
This has probably become a cliché image, and I will say that model's arm muscles sure don't look very powerful in the little snapshot photo. I actually like the ladies in their 1940's work outfits though. Even those look glamorous. But I guess if you are tall and thin (not me)) anything looks good on you. (smile)
I am also linking up to AEDM, day 17!
Happy start to your weekend.
And thanks so much for visiting.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Farm Girl

Happy Friday folks.  We've gotten about 3 inches of snow at my house this morning. It's snowing right now. It's one of those tough weather patterns though because I work 35 mile away at the seacoast where it is raining. Not enough snow here for me to feel I need to call in  but just enough to be a pain to drive through. That means I get to trek through the snow to wherever the snow-rain line is. This is when I would love a delay so they have more time to clear the roads, but alas, no delay. I've done this a million times (or so it seems) so  I'll shortly be heading off. And I have an all wheel drive car and I'm a tough winter hardened New Englander, so I will be fine also.
I'm back with another page for Art Journal Journey and the latest Vintage or Modern challenge. I'm going vintage today with this page from my calendar journal. 
I love the idea of being a farmer, but I think the reality of it would not be for me. As an animal lover, the idea of having cows or sheep sounds fun. BUT, I like to come and go and hit the road every now again which doesn't work with animals to care for. Now I can head off as it's easy to  get my daughter to dog sit or we take them with us as they travel well in the car.  I can't imagine doing that with a cow. Plus getting up even earlier in the morning than I already do is not appealing. So I guess I will live out my farm girl fantasy with this page in my calendar journal.
I covered the page with this striped paper and then added some die cut hexagons. The cows are a rub-on from my stash, as is the old fashioned printed cardboard button.  Then I added the TH girl and a quote that I cut out from a bunch of quote cards I have.
I can't say I've been up in my happy place much this week. It's been cold and dark when I get home at the end of the work day and all my mojo is gone. I definitely have been watching too much tv in the evenings. But, it has made a good time for me to knit.
I finished up this pair of socks for myself. And I've started a pair which I hope to have done to give to my daughter for Christmas.
I'm linking up and sharing this with you over at AEDM.
I am definitely sun deprived right now. Hopefully this weekend I can remedy that a little bit.
Hope you're up to something you want to be up this weekend too.
Thanks for visiting and putting up with my weather woes..

Thursday, November 15, 2018

A Modern Girl

Hello everyone. Today my page for Art Journal Journey and my Vintage or Modern Challenge is this trying to go modern page. It's not a very complicated page, but I  couldn't figure out what else to do with it. But modern is often about clean simple lines without a lot of extra. So voila. This is what you get.
I started with this painting by Paul Klee that I found in a very old art book I have. Then I added this modern gal that I cut out of the sewing pattern book I have. A stamped quote and some doodled lines complete my page.
BIG thanks to all of you who are linking up to AJJ! There's some great inspiration and art over there if you haven't checked it out.
I am also linking up to ARDM. It is day 15 and we're halfway there!
I hope those of you down south and west have warmed up, gotten power and and survived the snow/ice. I've seen images of the storm on tv.  It's too early for this, isn't it? We have the cold now. This morning it is 16 degrees F (about -9 degrees C). And tonight, the snow is coming.
Hurrah! (NOT!)

Happy Thursday!