Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Coloring and Doodling and

counting your blessings.
Imagination is such a blessing because with a little imagination anything is possible.
I'm linking up to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's challenge at Art Journal Journey whose challenge this month is Count Your Blessings.
The last week of my vacation begins and  yesterday I made my first foray into school and did a bit of setting up. Now that that is done with, I can enjoy the rest of my downtime. Well I should finish cleaning up my studio space, but other than that I can enjoy the last of my downtime.
Don't know how much sun I will see for the rest of my break, but keep your fingers crossed for me that there will be some.
And I hope you have cool temperatures and sun in your world. (Or rain if that's what you need.)
Thanks so much for visiting.

Monday, August 13, 2018

T Stands for a Dreary Sunday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I appreciate that  you are stopping by to read my post. I am joining in today over at T Stands for Tuesday  where we share drink related photos.
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T gang has been up to.
My weather is back into  dreariness with clouds, rain and humidity. We had one nice day last Friday and then it all started to go downhill.
But downhill doesn't mean it was a total washout. 
I'm not sure if I mentioned that my mother-in-law has been having major back issues. When she gets up from laying down she is in a lot of pain. It's sad to see her go from such a perfky vibrant person to someone so bent over and hobbled.  This has my husband's good son side coming out and so Sunday he decided to go buy her  one of her favorite meals and bring it to her for lunch.
So it is off to Pop's to get her lunch.

I've shown you Pop's before and it is the best place for fresh seafood in my part of the world. The food is good, the prices are reasonable and you get more than enough to eat. And they are only open from the end of May until the first weekend in September so we like to go a few times during the short season.

Now my mother-in-law loves a good lobster roll. (She is a smart lady.) Pops gives you lots of lobster for a reasonable price.
We decided since we were there  we would get ourselves some lunch too.
A clam roll for me (can you even see the bread?), chicken fingers for my husband, and a small side of onion rings for us to share. Our drinks were diet Cokes. And my daughter who was with us  had a cheeseburger (which is not shown here.)
It is soooo much food for sure, but for fried food, definitely not greasy. I guess every now and again you have to splurge and eat about a million calories.
And this is my mother-in-laws GIANT lobster roll.
She was more than happy with her lunch and with my husband.

We stayed and visited for the afternoon and even though it was a little raw for me  to swim (my MIL lives on a small pond), the dogs certainly had some fun going into the water retrieving  sticks.

 Pete just walks down the steps and then goes for a swim.
But Maddie, she loves to jump in.
Over and over.

And splash.
And they didn't even have all the calories from that huge lunch to wear off. 

So my rainy Sunday was actually a fun day, dreary weather or not.
Have a wonderful T day everyone.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Gros Morne Part 2

Hi everyone. It's been another dark and wet day here. Although Friday was gorgeous it's been a washout of a weekend in my world. Looks like most of the week is going to be humid and wet too. Looks like New Hampshire is turning into a tropical rainforest. (Grin)
So first let me show you a page from my Newfoundland travel journal that I have been working on.
It's a mixed media painting of the carnivorous pitcher plant that is also the provincial flower of Newfoundland.
 They were flowering when we were there as you can see these droopy looking flowers.
The leaves are these short tube shaped structures. They fill with sweet fluid/nectar and which attracts insects, and when the insects go in to feed on the nectar they get stuck. Then the plant releases digestive enzymes that changes the insects into food for the plant.
These plants grow really well in stark rocky environments because they don't need to rely on rich soil to grow since these insects give them their nutrients.
We saw a lot of these in a part of Gros Morne National Park called the Tablelands.
We went on a ranger lead hike up into the Tablelands. You can see how the mountain the background has a lot of green trees, but where we are walking is rather rusty brown.
 The reason this area is rusty brown is because there is  high amount of iron and other metals in this rock. And this is very special rock. It comes from a deeper layer of the earth called the mantle.This rock is not like rocks we find on the surface of the Earth. In fact the Tablelands is the largest area of mantle rock you can find on dry land on the entire planet Earth.

This is picture (the one above) is also deceiving. Although the mountain behind the ranger doesn't look that tall it is 2300 feet high. I know that isn't really tall compared to many mountains, but the Appalachian Mountains that run from the southeast US all the way up the North American East Coast into Newfoundland, Canada are one of the planets oldest ranges and have been exposed to lots of glaciation which wore them down. This is the same mountain range that runs through New Hampshire where I live.

And yes there were still little patches of snow.

It was very different from the rest of the park.
Hope you enjoyed your visit today.
And happy new week!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gros Morne Part 1

It was a rainy Saturday here but my daughter's home for the weekend so even though it was a good art day, I spent time with her instead. Since I have a lot of photos from my trip to Newfoundland a month ago (wow-it's been a month), I thought I would share a few.
Today's photos are from a freshwater fjord (not really a fjord since real fjords are where mountains meet salt water but for lack of knowing a better name I will still call it that) called Western Brook Pond. It is in Gros Morne National Park, a gorgeous park  the very end of the Appalachian mountain chain.
It was a 3 kilometer walk in along a road (shown in the upper photo) through the peat bogs to get to where the boat tour docked. You can just see the mountains peeking out along the horizon. There is no transport for passengers in or out to the docks for the boat trip, but they must use this road to bring supplies like gas in for the boat.
This next photo is the view of Western Brook Pond near the end of the road. The house roof you see is where you confirm your ticket , use the toilets, or buy a snack.
This is the view of Western Brook Pond near the end of the road. The house roof you see is where you confirm your ticket , use the toilets, or buy a snack.
And this is the boat we took our tour of the fjord on. I took this photo when the boat came in from the tour before ours.

The views of and in the fjord were amazing.

Sometimes you had to look up to get the best views.

It was a wonderful 2 hour boat trip, worth the 3 kilometer walk in and then the 3 km walk out. (Not that 3 km is all that far.)
More photos from Gros Morne National Park another day.
Hope you enjoyed my photos today and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cleaning, as Requested

Hi everyone.  Not sure I am glad it is Friday (or just about as I write this Thursday night)  as summer is going way too fast, but it is just about the weekend, and it is going to be a really nice day. Hurrah for that. I am ready for a little break from the heat and humidity.
So several of you readers asked for me to show you how my happy space cleaning is going. Sorry, I didn't take any pre-cleaning photos ( the mess was rather embarrassing-even just with my own family! Grin!) 
OK, I guess I lied. (Not on purpose really.) When I went to post my clean photos I found this photo of Maddie and Pete keeping my company while I made some art one day earlier this summer. You can only see some of the mess, but I am sure you can image it.
The door in the background is partially closed because there is so much behind it I can't even close it and all my projects are scattered in the floor between me in my seat and the dogs.
Now here's a few of the now, not fully finished project.
But first, a little background.
Last summer my daughter moved out and took all of those things she didn't want to take and stuffed them in her bedroom closet. Literally, you couldn't even open the door without something falling out. I asked her everytime she came home to go through her things, which of course, she never did. So project number one this summer was to clean out her closet and move my work clothes in there asmy bedroom closet is small and the hubby's clothes take up all of the hanging rack.
So what does this have to do with studio cleaning?
Well all my work clothes were hanging in the closet of the bedroom that I use as a studio. Now that I moved them out, I had a wall of space!
Now the second part to this story is that I had a cabinet in my upstairs  landing that stored some linens in (my house has only bedroom closets-no other). The shelves in this cabinet wouldn't stay in place as the pegs that held them were broken and the cabinet was a little too big for the space anyhow. So I decided to move a  different cabinet I had from another spot in the house to the landing, and then move the cabinet with the broken shelf pegs into my studio.
I bought a dowel to cut and make shelf pegs, which I did and it fixed my shelf problem perfectly. Now I had an area to put all my journals into, as well as the books I either plan on making into journals or that I use pages from in my art.
And in the other cabinet photo you might notice some plastic drawers and bins next to this cabinet. The drawers came out of my daughter's closet, and she so kindly donated them to the cause. They fit and work out perfectly  because in my daughter's room I had some bins of yarn, and now I could move that and some fabric I had into this. It is now easy to get those supplies when I want them.

On the top of my cabinet I can stack a bunch of plastic storage bins and also move a little mini IKEA desk storage unit where I keep my stickers. If you're having a hard time reading the edges of my bins, it's because I have used them before and I still need to make some new labels for them. 
And now I am working on cleaning up my stamps and doing a purge to get rid of those that I've had for almost 2 decades and which I haven't used in forever.
I'm getting close to finishing that.
And this floor was covered with all the things I took out of the closet that I wanted to rearrange, and now it's starting to look pretty good.
I'm getting there.
And here's a page that I created in that mess.
And I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and the latest challenge: Count Your Blessings. This month's host is the lovely Elizabeth and her handsome sidekick Bleubeard.
Not only are summer flowers a blessing but so is making art. I was lucky in Newfoundland that I could get some French printed materials. That's because (in case you don't know) Canada is a bilingual country. with 2 official languages-English and French. 
Guess I've said enough for today. Happy start to your weekend.
And as always, thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Walk in the Garden

Hi everyone. Today I have an art journal page that I originally made for the no longer running book paper challenge at Try It On Tuesday, but then I never got it photographed, so with a few minor adjustments, it is now a page for Moo Mania and their newest theme of Summertime. I am also going to link up to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's challenge of Count Your Blessings over at Art Journal Journey. A sunny summer day in the garden (as long as it isn't so hot or humid you can't stand it) is a blessing for sure.
My page had some stenciling and some paint from cleaning my brush a few times.  I added some napkin scraps, some stems and leaves made from a book page (which I then painted) some heart flowers made from some sparkly paper, and finally after some doodling I added the lady. She came from the sewing pattern catalogue I picked up at Hobby Lobby on the markdown rack last week.

It was still way too hot outside for me today, so I spent most of my day working on  my studio cleaning. I'm trying to get it finished up before I go back to work. Still not done, but at least the floor is a lot cleaner. And I am a lot closer to being finished!
Thanks for visiting me. I always appreciate you stopping by.