Sunday, June 28, 2009

More summer fun

Yesterday I took a intro. to marbling class with my friend Roz at the Art Institute in Manchester. Here's some of the 10 pieces of paper I made. It was a fun class-wish we could have played and made more paper since I love the colors!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the most interesting parts, playing with the colors. Of course yesterday was a gorgeous day with sun...and I was inside playing- and today- its damp and grey-did a bit of gardening and played with my stamps (will show you those another day) but not like yesterday.
FRiday morning was gorgeous, and when we went up to the Lake of course it clouded in-got some dock time and then went inside and visited...spent the morning cleaning-but still the dock was great even in the clouds. Kind of makes it officially summer!!!!!
Now we need to figure out for our college visit road trip tomorrow-where to go-how long and what to do with Harley!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First full day off is always a great feeling

I love the first full day of summer vacation- the start of some rest and relaxation. Yesterday I went with my friend Jo to Providence to see Menopause-which was hilarious-and met her family-we crashed at her parent's/sister's house for the night and today we stopped at IKEA on the way back and stopped out for lunch- was a fun way to start summer. Of course today the news that Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died is a bit shocking not that either of them were my idols or even big favorites of mine- but Charlie's Angel's, that Farah poster and of course Michael Jackson were the names while I was growing up and while I was in my 20s...somethings remind how fast life is...just like summer always you really need to treasure each well as each day of your summer vacation (literal or metaphorical vacation that is)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A bit nervous today- having to facilitate the institute at school, but I managed to pull it off. I think I did ok, man did have a bit of nerves when a big crowd of folks kept coming into my room. Eeks. But I needed to do it as a personal challenge.
So tomorrow we officially finish-then I'm off for a night of play in Providence-seeing Menopause-sine I'm about there-its good-looking forward to a little adventure to start off my summer.
And maybe Thursday when I get home- we will get sunshine- start this summer off on a really good foot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Spread Some Sunshine-Please!

OK, this is what today looked like...but I was not lucky enough to be up at Merrymeeting Lake, I was in school cleaning out my room and getting everything tidied up and wrapped up for summer! I guess being in at work on a day with clouds, chills and rain is ok.

This is the weather I want-but not till Thursday. 2 more workdays...augh- so we can complete our contract for the 2 ice storm days, but starting Thursday, when I get home from RI-I'm going with a friend to go see Menopause Wed. night in Providence- I want summer to really begin! In full.
It feels good to be done with this past school year's work though. Still doesn't 100% feel like summer vacation-hasn't quite hit me yet. Katie finished up today- she is now a senior in high school I guess. Oh my.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer is HERE!

My Dad, many years before he was my Dad-this is him during WW2 -
Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

These photos are all circa 2008 since today is humid and rainy, as was yesterday, as was Friday...this June is just a sunny day here and there and then rain. But, it has made the end of the school year easier, and this week- our 3 work days...little nervous I'm facilitating Tuesday and Wednesday but I get some extra $$ for that so sounds good to me. This weekend has been quiet, yesterday I was beat, but did manage to finish up a bunch of tile mosaics. Took photos so will show you some later this week. Today I did some cleaning (the usual vaccing) , a bunch of scrapping, grocery shopping, and now I'm relaxing...oh yeah, and the laundry...nice thing is tomorrow I just need to wrap up and clean up at school and then 2 days of writing institute-me the facilitator...I am so excited its basically summer vacation- 2 goals this year
1) relax and have fun (looks like its shaping up for that but lets see what life brings on)
2) get some exercise, shape up, maybe lose a few pounds...
but just like with relaxing-lets see what life brings because one never knows...
Oh, first day of summer!and Happy Father's Day all you dad's- Thinking about mine-hope you're out fishing up there!

Friday, June 19, 2009


June 19th-A lot of rain this morning- and a full day of school-but now the kids are GONE for the summer. The rain really helped keep things calm, thankfully. Its almost my vacation- 3 work days next week and then...summer vacation. Its also motorcycle week here...but they haven't had such a great week so far this year. Voice is still returning but is much better than it was 2 days ago.
Had book club last night which was fun, and this afternoon went out with some co-workers for a bit after its relax time...
My 1 summer goal-try to lose some weight. I'd love to make it 10 pounds but just to get some exercise and shape up...that would be good too.
Ah, summer time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still silent

Still no voice today- in fact so bad I needed to stay home-with only 2 more days of kids left. Oh well, they were just reviewing for exams tomorrow!
I hate when I can't talk!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have lost my voice-either from a mild mild cold or allergies or a combo of both...3 days left with way to went to a friend's birthday at a Mexican much for speaking...had my oil done in my car...they made fun of me...I hate when I can't speak-because I love to talk and say what I'm thinking!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The last of my photos I took last Saturday- these are signs for cottages at some cove on Lake Winneepasaukee. (Not sure I spelled that right).This Saturday was a sunny and beautiful day but quiet- I cleaned and then lounged on the screen porch-though I did finish my Patriotic book-just needed to let things dry and then I need stitch the pages together. Will get photos to you once its all dry. Last night we had graduation at school...down to 5 days with the looking forward to summer!
Now watching last nights Ghost Adventures...a new season and me and my ghost shows...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


You can see its Iris and Lupine season here in NH. Took These photos Sunday morning when it was sunny.
6 days of kids and then 3 works days (2 to make up for last December's icestorm)-Yahoo!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Always a dilemma for me

Ok, I needed to turn my car around Saturday to catch those mailbox photos I showed you yesterday and when I turned into this dirt road to change direction, I saw this sign. What a great sign of summer-the welcome to summer camp sign. I would have easily missed it since you can see from the directly above it was a bit of a ways down this dirt road. Gotta love it. (By the way-7 days of kids left-1 week from tomorrow I start giving my exams!)
Been home alone most of the evening- and it has been divine. Been working on a project-a 4th of July Patriotic book- got 2 spreads done and only need to fill 1 more and then I can bind the book. Love playing with various stamps-taking a historical perspective on this project.
Speaking of stamps- my dilemma. How far to clean out? You know, I'm torn. Part of me wants to do a big clean out, get rid of half my stamps or about that, and then my pack rat personality peeks out and says-well maybe you'll want to use this sometime. Oh yeah, you could do a great _______ project with this. You've been playing with that idea for awhile. Man oh man. Somedays I can just clean and sell and then when I've had a bad eBay week-like this past week- its like why bother? But I need to clean out since I seem to have bought quite a few stamps lately-bad,bad me. But what to keep? Some things are easy-like my Postmodern Stamps- I can't buy them very easily unless they show up on eBay so they stay-whether I am using them or not. But other things? How much do you keep of the old stamps for nostalgia and how much do you want to buy the new stuff because its new and fresh and you haven't used it before.I know I have old favorite I will keep-and I know what those stamps are. But its the maybes, the ones you love but dn't love quite so much any more. And who knows, in 6 months I could really love them again. Maybe miss them if they were gone-or need them for a project.
Me talking to myself like this is not helping any cleaning getting done, is it?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a Good Tuesday

Mailboxes-took this photo Saturday after the quilt sale on my way home!

More mailboxes. This is a great row of them just off the main road.

Rain-but right now- with 8 days of kids left- it can rain all it want. Makes it easier for all of us to be in the classroom.
Watching Anthony Bourdain-my new travel show!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another great Saturday

Perfect weather too! Today was gorgeous and what you want June to be. So this is a busy weekend- but another really good weekend. Last evening Katie and I went to see the movie UP - I loved it, though it made me cry a bit. Not a sad film, just that it hit points about life...
Today I got up, did a few chores, walked, went to the bid sale at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH-love that sale- they do stuff a bag of scraps for $5, and this year I got some giant pieces- like 3/4 of a yard, and then some great yarn, some yarn books, and some precut fabric shapes. I buy a lot, but who needs to shop the rest of the year? Then I went over to the lake to meet Dave and Katie (she took the SATs this morning), and we hung out on the dock and I got wet-water's still chilly or as Dave says-refreshing- then we went to Pop's for dinner. It's this 1950's place for fried food in Alton bay only opened in the summer- hot dogs and onion rings- so good.
Tomorrow Katie works and then we're off for our niece's high school graduation party-then its Monday- senior week coming up at school-but I'm not thinking about work quite yet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its time for summer vacation

Isn't it time yet? Seniors have just a couple of days and their senioritis has infected everyone at school-including me. I am so ready for summer. Love these very long days, getting light at 5 a.m., stays light well after 8 p.m....I love it.
This week is going a long though...tomorrow I'm getting my hair done-oh Yeah- and Saturday is the annual quilt sale at Keepsake Quilting- I love going and digging through scraps of fabrics...I can't wait.
The last photos from my cherry book, some close ups of the last pages.

Monday, June 1, 2009

More cherries

A few more photos from my cherry book. This is a great set of pages, one of my favs from the book. The diamonds are a Technique Tuesday stamp, and I love how they look. Clear stamps are so wonderful when you want to make a border.
Watching the movie Doubt tonight. Its good. The wicked swirling wind...such a symbol. I wonder how it will end- is the nun Meryl Streep plays the good or bad person...I'm expecting a twist.