Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Its not often I read the same author several times in a row (I do read lots of books by the same author but I usualy read a few different items in between), but I am hooked on his books. This is number 3-did the Lost Continent, Shakespseare and now Notes from a Small Island. Funny.
So I woke up with a surprise this morning- conjugativitis in my right eye. Stayed home- which I must say I enjoyed being home but wasn't planning on this and should have been to work. Need to take antibiotics...hopefully by tomorrow its better and I'm back to work, bookclub. My left shouldler is killing me tonight too-like a major crick- but enough being a hyperchondriac.
Did work on my Halloween book today some- and I KNOW- I need to take some photos. Did go out and took some photos in the yard today...fall is coming on so quickly. Tomorrow is October-in a way finally-though I'm not in any rush for winter. But September has been going on forever.
I know, life is short...and I shouldn't rush it by...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Class This Morning

Two photos I borrowed from Tim Holtz's blog. Took this festive window class this morning at Absolutely Everything this morning- it was GREAT! Learned all about painting on transparencies with alcohol inks. Tim is a great teacher and this class was packed- all 50 of us. And out of 50 people-from Texas, Montana, Florida, Maryland...I sat next to a woman from the next town here in NH-she lives in Alton. Small world.
Got a cool bag with the top logo on it...love it! Need to photograph my book- need to put a few more things on my pages to finish it-but it is great! was a nice way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, I'm Tired Tonight

Survived another parent night at school, but tonight I am beat. Was pretty ambitous today though, but tonight...think I'll do some reading. Bought this cute little book at Barnes and Noble yesterday before open house and our dept. (or some of us) dinner at Applebee's before our open house.
I love prepping for our trips, reading about where we're going. We're pretty laid back travellors, but I hate to go somewhere and miss something (like the bridge in Firenze because I hadn't planned on traveling to Florence and never did any research...and we were like 1/4 mile away). Its nice to know what there is to do, and this book is the kind of travel journal I would love to do. Maybe now after having 5 months of drawing classes under my belt. Samatha Brown at 10 tonight on the Travel Channel is Weekend in Paris- but I doubt I can stay up until 10 never mind 10:30. We'll record it and I can watch it this weekend.
Did I mention I am taking a class at Absolutely Everything with Tim Holtz Saturday morning?
Amazing how the leaves are turning this week and the colors are coming. It looks so fall. Hope we don't get so much rain this weekend I can't get out and take photos. I lvoe the colors of fall. I lvoe fall-just don't like the LONG winter that follows here in New Hampshire.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking a night off

Doing nothing much but reading (my latest-Bill Bryson's Shakespeare-recommended-he's my author of the moment), a bit of tv and made BLT's for dinner. Felt like I was fighting a cold for a chunk of the day- and last night I had drawing and tomorrow night I need to be at my open house at school...so I'm just taking the night off. Feeling a bit guilty about not going into the studio- and that's sad- that I should not feel guilty about not playing...art is suppose to be a fun thing- and not something that brings about guilt...but that's just me pushing myself too hard. Wishing sometimes I could be something different than a teacher...someone who HAS to run out to work all the time...play that little violin in self-pity. My life is good so why I feel like I should be able to be something else/someone else...again, me just being too hard on myself.naqpcmio

Sunday, September 21, 2008

a Few More Photos

A few more photos from yesterday. Today was sunny then gray-and its Sunday. Putzing, playing, getting myself ready for another week of work- busy one too. Parent night/open house is Wednesday-that will be a late night- drawing tomorrow, Tim Holtz class Saturday morning, Katie having a few tests and her spirit week and her homecoming Dance-not to even mention Dave's week.
Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so these photos kind of celebrate that. I lvoe fall, but am not ready for the on-coming winter at all. But what can you do? Too bad I can't go to Florida for the winter but I'd most likely be bored and it isn't happening anyhow-but London and Paris in Feb! Something good to look forward to.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Crtisp cold night last night. Needed to pull out my flannel pjs. OK, so it is later in September and I do live in northern New England.

So we've had 2 beautiful days. Yesterday spirit week ended at school-then I buzzed home and we went with Dave to Laconia for dinner at T Bones and shopped at TJ Maxx. Dave had to stay home and fix the pressure tank for our water/well. Today Katie, Harley and I went to Barktoberfest-to support the Lakes Region Humane Society where all 3 of my babies are from-gave a donation, took a group dog walk and had lunch. Katie went off to Nick's and I went to see Dave who was at his Mom's. Barbara and I went to Deyvelder's farm, as you can see in my photos. Picked apples too.love doing that. Did a little bit of scrapping when I got home as well as finishing a bit of house TLC, and tonight I'm chilling and we've got a fire in the fireplace...get rid of the chill-but with heating oil over $3.50 a gallon who wants to run the heat yet?

Oxford Impressions has 2 new Halloween stamp sets-want to order them. Check them out. I lvoe fall but I dread the on coming winter-not over last winter yet to tell you the truth!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This week is going by much faster than last week, but is spirit week at school and every day the kids get a bit more crazy. Today was superhero day and tomorrow is toga day. Oh boy.

I was pretty down in the dumps yesterday-tired, ready for some down time-PMS-ing, what can I say? But Harley's lump was benign-great news- and today after a good nights sleep and getting a walk in yesterday afternoon with Katie- I am mostly better today. It was tough hearing that some people have jobs where they can actually take a morning walk and spend a little drawing time before they go to work...set their own schedule...work at home...I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous. I know I am a teacher in my soul, but I worry I am not enough of an artist which is what I want to be now...this is my 25th year of teaching and I wonder if its time to do something else while I'm still fairly young...so I can set my own schedule and walk in the morning...I also have a hard time with me sometimes...I don't always accept certain parts of me...want to be someone different-but I can't be.

Been in a big reading mood. My latest read is photographed above- though my copy is in pretty tough shape as I bought it used. Never read any Bill Bryson before, but am enjoying this read. Also came home yesterday and today and did some scrapping-oh that feels so good, as good as reading. My autumn soul is coming out, the homebody, not feeling very adventurous. You know, savouring a cup of tea and a good story or a good movie-or a good travel show about Paris. Wearing my sweats or pjs- that's where I am at right now. The weather is turning to autumn slowly, and I'm there already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week has wizzed by

Wow- Is it already Sunday? The end of a fast weekend-a whole week since I lost posted. Where does time fly?

Of course it was a full 5 day school week- like my year so far- not a super stressful start of the year- my kind of start.

Had drawing on Monday night-did a really sexy picture of 2 people-sexier than the photo I drew- as Dawn my teacher said- I gave the drawing some gestault. Had Katie's open house Thursday night (went alone as Dave was out of town) and got to meet her teachers- which is always a fun thing to do- especially when I don't have to be the teacher and on. Got my haircut Tuesday after school, did a little bit of scrapping...napping...getting up at 5 a.m. is tough but I must say Katie driving herself and us not having to rush out to the bus makes a HUGE difference in my life.

Today I made a bunch of cards-this is a busy time of year coming up with birthdays, etc. Also made a few tiles, want to try putting some of them on a mini artquilt, not sure if it'll work but have to do a few with pre-punched sewing holes, if it works, I'll make more. If not, no big loss. Enjoyed having an art day though...really needed it. I need to do art every day, and I can skip a day, but...too many and I start going crazy. I did go to my favorite craft store FRiday after school, which was a blast, got a couple of Christmas stamps and the new Ali Edwards Mini album book and the love Elsie recipe cards. Not much else, was actually a low spending trip. I did sign up for another clay class in October- this is a silver metal clay class-have been curious about that material and now I'll get to check it it.

Oh yes, and you're asking about the photo I took off the internet...February vacation, we'll be in Paris for a good chunk of the week. Made our hotel reservations this past week, and made the flight over Labor Day- we'll be flying into London, cheaper tickets, but I wanted to take the train to Paris-through the chunnel, and that's what we're going to do. Can't wait. Been watching some travel shows on Paris-like I said- Can't wait.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is my trail!

Sunday night stress-trying to finish up all those little weekend chores and projects, then dinner and ironing clothes for work. This weekend seemed particulary short too- after last weekend which was 4 days long and this week is an actualy 5 day work week-plus yesterday we went down to MA to my cousin's David Carlson's retirement party- was a fun afternoon with the Anderson clan before the heavy rains (5 inches on our gauge) from Hanna (the hurricane tropical storm). But today the air cleared out and it was a beautiful sunny day.
Drawing class starts back up tomorrow night, haircut Tuesday ( can't wait) and Katie has open house Thursday night so I get to go meet her teachers. Next weekend is a quiet weekend-hooray.
One more chapter in The Geography of Happiness, a good read. Not sure what I will read next. Everyone's talking about this vampire series of 4 books-might try one of those...but isn't it me to not like what everyone else likes-like Water for Elephants...sometimes its timing-if you're not in a place for a certain kind of book, but sometimes, its just the book.
Making my own trail- don't we all. What works for each of us...and me...I have some Agatha Christie I want to read and a Ken Follett and Paris travel guides...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Need Art?

OK- it Wednesday-almost time for project runway which I am going to TRY to stay up and watch tonight. I did some great scrapping when I got home from school today-been back doing London photos...and of course no photos-I am SO bad at that.
I have been bugging myself about my year long project which was to send out 1 item a month. So I was going to make an apron for Apronology by Somerset Studio- which needs to be there in a week, even got some remnant fabric at the Street Fair last month just for this project-and yet, I have made nothing. I was going back and forth with ideas, of which I had some, but then I realized I was forcing it. You know, it wasn't really inspiring me and even though it would be good for me to make something that's not on the rush list...there's also the point that maybe I'm not inspired enough to do it. And its ok not to do it. Its ok to skip a month...instead of pressuring myself and then avoiding it...its not like I'm getting paid...so...
Anyhow- enough for my brain batting around and issue.

Monday, September 1, 2008

It was a beautiful weekend

This is how beautiful the weather was this Labor Day weekend. Love it- had 4 days off after the first week back to school (for me-Katie goes back tomorrow-she's sooo nervous which was how I was last week). Thursday Katie and I went to Kittery Outlets shopping after I got done with school- Friday I worked around the house and got my skylight glass replaces (oh, it is sooo nice to have not frosted,icky window glass), my good friend Ina came for breakfast Saturday on her quick trip north (she lives in NC), and then I hung out on the couch and read my latest book-The Goegraphy of Bliss by Eric Weiner which I am enjoying. Yesterday was clean up at Dave's mom's place on Rust Pond- which we finished today, while doing some vacation checking and reading...of it was a great weekend overall.