Saturday, September 30, 2017

Limited Edition

Happy Saturday morning everyone. It is dark and rainy here. And crispy cool too. Errands are on the agenda today. The pup gets her stitches out. The boat is coming home to get cleaned for the winter. 
The nights have gotten cool enough where I have to bring in my house plants that have been outside for the summer. We've gone from a resurgence of summer to real  fall weather arriving.
 Otherwise it's a quiet weekend ahead and that sounds good to me.
Today I have another tag for Tag Tuesday and the theme of steampunk. 
This tag has lots of stamping as well as a few die cuts. I had to add a few little spider web stickers too just because I am ready to make some Halloween inspired art. The girl is one of Stampotique's Daniel Torrente's characteris. I stamped her on a bit of white  napkin and then added her to the tag. The glasses and hat are my additions to her. I must say she is inspiring me for a Halloween costume if I end up needing one.
Hope there's something good on your agenda this weekend.
Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Colour is Red

Hi everyone. This is my last post for Yvonne's awesome challenge at Art Journal Journey. The challenge is Colour My World.
I can't believe the month is September is almost over. It flew. I must say we've had a lot of hot and humid weather this month, and humidity is not a favorite of mine, so I am glad we are suppose to get some cooler weather today.
But I'll be complaining about the cold soon I am sure.  Ha-ha!
The end of September means we are already 1/8 of the way through the school year. Holy cow!
I am also going to link this page up to Try It On Tuesday. Their new challenge is clocks or time.
So my page is made on a piece of cardboard. I covered it with this red napkin I had. Then I added some leaves which I stenciled with molding paste. Once dry I painted them with some copper paint.
I also added a bit of gesso to the red napkin to give it a bit more depth, and that allowed me to added the stamped quote. I lightened it up here so you can read it better.
Finally I added the bits of the die cut clocks and the dapper man and his dog!
That's all for me today. I'm off to work!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Little of This and a Lot of Nothing Much

Happy mid-week everyone. Its suppose to be another hot day in New Hampshire today. I think it's been warmer and more humid the last couple of days than it was almost all summer.
I am ready for a little more fall weather for sure.
So did I mention I've been having some chronic hives lately? Anyhow, I got to work yesterday I was pretty swollen and itchy, so I called the doctors. Surprise, they were  actually able to get me in that morning, so I left work and ended up taking the day off. Hopefully their suggestions will work or at least tie me over until I get to go see the specialist in mid-October. It was however not what I expected my day to be like at all. On my way home from the doctors I went the back roads up along the Merrymeeting River on the other side of my town, which was quite pretty. Here's a few photos.

I also have a tag to share with you.  The theme at Tag Tuesday right now is Steampunk.

I made my tag with a lot of stamping, some fussy cutting, a bit of die cutting and a little coloring.
So yesterday the heat and the itchies didn't exactly motivate me to do much, so I spent quite awhile on the hammock reading. It felt like August again.My latest book club book is this story of one girl's life during the days of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Wow. It is a really sad story but the author is an excellent writer. I can't image a child going through not only the starvation and losing both parents as well as some siblings, but to also be trained as a child soldier.  It goes to show you how scary the world can be, but how strong the human spirit of endurance is.
This is also the book that inspired the latest Angelina Jolie film, which I have not seen.
Truthfully I am not sure I want to see it either.
But I highly recommend this book, as tough as some of the reading is.
That's all for me today.
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, September 25, 2017

T is a Tuna Melt Today

Hi everyone. Another Tuesday is here again. Time to join the fun over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.  It's T Day and time to share your drink posts.
I like to share a food sometimes too. And today, I want to share my latest food craving, tuna melts.
Some yummy tuna, cheddar cheese and some marbled rye bread. For a drink I have a diet coke.
After our train journey which  I showed you yesterday (Riding the Rails), we needed some lunch. There weren't a lot of choices in this small Vermont town, but one place had a parking lot full of cars.
In fact, in this 1943 diner there weren't any available tables ((since there are only like 8 in the whole place), so we grabbed seats at the counter and looked at the menu.
This was just the front page. They had a great sandwich selection which was just what we needed for a late lunch.
And it was a very very good lunch too.
 I love these  retro diners.

And look at the cool old shake maker, which still works.
I didn't have them try it out for me, but I bet a frappe would have tasted good.

 And of course there would be a great maple syrup sign,  since Vermont is famous for it. 
 I'm glad we found this place for lunch. If you ever happen to be in Chester, Vermont, I recommend it. 
Have a great T day.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Riding the Rails

Summer is back. This whole weekend has been beautiful. We were out and about all weekend enjoying these bonus days.
We did something different on Saturday. We went riding the rails. And we looked at some pretty country scenery.

 The way the sun was coming in I got some reflections off the train window.

 I'd forgotten how relaxing a train journey can be . You get on and you can watch the world go by out your window. People who are out wave as you go by. There's people who just love taking train photos and you see them as you go by too. The whole world slows down a little bit.

 A particularly exciting part of the ride was going over a really high trestle.

Too bad the foliage wasn't more colorful. But the sky was blue and the day was warm. What more do you need?
For Saturday's train ride we went to Vermont. We live on the eastern side of New Hampshire, a couple of towns from the border of the state of Maine.  When my daughter moved this summer she moved to the western side of the state, a couple of towns from the border with the state of Vermont. We decided to do something in her neck of the woods.
It was great to go exploring and great that she could join us.
What great adventures might have filled your weekend?

Friday, September 22, 2017

It's the Weekend-Hurrah!

I am very excited it is the weekend! I NEED some art release (more than squeezing in an hour in the evening) and a little fun. The one thing I promise myself every year when school starts up is that I am NOT going to let school become overwhelming, and yet, once again, it has happened.  I don't think there is any way around it, and it's taken me 34 years to finally learn that.
The good news is that the pup's biopsy report came back  and it was good news. Her giant growth end up being a benign skin tumor. Benign is a good word for sure!
 So in this post I have a journal page for 2 challenges.
First of all the latest challenge at Moo Mania is In The Air. The balloons  lifting up into the clouds certainly fits that bill.
And Yvonne's theme over at Art Journal Journey is Colour My World. Mostly red with a little blue is my color for today.
So tomorrow (Saturday) I am off to Vermont for the day. I'll be and out like I'm going to work. BUT, it should be a fun day and I am looking forward to it.
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday too!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Remember the Ocean Journal

Hi everyone!  It's the last full day of summer so let's go to the beach.
You might remember the ocean journal I was working on this past summer. Today I thought I would take you through the whole book from start to finish. I recently completed it and now it sits on my journal shelf. 
So here it is. You may remember some of the pages, but I know  some of the others I haven't shown you.

One slightly blurry page and some shots that aren't quite magazine quality, but I think you get the finished project.
Its the second project I have recently finished. Hurrah!
That's all for me. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Read me a story

It's already the middle of the week. This week is just flying! More rain is due today, so it will be another dark and dreary day. Hurricane Jose (now tropical storm Jose) is making its closest path to us, but it shouldn't be more than a little  wind. But hopefully the humidity will blow on out with this weather when Jose moves further east into the Atlantic.
The news on the doggie front is that she is home. The vet said her surgery went well and the edges seemed pretty clear and the tumor didn't show any signs of growing inward. Now we just need to wait for the pathologist report which should be in later this week. She is a little lethargic and has a big incision with lots of stitches but she's up and about. 
So today I have a page from my calendar journal. 
The black and yellow is part of the calendar and I added the plaid, the polka dot tape and the white paper ribbon trim at the top. The little girl is a TH found relative and I drew in a chair for her to sit on. Otherwise standing in a sitting position can't be too comfortable.
Once again the colors of my page are those you see in the fall, so I am linking up to Yvonne's excellent challenge over at Art Journal Journey.
And here's a few more photos from my Saturday afternoon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Who doesn't love sunflowers?

Hope you're having a great day!